50 Pallet Wine Rack DIY Plans

Having a bar or a wine cellar could be a luxury for some people who live in a very small home. People who live in an apartment, condominium or dormitory do not have enough space for anything and even enough living space. But not all is lost for the average wine connoisseur.

If you love to drink wine and you want to try out different types on an occasional basis but you just don’t have enough room for a large wine bar or wine cellar then you must try a wine rack.

A wine rack is a small shelf that is usually fastened to a wall. It holds anywhere from two, three or more wine bottles depending on the size of the rack. Aside from wine bottles, it can also hold wine glasses, bottle openers, and wine drinking accessories.

It can be made of any material like wood, metal, and plastic but the most commonly used is pallet wood. Pallet wood is very popular in making indoor and outdoor furniture and decorations because it is versatile, easy to find anywhere and is very cheap. In fact, some people just get pallet wood out of the scrap yard.

With recycled pallet wood, you can make wine racks of varying size, shape, and design. You can use pallet frames as they are or remove every section and use this individually. Pallet wood is also very beautiful.

You can make furniture out of pallet wood and don’t need to add varnish or paint because the wood itself has a natural, lovely glow. However, some builders choose to stain their wood, use varnish, paint their pallet wine racks or torch it to make a rustic or aged look.

The appearance of the wine rack is not as important as its function. Some wine racks can also function as wine glass holders while some can also hold bottle openers, shot glasses and more.

Here are 50 of the best of the best pallet wine racks online. These wine racks were made by people who simply want to have a storage area for their wine. Most of these wine rack plans are very easy to make and in fact, can be done in just a few hours.

You can bet that you will be able to build your own wine rack even if you have limited woodworking knowledge and skills. You can also be sure that the materials used for these pallet wine rack designs are easily available from hardware stores and home supply centers. Good luck in making your own pallet wine rack. 

1) Pallet Wine Rack Design

Have you ever wanted to show off your wine collection? If you have the fines then this fine wine rack is for you. It can accommodate eight tall bottles of wine plus has a rack at the bottom to hold several wine glasses.

This wine rack is actually average-sized and can be attached to a wall in your living room, dining area, kitchen or rec room. You can even use this lovely wine rack in your study area, home office or movie room.

You can bet that this wine rack is so easy to make. It is made from only a few pieces of pallet wood which has been specially treated and stained to achieve a rustic look. The wine glasses at the bottom are held by a rack as well. You can easily fetch a glass and pour out a glass of your favorite wine in seconds.

Because of this easy design, you can build this in just a few minutes. You don’t need to be a woodworking expert to construct this cool wine rack. You can further improve this design by making the rack larger, wider and taller. Cheers to a fantastic night!


2) Wine Rack from Pallet

Wood pallets are already beautiful as they are in their natural form. Sometimes you don’t really need to do anything to improve the natural appearance of wood. This wine rack pallet wood is an example. This wine rack can accommodate up to ten bottles of wine. It has a large piece of wood that keeps the bottles in place.

The rack was not given an upgrade but still, it looks beautiful as it is. There is no rack for the wine glasses so you have to place these elsewhere. But nevertheless, this design still works and looks amazing when hung on the wall of your kitchen, dining area or living room.

And you guessed it right, it is very easy to make too. You only need a few pieces of wood, even leftover wood from your other projects. You can finish this project in just a few minutes and have it ready for a mini party or a special guest who will be arriving tonight.

3) How to Make a Pallet Wine Rack

Now, this is a wine rack that’s made for a wine collector. It is large and wide and may be as wide as the wall from where it was attached. This large rack has several sections and most likely, the most important and the most priceless are the bottles located at the middle of the rack.

The wine rack was made from a number of pallets and was custom made to accommodate all the bottles that are part of the owner’s collection. You can also see that there is no rack to hold wine glasses because these bottles may be part of a collection as well.

