99 Pallet Bed DIY Plans

Wooden pallets are sections of wood which are used for shipping all kinds of products. Products are shipped in boxes and these boxes are stacked to be loaded in trucks and delivered to retail outlets and customers anywhere.

While most boxes are carried by hand, it can take time to load and transfer each and every box. The most efficient way to do so is to use a forklift and to be able to lift boxes and other heavy products anywhere with a forklift; these have to be loaded onto wooden pallets.

Pallets that are used for crafts and general carpentry and DIY furniture making are from wooden pallets that are used for shipping and delivering products. Pallets are therefore strong and can be used on almost all types of furniture. One of these is a pallet bed frame.

A pallet bed frame is basically a wooden section at the bottom of a mattress. It keeps the mattress from touching the ground and elevates the bed to a nice and comfortable level. A pallet bed frame can also be used to keep two to three mattresses together. You can also use a pallet bed frame as a bed board which enhances the beauty and level of comfort of a bedroom.

Wooden pallets can also serve different purposes. It can be used as a mini storage area for books, shoes, toys, and knick-knacks. It can also be used a decorative element in a room. Wooden pallets are very versatile and therefore it can be used to create other furniture pieces like seats, side tables, and cabinets.

But before you use wooden pallets as bed frames always check for the stability of the pallets. Check for cracks, pests, mold and rot on the wood before you use any pallet piece. The weight of the mattress, as well as the weight of the person using the mattress, is also important.

While wooden pallets are strong, these can only hold so much weight. For a child’s bed frame, consider stronger wooden pallets since children love to play, jump and stand on their beds. Safety is of utmost priority when making pallet frame beds for kids as well as for adults.

The following are among the best pallet frame bed designs. These were made from sections of wooden pallets or constructed out of individual wood pieces. Let these designs inspire you to build the best bed frame that’s right for your needs and tastes.    


We have the best as well as the easiest pallet bed frame designs for you. Almost all of the plans and designs here are easy to build and can be readily made even if you have only very basic woodworking skills. You can work on most of these projects in just a few hours and once you are done, you will have a pallet bed frame that will enhance the design and comfort of your bedroom. Whether you are designing or constructing a bed frame for you or for a friend or family member let these lovely designs inspire you.

1) Layered Pallet Frame Bed with White Tile Background

A total of 18 wooden pallets were used just to elevate this lovely mattress. The builder wanted to emphasize the comfort of sleeping and relaxing in this soft mattress that he elevated it more than a foot from the floor. It could be very difficult to hop into the bed at this level so the builder added a step ladder which was also made from wooden pallets.

The bed is the focal point of this room and this was further emphasized using three layers of pallet, lighting, and accessories. If this was your room, what would you add to make it more comfortable?

This DIY pallet bed frame design is so easy to make. In fact, all you need to do is to stack the frames together and voila! You don’t have to be an expert to build this lovely pallet bed frame.


2) Wooden Headboard and Bed Frame

This is a lovely and comfortable bedroom indeed and what made it more stylish and warmer are the carefully constructed wood pallet bed frame and headboard. The bed frame is made of wooden pallet sections stacked together, side by side.

The pallets were delicately painted with wood varnish in contrast with the color of the carpet and walls. The pallets raised the bed several inches from the floor which is a good height for a large bed like this. The pallet frame is larger than the bed, therefore, this is visible from either the left or right side of the bed.

Extra pallets were cut and made into a bed frame. This frame is large and occupies a wide area at the back of the bed, wider than the bed itself. The headboard also serves as shelves to place photographs, knick-knacks, and other personal items.

Warm colored lamps were placed on either side of the bed not just to provide lighting but to accent the lovely natural wooden glow of pallet wood.

The room looks comfortable and inviting. It can be a design to follow for a master’s bedroom or for a guest room. You can further improve this design by increasing the height of the frame or the headboard. Overall, you can complete this project in just a few hours as long as you have all the materials handy for this project. 

3) Narrow Pallet Bed

Pallets have so much to offer. When constructing a bed frame, you can make a narrow frame for a single bed or a wide and comfortable one for a king sized or queen sized bed. You can cut a pallet section into smaller and narrower pieces to accommodate a very narrow bed like this one in the photo.

Two levels of pallets were used in this project and side by side, these pallets have made a worthy frame that elevates this simple bed.

The lovely city view is the highlight of this bedroom. Not too many people get to wake up to this view every day. Elevating the bed will let you admire the view better and will also make it more comfortable to sleep especially in a very narrow bed.

The pallet frame bed was accessorized with thick blankets, pillows of different colors and sizes and a chic bedsheet. The room is simple with a million dollar view and a cozy pellet bed.

4) White Pallets as Bedboard

In this design, the wooden pallets were not just used as a bed frame but also as a decorative bedboard. Call this design rusty chic, it enhances the color and the texture of the otherwise very comfortable bed. The bed is moderately-sized with pillows of different sizes in pastel colors and prints. The bed board offers are inviting and it seems to enhance the level of comfort inside the room.

