17 Pallet Coffee Table DIY Plans

Pallet coffee tables have become staple furniture in today’s modern spaces. Besides functioning as support, design, and addition in your décor, coffee tables are necessary sections for stress relief, recreation and refocusing in your home/office.

How much of a stress relief is it really? Sitting and sipping hot coffee after a long day’s work should not feel any more relieving. Imagine doing that away from hustles of the routines. Super-relieving, that is how it is.

Coffee tables are instrumental to recreational moments. You can rethink things, conceptualize ideas or even just read a book or magazine while seated, drinking coffee at the table. If you feel like it, you can check out your social media buzzes at the pallet coffee table.

I think the refocusing thing does not require much explaining here. But anyway, as I’ve mentioned- coffee table spaces prove to be conducive for rethinking and refocusing things.

Coffee tables mainly rule out today’s aesthetics, especially that these materials are made in pallet wood.  Its rustic charm especially makes it an expensive commodity. As a result, more and more interior designers are ordering items from stores. To compensate, manufacturers in large numbers, compete for brands by continually innovating product designs.

All these factors I mentioned lead to the inevitable increase of the coffee table product prices. For the record, purchasing today’s average coffee tables can be economically-wounding. And, that’s a mean fact. Now, imagine buying the best ones!

Naturally, there are many options for saving your pocket over this one. One of these is the DIY project. With a surge of pallet coffee table DIY online publications, you are sure to fall head over heels in love with the idea of assembling your own furniture. Why not, when at the end of the day, it is the (your) knowledge that champs over the rest.

So, here they are- our collection of the best 17 pallet coffee table DIY plans:

1) White Double Decker Pallet Coffee Table

Image source: https://www.easypalletideas.com/pallet-coffee-table/2/

If you are the type of user that involves a number of peripheries at coffee time, then you ought to try out the white double-decker pallet DIY idea. This type of table is very conducive to group sessions.

So, considering how much people this table would accommodate, you would better gather up pallet size options as well. The double-decker levels can end up with the exact same dimensions or otherwise. The latter configuration makes the design more rustic.

Pallet wood planning also greatly determines the success of the DIY plan. Pallet wood planning involves carefully selecting the best pallet wood levels for the kind of design you are envisioning. The planning should also plot your expenses. This is the phase wherein things get added or removed from the whole configuration.

The best double decker coffee table is the one that makes use of miniature-size pallets. This should create a cute fantasy table painted in white. This table design, with casters attached to its legs, makes it an easy use. But if you are eyeing a table output that caters to a number of users while still in small size, you can make a set of these. That should do it.

Color options for the double-decker table are varied. But the white-painted pallet never fails to exceed color aesthetics. White paints can indeed maintain a neat, clean, minimal, rustic but solid hue in the furniture.

But above all, both white and black colors are the only two colors that blend with the general décors without much complication. As they would say, nothing decides best than a black-and-white comparison.

2) 2-Tiered Pallet Coffee Table

Image source: https://www.easypalletideas.com/pallet-coffee-table/

A geometric achievement, the 2-tiered pallet coffee table design can instantly turn your space into a highly utilitarian mode. It completes an entire modern/rustic décor look without the expense of sophistication.

Given that you are an expert in the 2-tier method, you can assure a great result in just a few hours. The latest that you can finish assembling the furniture is one day.

The glass finishing at the table top lays to be just another option at hand. For a DIY project, purchasing glass can be outward contradictory to the whole DIY aim. But the sheer beauty and sophistication the glass provides are unquestionable.

If glass proves to be too impractical, you can try the same wood pallets as an alternative. Other finishing that you can put in is recycled plastic platforms, used aluminum sheets, used glass, etc. There are endless possibilities if you are imaginative enough.

The high geometric yield of the 2-tiered pallet coffee table design fits well in working spaces. It creates a strong, solid energy that can truly help you concentrate. Nevertheless, its minimal tone but complex structure balance effects in the space, composing elements for a flashy, modern feel.

The 2-tier pattern can be complicated if you have not yet mastered its nitty-gritty. Its thick placements may require quite a number of wood pallets. But you do not have worry about this if again as recycled pallets are the definite priority. Ultimately, there are a lot of styles that you can adapt for your own tiered pallet coffee table.

3) Vintage Outdoor Pallet Coffee Table

Image source: https://www.easypalletideas.com/pallet-coffee-table/3/

If you have your eyes set on vintage materials, then you are bound to be in love with this DIY project. With a guaranteed fast result, this table design reigns among the practical projects ever introduced. The vintage look on this table design has got to thank the repurposed bunk-shaped pallet boards. The pallet boards per se can recreate a mid-century, worn-out coffee table. While this was not a thing in the past, it surely is a thing now in the present.

You can apply your own preferred styles to the design. It can come off as clean tier-patterned table structure, plain decked table format or a rounded coffee table format. Everything is practically your call. More so, this table design carries in neutral response to diverse designs/patterns.

The table design can be best explored with wheeled legs. This should make table transport fast, slick and easy. Consequently, this table design can function well inside busy spaces like a restaurant, fast food chain or themed hotel. Suppose the themed (rustic) aura of the table design bothers your general décor, you can actually apply colored finishing on it.

The pallet wood platform format patterns for this kind of DIY projects also vary. The patterns are highly dependent on the innate structure of your available wood platform. Technically, you cannot be driven by the patterns. Patterns exit to supplement your design. Thus, the design gets the upper hand in this case.