It may take you time but this is an easy project with a basic design. As long as you have all the materials handy, you can have this pallet wine rack ready and installed in a day. 


4) DIY Old Pallet Wine Rack

Wine and dine with friends and family and have your wine ready in this pallet wine rack. This pallet wine rack may look old but actually, it was either stained or torched to make it look like it is an antique piece.

The rack can accommodate a number of wine bottles and several wine glasses as well. The pallet wood that holds the bottles together is wide and keeps everything safe and sound. It has an easy design and can be easily built as well.

There are many ways to age wood pallets. You can apply varnish or stain the wood to a darker shade to achieve this appearance. By staining or applying varnish, you can enhance the natural appearance of wood and can make the wood surface waterproof.

Torching is another process and this includes applying fire using a blow torch over the pallet surface. Torching takes time but achieves a rustic and lovely look. Consider these processes if you want to age new wood. 

5) Wine Rack Made Out of Pallets

This wine rack is made of a few pieces of pallets and the surface of the pallets processed to create a distressed appearance. This looks like an easy but sturdy build as it can hold up to eight bottles of wine.

And aside from this, it can also hold several wine glasses which seem to mean that you are ready to entertain guests.

This is a very easy design and it won’t take long to build this kind of wine rack as well. If you are new to woodworking then this is a good design to start.


6) 4 Bottle Pallet Wood Wine Rack

This is definitely one of the easiest wine rack designs and it looks very easy to build as well. It holds only four bottles of wine and four matching wine glasses but nevertheless, it is a welcome sight in any home.

This pallet wood wine rack can be hung in any room in your home actually. Place it in your living room, kitchen, dining area, TV room or home office. You don’t even have to make things complicated because you can build this rack even without previous skills and knowledge about woodworking.

This four bottle wonder can be done in just a few minutes so consider this as your quick wine rack for your woodworking project this week.

7) Pallet Wine Rack Design 2

Have you ever wondered where to store wine without having to look from a large wine cabinet or a wine cellar? This is a pallet wine rack that can be made using only a few pieces of pallet wood. It is a wine shelf that goes great next to a bookshelf or a spice rack in your kitchen.

It has a very simple design that you can follow even if you are new to woodworking. And if you just want a simple wine rack for one, two or three bottles then this is it.


8) Mason Jar Moments Wine Rack Design

This is a wine rack that will accommodate about ten bottles of wine or liquor. This is a very neat and easy design with a divider in the middle. This divider can separate your dark wine with white wine or your favorites from your not so favorite wines.

This wine rack looks very sturdy therefore your collection is safe. You can hang this on the wall of your living room, kitchen or dining area for easy access.

What’s amazing about this wine rack is that it looks classy but is actually very easy to make. Provided you have complete materials and tools, you can actually finish this wine rack in less than an hour.


9) Wine Rack Made of Pallets

This is a wine rack that has a basic design. This is a rack that will serve as an inspiration to people who have never made this kind of project before. This is actually a very easy pallet wine rack project and is made of only a few pieces of pallet wood. The only thing that will take time is staining the wood.

When you want to bring out the natural beauty of wood pallets, you need to stain or varnish pallets twice. Apply the varnish over the piece of wood and let this completely dry. When the surface is dry, apply the second coat. This will also provide waterproofing protection for your wooden furniture as well. 

10) Versatile Wooden Pallet Rack

This is a pallet wine rack that will surely be a great addition to your small, space-deprived home. This can accommodate up to eight bottles of wine and a number of wine glasses as well.

This rack is spacious and even has a space on top for more bottles but do be careful because there is nothing to hold your precious wine up there!

The pallets used in this rack have a lovely rustic design. The pallets were carefully chosen by the builder to create this lovely rack and of course, the bottom part where the glasses were placed was specially cut using a jigsaw.

It is quite easy to make this project. It only needs a few pieces of pallets to build it. And even if you have no prior experience to making pallet furniture, you will be able to construct this in no time.


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