Accessorizing is a must for a bedroom with a pallet bed frame. This is important as further enhance the beauty and comfort inside a room. This project can be finished in just a few hours. You must have strong pallets with minimal imperfections.


5) A Boho –Chic Atmosphere Integrating a Pallet Bed Frame and Greenery

This is a room with a tall bed made by stacking two wooden pallet sections and a bed frame and planter made entirely of wooden pallets. Looks like wooden pallets went on sale today as the builder decided that everything must be made from wooden pallets.

The bed frame elevates the mattress several inches from the floor creating a stage-like section that highlights the bed.

The bed is soft, possibly a queen sized one and has been accessorized by linen, pillows of different shapes and sizes and a thick blanket. Nothing is too much to recreate this Boho style bedroom.

Now the headboard is made of several sections of wooden pallets. At both sides of the headboard, large planters made of wooden pallets hold small plants. The headboard offers a natural feel and lets you enjoy the outdoors inside.

And although the planter and the headboard could be too much, these are actually very easy to make. As long as you got all the materials ready, you can start working on your bed frame and headboard in no time. 


6) Attic Bedroom Made of Wooden Pallets Furniture

The builder went absolutely gaga over wooden pallets that he had to have it all! The bed frame is not the only furniture section made from wooden pallets here. Even the shelves, a side table and a sofa bed in the middle of the large attic room were constructed out of pallets.

Let us look at the bed frame first because as you can see, the frame was made with multiple sections of wooden pallets. The pallets were carefully stacked together to form not just a frame but like a stage. The bed has been lifted several inches off the ground along with a side table area to the right. More pallets were used to create a daybed to the left.

The builder has made this interesting wooden pallet section to make the huge room more comfortable. Obviously, this attic room needs a more homey touch and the wooden pallet bedframe and living area have transformed it into an interesting and comfortable area of the house. 

7) Pallet Bed Frame

This is a pallet bed frame that is quite longer than the length of the bed. A wooden pallet section can be seen at the foot of the bed, however, this is not an error that the designer has overlooked.

Aside from being a bed frame, these pallets offer a makeshift sitting area at the foot of the bed. This section may be accessorized with oversized pillows, blankets or some cushions to make it more inviting. It is also worth noticing that only a section of wooden pallets has been used to elevate the bed from the floor.

There are many reasons for this: the bed could be very heavy and too bulky or the room may be too small for a tall bed. Overall, this minimal height makes a lot of difference when it comes to the overall comfort and style of the room or space.

This is a very easy design too. You can make this in just a few minutes. You may also choose a natural look or paint your pallets any color that you wish.

8) Pastel Turquoise Pallet Bed Frame

Want to sleep in a bed that seems to be floating in the night sky? Then try this unique pallet bed frame design. This design uses about six sections of wooden pallets, equally placed together and possibly bolted together to prevent moving.

Your bed will be inches from the ground but you will feel like you are flowing in the evening sky with the stars as you place LED Christmas lights in between the wooden pallets.

This is a pretty easy design and will work on almost all mattresses too. Take note that the mattress has to be smaller than the wooden pallet stage for this effect to work. When your wooden pallet sections are all lined up and attached together, you can now add the lights.

Use a separate extension cord for your lights. Make sure that these are safe and conform to local standards too. This is a very easy project that won’t take you so much time to build. Pretty soon, you will have that dreamy bed space you have been longing for. 


9) Minimal Bedroom Design In Neutral Tones

When your mantra is ‘’too little is too much’’ then this minimalistic design is for you. This is a bedroom design that follows a neutral tone. The bed is set on a section of wooden pallets which only elevates the mattress a few inches from the floor.

The design is simple, seamless and clean. The room looks like an uncluttered space and this bed frame reduces clutter by lifting the bed off the floor. Consider four sections of pallets side by side to completely cover a moderately-sized mattress such as this.

You don’t really need to do anything to install this bed board, just connect the different sections using nails or a staple gun. Even if you are a heavy sleeper and you rarely move as you sleep, it’s better to secure the sections for safety.

And if you have spare wooden pallets, why not make a small side table like the one in the photo? This small piece of furniture also follows a minimalistic style.


10) The Perfect Bed Frame Design for an Airy Large Modern Bedroom

Large bedrooms like this one may be very hard to style. You can end up over accessorizing to the point that the room has lost its identity. This room looks like a studio apartment with a very large living area. The designer decided that the best way to enhance different areas in this studio apartment and giving each section its own identity is by using an elevated bed frame.

The bed sits on a single level of wooden pallets. It is average sized and can hold one to two people only. The wooden pallet frame has lifted the bed from the floor several inches to let it become the focal point of the large room. Small accessories like a nightstand, a lamp, and some reading material will personalize this living space.

Wooden pallets can do more than frame the bed. It can elevate the bed to enhance its design and its significance, especially in a large area or room.


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