4) Mini Pallet Coffee Table

Image source: https://www.easypalletideas.com/pallet-coffee-table/2/

Of all the DIY table design outputs listed herein, nothing beats the multi-faceted nature of the mini-pallet coffee table. First off, this cute miniature table works as a satisfactory side table. Its mini, cute output hails it as the perfect side table.

It’s being a coffee table simply works as an understatement. Ultimately, its flat, clean and smooth top, supported by large fat legs can instantly mark it the best chess board. But, it can actually be any more than what is expected of it if you will it so.

Side tables serve to cozy up to the living room in your home. But, it can go as far as providing coziness in any spaces. As an immediate result, the potent side-table structure of this design comes in various styles. Its styles can actually go infinite. Now, matched by your creativity, the table design can potentially climax into being the most fitting side-table in your space.

The table design’s chessboard-style stands firm from its highly-modern thick-legged placement. Through such placement, the table can function as a highly-stable furniture.  All these conditions weigh the design as a grounded, plump but stable addition in your space. But mind you- it actually is a worthy addition.

The design’s miniature package makes it an artistic statement. Miniature designs transform any space into a livable, warm and cozy environment. Technically, miniature designs alone can carry all the burden in designing and composing elements in your space.  Without its miniature-inspired effect, this design would not have the same magic it holds now.

5) Small Pallet Coffee Table with Wheels

Image source: https://www.easypalletideas.com/pallet-coffee-table/3/

Like the vintage table design, this one perfectly matches outdoor use. You can assign this table design to patios or gardens. Nevertheless, it should also not hurt to assign this table design indoor. As long as it works for you and your décor, the small pallet table design can be in any place at your will.

It is interesting to note that this particular design shares a major affinity with the mini pallet coffee table and the vintage outdoor table designs. In fact, these table designs are overtly related in some sense. This probably has to do with these tables made from wood pallets. All-in-all, the small pallet coffee table bears the efficiency of the mini coffee table and the ease of the vintage table design. Most of all, this design completely satisfies the hunger most rustic décor fans.

Making the table plan should, under the idea that you are using repurposed wood blocks, should not take many hours. Its placement and patterns have been deemed practical. But either way, there is no need for you to worry about its finesse for all tables are bound to be completed with such finesse. To help you better with the construction is a comprehensive sketch-planning.

You can attach casters to the table’s legs for easy mobile action. This particular feature of the table is believed to draw in wide patronage to its name. The caters maintain a stable balance in the table, stabilizing it for a sturdy performance. Many refer to this as a well-thought feature among DIY pallet wood coffee table plans.

6) Crate Coffee Table

Image source: https://www.instructables.com/id/Crate-Coffee-Table/

Nothing can look gorgeous than pallet crates being turned into a table. Very complicated to look yet easy to construct, this coffee table design is every novice builder’s friend. Appearing rustic in a long run, this table design blends in with fine to light colors in the background. Due to its gorgeous crate effect, it can jive in with the entire décor backdrop.

The most recommended paint color for its wood pallets is a stain. It is because stain hues add up to its being rustic. It is fine to look at and most of all, it makes the coffee table bulk look neat. Stain paint hue is synonymous with rustic décor. Suppose, you prefer to diverge away from the rustic, the stain effect will still work. In other words, it matches all decors therein.

You can add casters under the base of the coffee table. Casters have emerged as an ultimate trend in today’s coffee tables. The need for mobility perhaps draws this to become a norm. Coffee tables, for a reason, are built to be moved around.

Some designers even intend coffee tables to become collapsible. Thus, it would be safe to assume that coffee tables were originally built as a staple furniture. So, attaching casters to it must be a reasonable action.

Holding together the crate coffee table design are pieces of plywood. The plywood act as default platform for the crate pallets. Any plywood would do for this DIY idea as long as it is stable. Now, pallet crates prove to be the most interesting mix in this DIY project.

Why? Because, the crates could be any unused drawer sections, condemned wood materials, etc. More so, it should be fun and surprising, in the construction process, to discover how much these wood pallets can do!

7) Old Window Coffee Table

Image source: https://www.littlethings.com/diy-old-windows/

Building coffee table projects can be impractical these days, especially when you have to work in the holidays to hit deadlines. But there is one big difference that can ultimately turn that statement to its flipside.

And, that is fun, easy, fast and versatile project method. This is further supported by the old window coffee table idea! After all, given the table ideas of this kind, building coffee table is otherwise practical.

Made entirely from used wood pallets, this table design proves to be cost-efficient to the tee. The whole process only requires a labor of love, fun, and creativity. Firstly, all you have to do is break apart the wood pallet and separate its wood decks into sections. You can then later organize these decks together for a solid, stable tabletop. You can add in more depending on spaces that need filling in.

Sanding the wood surface should be the second priority. Sanding the wood decks, besides smoothening them all out, elicits the wood’s natural color. This process definitely justifies the old window effect aimed by the idea. However, if you prefer your woods rough, it should be fine. But I am telling you- sanding gives your table a totally different effect.

This table design should look best with a fine wood coating. Leather finishing, varnish or polyurethane are the upbeat coatings for its kind of wood. The coating does all the work making your coffee table rustic.  Thus, the old window character of this table design accounts much to the general rustic feel.

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