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In-Depth Review: Black & Decker BDCDMT120 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Matrix Cordless Drill/Driver


Black & Decker BDCDMT120 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Matrix Cordless Drill Driver
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The Black & Decker BDCDMT120 model uses the Matrix Quick Connect System, allowing you to use other power tools using the base of this equipment. All of these features and capabilities come at a very affordable price.

In order to help you be guided in terms of making the best decision you can ever have, I have compiled this review of the features that you need to look for, among other things. In the end, you will be equipped with a better decision making skill.

We Like

  • Versatility
  • Long lasting battery life
  • Comfortable grip and design
  • Compact and lightweight

We Don't Like

  • Long time for recharging
  • Low duty tasks capability only


As someone who loves doing DIY projects at home, I completely understand the need to have the right tools to complete the job. As such, I have decided to include in my arsenal a power tool that can help me accomplish things faster and more convenient. Drilling is one of the tasks that is quite impossible to work on without a power tool. This is something that I have realized recently.

I was recently told about the capabilities of the Black & Decker BDCDMT120 model. I never thought a cordless tool could be as powerful as the ones that I am used to, the corded models. When a friend asked me to try using one, I immediately noticed the possibility of accomplishing more tasks with this tool. If only I knew about it before, I could have done more projects in a shorter period of time.

Who Is It For?

This model is designed for both professionals in this field, as well as those like me who just love doing DIY projects at home. Drilling is a task that is difficult to complete without a reliable tool at hand. With the use of a cordless drill, tasks are completed faster and more conveniently. This is also for those who need to do drilling jobs in an area which may be far from an electrical outlet. This model is also recommended for repairmen who needs to work on some tasks from one place to another.

Buyer's Guide

Advantages of Cordless Drills over Corded Drills

The following points are some of the advantages that you can expect when using cordless drills compared to corded drills:

  • Mobility and Convenience

Cordless drills are not limited by a power cord. This means that they are more convenient compared to corded models. All you need to do is to make sure that the battery is there, and it is fully charged, and you can get on with your job.

  • Multiple Battery Uses

Another benefit that you can expect out of a cordless drill is that you can easily use the very same battery in your other power tools, such as an impact driver, circular saw, and others. This means that this can turn out to be a more economic option if you have a number of power tools operated using a battery.

  • Safety

Safety is one of the most important things that you need to take into consideration when choosing a tool to use. Since not all tasks can be completed near a wall outlet, using corded drills may require you to bring wires, or even extension cables, which may be a cause for accident. With cordless drills, however, this is not an issue.

Features to Look for in a Cordless Drill

Whether you are a DIYer or a professional, choosing a cordless drill requires some consideration. Here are some features that you can look into:

  • Power

Power is measured using battery voltage for cordless drills. The higher the voltage, the more torque and spinning strength there is to overcome potential resistance. The higher voltage among modern models means that they have enough power to drill bigger holes in flooring and framing lumber.

  • Speed

There are drills which may be least expensive, but they only operate at a single speed. Generally, however, there are two fixed speeds, that is, 300 and 800 RPM. A trigger or slide switch usually allows you to choose either low or high speeds. These are the types of drills which are usually ideal for lighter duty tasks.

  • Chargers and Batteries

The latest models of batteries used for cordless drills are those that are Nickel-metal-hydride (NiMH) batteries. They run longer, and are smaller compared to the standard options. These batteries are also less prone to hazard when disposing since they do not have the toxic material cadmium.

Product Details

Black & Decker BDCDMT120 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Matrix Cordless Drill Driver


The Black & Decker BDCDMT120 Matrix model of cordless drill is one of the interchangeable equipment systems created by the manufacturer. As a model under the Black & Decker brand, there is a guarantee to quality with this unit. If you are new into these power tools, this model is one of the recommended options to enjoy value for your money. With the use of a Matrix Quick Connect System, you can simply use the base of this equipment, and you can already attach and detach different tools without any problem.

