75 Pallet Headboard DIY Plans

The headboard is the most striking feature of your bedroom. This frames your bed, adds a sense of order and can turn a simple room into a luxurious, classy or rustic sleeping area. There are several materials you can use to make a headboard but lately the most popular is pallet wood.

Pallets provide a rustic, chic and country appeal to any room. It is widely used because it’s beautiful inside and out. There are a natural beauty and warmth in pallet headboard s compared to using metal or plastic headboards.

This type of wood is also used because of its strength. Naturally, pallet wood is used to transport cargo and different products locally and internationally, therefore, it’s strong and good for holding different materials.

Aside from its beauty and strength, pallet wood is used to make headboards because of its versatility. You can use pallet frames as they are or you can dismantle the frames to use the different pallets for a variety of projects.

And lastly, pallet wood is used mostly for headboards and other furniture because it’s cheap. You can buy cheap pallets for a wholesale price from stores, businesses, and companies that use pallets for transporting goods or products.

You can also find pallets being thrown away in recycling plants, dumpsters, and landfills. However, you must always check the condition of pallet wood before using it to ensure that these are safe and ideal for DIY furniture use.

Beware of pallets that have been used for carrying chemicals because these may contain dangerous chemicals as well. Beware of cracks, holes, mold, and insects that may have burrowed in the pallets. You cannot use this in building headboards or any kind of furniture.


Here are 75 pallet headboard DIY plans to inspire you. These lovely pallet designs are very easy to make with an exception of a few that’s just over the top designs! Most of the pallet headboards here were simply stained or varnished; only a few were painted.

You will find most of these designs are with dismantled pallets but only a few used actual pallet frames. Look at each design carefully; you will surely find the one that’s best for your needs soon.

1) The King Sized Pallet Head Board

A headboard tells a lot about the bedroom as well as its resident. A large and classy headboard is meant for a large and classy room while a simple headboard is more preferred in a small room. Now this headboard design seems to occupy almost all the wall area at the back of the bed. This is made from pallets and was designed to look like a barn door.

The pallets received only a very thin and light stain, just enough to highlight the lovely natural grain and imperfections of pallet wood. And as you can see, this is a very easy design which anyone with very little woodworking talent can accomplish.


2) Classy and Chic Pallet Head Board

Very classy and really chic, this headboard simply tells you to feel at home. This headboard was made from dismantled pallets and was framed from the sides with large pieces of wood. The pallets were stained and it looks like some pallets were naturally darker than others and this has created a lively contrast.

One thing is for sure, this project is not just easy to make but won’t cost you anything at all. You can get pallet wood for free so you can have as much of it as you need to make this larger, wider and taller for a larger bed or a larger wall.

3) Easy Pallet Head Board

Instead of assembling a headboard by setting pallets up, this design stacked the pallets up high to create this very warm, very inviting design. This headboard is narrow and long with a small ledge on top for storage and display. This minimalistic design frames the bed along with decorative wall accents on each side of the bed.

You can tell that this bed headboard was made for a guest bed otherwise there would be more stuff to store. And because of its very simple design, anyone with only basic woodworking skills can build this as long as all the needed materials are available.

4) Very Simple Easy to Make Pallet Head Board

Headboards can make a bedroom more comfortable and inviting. It is also functional as it can be used for storing and displaying items and to hold night lamps like this setting. Two metal lamps hang on each side of the bed and were attached to the pallet sides.

This is a very easy project that requires only a few pieces of pallets. The pallets here were stained using a very dark stain. As you can see the stain was still unable to cover the natural appearance of the surface of the pallets but this is ok. It will also keep water out acting like a waterproof cover on the surface of the pallets.

5) Distressed Pallet Head Board

Pallets are usually “prepared” before these are used. The first thing you need to do is to clean your pallets with a hose. Dry these under the sun for a few hours to a day. When these are dry, you can now use your pallets to make different stuff.

Distressing pallets is another way to prepare them. This is a process that transformed well-formed pallets into natural –looking materials like this one. This is simply a large pallet frame which was distressed, painted and assembled at the back of the bed. 

This may be the easiest and the simplest design and is perfect for someone new to working with pallets. It won’t take you a day to make this and only drying the wood took a lot of time but otherwise, this is an easy and quick project that anyone can do.


6) Reclaimed Pallet Head Board

This is a stunning pallet headboard that highlights the room’s feminine side. It is a headboard made of pallets which may be mistaken as natural stone because of its very rustic appearance. The headboard was made to frame a single bed which has a lovely peach theme. The two lamps on each side of the headboard have made this pallet project even lovelier and more inviting.

If you have mere basic knowledge of woodworking and you desperately want to have a pallet headboard then this is the project for you. Not only is this beautiful but is also very easy to make.

7) DIY Rustic Pallet Head Board

The bedroom here is very narrow but has a very high ceiling which was why the builder took advantage of the limited space to make this very high pallet headboard. This pallet board has a silvery color to it, looking more like natural stone tiles. The lamps even made a lovely glow to the board and as you can see, the lamps enhance and illuminate the headboard instead of providing a nice reading light!

But as majestic as this design looks, this is actually very easy to make. You don’t have to possess expert woodworking skills to build this headboard at all and of course, all these for the price of $0 when you get your pallets for free.


8) Repurposed Pallet Head Board

Now, this is a classic pallet headboard design with a rustic feel. The headboard is huge as it frames a double size bed or mattress. It is made of a few pallets and a large one was placed on top to make a ledge. With this ledge, you can prop up picture frames, a small vase, and some knickknacks.

Pallets used for this project was obviously treated with a very light stain. This is needed to protect wood despite being indoors. The light stain was also able to highlight the natural beauty of wood; just take a look at the lovely creases, curves, and swirls in this headboard.

You can still see the different natural colors too like browns, reds, and oranges. This project is no doubt very easy to make and will not take you a day to finish if you have complete materials and tools with you.


9) Pallet Headboard with Lights

Can you imagine this room without this ceiling high pallet headboard? This would have been a boring room indeed. But the headboard was able to highlight this wall and frame the bed. This was made from several pieces of pallets which were from different colored pallet frames. The pallets were arranged in a random way, carefully stacked together until the pallets reach the top of the ceiling.

The pallets have different colors and natural surface imperfections and these were carefully captured by the light wood stain applied on the pallets. See that unique glow on the surface of the pallets? This design is quite huge but no doubt very easy to do.   

10) Rustic Queen Pallet Headboard

This queen size bed has received the royal treatment with this lovely rustic headboard made from pallet wood. The pallets were taken from frames with different colors considering that there are light ones and dark ones.

These were carefully arranged or stacked up to half of the height of the ceiling. A lamp was placed at the middle of the pallet structure as a pallet-formed letter M is on display on top.

Pallets used for building headboards are not just strong but should possess that certain warm tone that homeowners are looking for. Just like in this project, the wood used had that natural appeal. A light stain was applied on this headboard to improve its overall appearance and to make it waterproof.

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