75 Pallet Table DIY Ideas

Pallets are the most popular building material, especially for furniture. Pallets have a lot of good features. These are strong; pallets were first made for transporting goods and products and are needed to move different items here and there using a forklift.

Pallets are versatile. You can make all kinds of furniture pieces including sofas, shelves, benches, beds, headboards and of course, all kinds of tables.

Pallets are naturally lovely. This is one of the many reasons it’s used as furniture. The lovely natural swirls, indentations, and imperfections made this material perfect as it is. And of course, pallets are very cheap. You can make a pallet sofa, chair or table without spending too much.

Do you know that you can make a pallet table for $0? This is because you can get pallets for free from different sources. Stores and businesses that use pallet wood simply throw or give pallets away.

Below are more than 70 pallet table designs that you can make today. Take your time scouring through this extensive list to find the right one that’s right for your needs.


Most of the pallet table designs we have here are so easy, you won’t even have to be an expert to complete. Most of the designs here are for common table sizes like rectangular dining tables and low.

You might find some night tables, desks, and picnic tables as well and this variety simply shows you how amazing and how versatile pallets are. And of course, be very careful in using pallets especially for very big tables.

You must use only solid, strong and durable pallets. It must be free of holes, cracks, mold, and pests which will affect the strength of your table. Enjoy making your pallet table using our plans.

1) Chic White Pallet Patio Table

Having coffee with friends soon? Invite two, three or four of your good friends for coffee and to show off your lovely white coffee table made from pallets. This is a pallet table made by stacking two pallet frames.

You might say, how could you use the top of this table when there are gaps in between the pallets?

The builder did the most practical thing and placed pallets to cover the gaps thereby forming a flat and even surface. Now this table is very easy to make and was simply painted stark white to stand out from the brown and dark theme colors of the patio fence and furniture. You can paint this any color you like or you can stain it if you want a more natural appearance.


2) Tiered Pallet Coffee Table

Compared to the first coffee table, this one is made from two layers of pallets with a double layer of storage at the bottom. The top has a glass surface so it looks classy and chic. There was not really much done on this table though.

The pallets were simply stacked on top of each other to make the table higher. But instead of painting this coffee table white or any color, the builder chose to stain it a deeper color. The stain was able to let the natural color of the wood shine through.

Wood stain also provides protection to wood by creating a waterproof layer. This is important in case of splashes and spills. This table has a very easy design and no doubt that you can build this in less than an hour.


3) Three Pallet Tables for Any Room of the House

If you have a lot of pallets just stacked in your garage or shed then this is a good way to repurpose them. This is a plan to make three tables for your living room or dining area. Lovely dark pallets were used to make the tables and these were even stained a deeper stain.

This plan will teach you how to make a long and low table, as long as a sofa. This is perfect as a coffee table or a reading table. The other two tables are taller but are narrower compared to the long and low table. These two tables can be used as an end or side tables.

These pallet tables have a very basic and easy design that you can make in just possibly less than an hour. You must stain your wood especially pallets used as tables to preserve the appearance of wood and to provide a waterproof layer on top.


4) Union Jack Pallet Table Design

Pallets frames are versatile and will work perfectly as a very low table. The top can be reinforced to hold more items and to make a large canvass to draw or paint anything. The builder specifically painted the Union Jack flag on the pallet surface using regular wood paint.

But the surface and the lovely exterior is just the first thing that’s amazing about this design. Below the surface are shelves with basket drawers. The drawers make a good place to store all kinds of stuff you usually get lost in the living room including the remote, magazines and more.


5) Green Pallet Coffee Table With Hairpin Metal Legs

Do you agree that once something is painted mint green, it looks good enough to eat? Well, this cute little table looks like it is sort of yummy with its bright mint green shade. This is a table that’s made of just one pallet frame.

It has legs made from metal hairpin legs so it’s guaranteed to be strong. The builder added a small sheet of glass at the top to just holding steady a few items. This coffee table will surely be an instant hit when you host your next party this week.


6) White Double Decker Pallet Coffee Table

Have you ever thought that a white single layer pallet table won’t be enough? Well, this coffee table offers a large flat section and then the option of adding another deck on top. Now this table is exactly the first table we have at the start of this list.

The top was merely added as an extra place to keep more food items or condiments just like in the photo here. The additional section was provided with a small glass top and of course, the main section has plenty of space to hold more stuff.


7) Mini Pallet Table

Have you ever wished to make a small play table for your kids? This is a plan to make a very small table that’s perfect for a child’s playroom. This table is going to be a good place to eat too or to read and study. This is made of a single pallet frame with wooden feet.

This table is low enough for small chairs to work with and of course, the top was stained a very dark shade. Staining is important to provide a waterproof layer on top to protect the table surface. This is a very important element in a child’s table because they are likely to make spills and messes.

And of course, this is a very easy project that you can actually make in just a few hours. It is easy so you can actually make this even if you have never worked with pallets and wood before.


8) Blue Painted Lunger Pallet Coffee Table

This is a lovely lunger pallet table that has two large drawers and a perfectly smooth top. This is actually made of only one pallet frame with the middle hollow part used to hold two lovely drawers. The top part is smooth with the gaps filled with more pallets.

This small table was fitted with caster wheels so it can be dragged, pulled or pushed to anywhere you want to put it. The most striking part of this coffee table is that it has a lovely blue top with a stenciled anchor design. This is a good project to include in your woodworking list and this could be your next one.


9) Pallet Metal Grill Coffee Table

This pallet table is a short coffee table with a decorative metal grill on the center. The metal grill here is a good place to put a large hot pot. The table is very small and was made from only a few pieces of pallets.

The large legs hold the table well and no doubt that it can hold different things as well. This is one of the easiest projects and it won’t take you hours to build it as well.


10) Vintage Outdoor Pallet Coffee Table

Dining outdoors or at least having coffee outdoors is going to be a breeze with this coffee table. This is short but has wheels at the bottom so you can take this anywhere in your patio or garden. This is made from two pallet frames stacked on top of each other to make a standard size table.

The top is not so even with the gaps in between the pallets but still, it works as a good surface to hold different items. In between the pallets are open sections where you can place different things like magazines and books. This is a good and easy project that you can make in just less than an hour.


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