Product Information

  • Material: Plastic
  • Primary Feature: Matrix Quick Connect System
  • Battery: 20V Lithium Ion Battery
  • Item Weight: 4.3 pounds
  • Dimensions: 12.5 x 3.6 x 9.5 inches

Features & Benefits

  • Ease of Feel and Use

One of the primary benefits pointed out by users is the fact that this model is balanced well, feeling really nice in your hands. The weight, and the overall comfort that it offers using its grip exceeds expectations. Even though this drill may not be as powerful as other more expensive models, it is powerful enough for hobbyists to enjoy.

  • Potential Users

This model has been designed especially for casual homeowners. It is evident in the fact that it offers a wide variety of tools that can be used in a small space, and at a very affordable cost. As a matter of fact, the Matrix system can be carried around inside your bag as you prepare for your repairs and drilling jobs.

  • Special Features

This drill is equipped with a small bit holder right on the base. Another notable feature that is considered ‘special’ with this model is the interchangeable tool system, allowing you to use it depending on your needs.


  • It offers versatility by allowing you to have several tools at an affordable price.
  • Battery life is long
  • Equipped with a comfortable grip
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Ideal for both hobbyist and professionals


  • Long recharging time
  • Not a heavy duty drilling tool

Reviews / Testimonials

According to the feedback and responses given by the reviews of this model, the Black & Decker BDCDMT120 has the capacity to provide a lot of things. For one, it is one of the most inexpensive options out there, as it is primarily targeted at homeowners and hobbyists. One customer noted that even though this drill may not have “professional level features”, it is still dependable in terms of heavy duty durability.

Another customer considers this option as the “perfect solution”, serving as the right equipment for any drilling job. The changing of the tools can be done effortlessly. One thing the same customer noted about this model, however, is that the battery seems to drain quicker. This could mean having the need to wait for a long time just to recharge the battery completely.

A customer also pointed out that this model has “exceeded expectations”. He is a DIYer, and have tried using this tool in remodeling their bathroom, as well as in completing several other odd jobs. For all of these tasks, this drill has performed a great job, even exceeding expectations.

One customer, however, pointed out some points which could have been improved with this model. For instance, this drill does not come with a level. Also, its internal impact feature is quite unreliable, which may need you to purchase the extra attachment for impact driver.

Alternative Choices

1) Hitachi DS18DSAL

This cordless drill under the brand Hitachi is often considered as among the best that are currently available on the market. It has the capacity to reach up to 1800 RPMs, which is among the fastest. With a 460 inch pounds of torque produced, battery life, as well as support options, this model if often viewed with respect with actual users.

2) Rockwell RK2852K2

This drill can easily be regarded to as a tool that can compete with corded models. For one, it is able to reach speeds of up to 2000 RPM. It also comes with two settings for speed, allowing you to switch right in between, depending on whether or not you need to drive screws or drill holes, making this tool extremely versatile.

3) Porter-Cable PCCK600LB

This model has the capacity to produce up to 330 UWO (unit watts out). This measurement is quite good when compared to other types of drills which use power rating system, rather than measuring it through torque. The highest setting reaches up to 1600 RPM, which is considered as the average when compared to other types of drills.

4) DeWalt DCD790D2

One thing you might notice right away with this model is the fact that it is under a familiar brand in this industry. They are known to produce some of the tools with the most amazing power. This particular drill comes with 20 volts of power in this system, enabling you to drill as you need. It also has an easy to adjust speed setting as well as clutch settings, using this drill for various projects.

5) Bosch DDS182

The Bosch DDS182 model is dependable and reliable, combining together design and power in order to come up with a highly effective tool that can be added to your entire collection. Even though it is quite less powerful compared to other more expensive options, it has enough strength to deal with some of the most difficult jobs you can think of. 

Alternative Choices Comparison Table

Alternative Choices

Our Rating


Hitachi DS18DSAL

Rockwell RK2852K2

Porter-Cable PCCK600LB

DeWalt DCD790D2

Bosch DDS182

The Final Cut

It is very important to take into consideration that the Black & Decker BDCDMT120 Matrix model is not necessarily the most powerful power tool options out there under this category. However, if you are looking for a battery operated tool, you will see the benefits that this model has to offer.

Since it is equipped with the Matrix Quick Connect System, it has the capacity to accommodate several tools. What makes this model particularly special is that even though other products allow changing of drill bits only, this model allow you to change even the attachments in order to complete different tasks. If you are interested in learning more about this model, click here for more information.

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