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In-Depth Review: Black & Decker BDEDMT Matrix AC Drill/Driver


Black & Decker BDEDMT Matrix AC Drill Driver
90 %

One of the most common tools in homeowner’s tool box is a trusty drill. This is a staple tool considering that you can change the drill attachment to get a variety of jobs done. A drill is useful for pretty much anything but would you believe that there is a drill that won’t just drive bolts and screws but will also function as a trim saw, detail sander, as a jigsaw, as a router and more? I am talking about the Black & Decker BDEDMT Matrix AC Drill/Driver.

I had this drill/driver last year and it has never failed me since. It has a wide variety of attachments and works really well as a multi-function tool. The fact that this drill is Black & Decker basically sold me out. I would never trust any brand when it comes to power tools than reliable Black & Decker.

Now I want to help people looking for a drill/driver; to give them an idea on how to shop for the best quality drill with the best price. Remember, quality does not mean you have to pay for more. You can find quality in power tools even in affordable brands like Black & Decker.

We Like

  • Matrix Connect System for easy tool-free change
  • Powerful 4.0 amp motor
  • Lightweight design
  • 11 position clutch

We Don't Like

  • It is a corded drill
  • Only one basic attachment included in the package


The Black & Decker BDEDMT Matrix AC Drill/Driver is a drill and a driver in one. This drill is part of Black & Decker’s Matrix Quick Connect System which allows you to use the drill easy by using different attachments that quickly connects to the drill body. The BDEDMT can drill, cut, sand and more using six powerful and handy attachments. The basic set comes with the drill body with the drill bit set. You can choose from a drill with a drill bit and screwdriving bit set, a drill with screwdriving bit set and more.

In the heart of the Black & Decker BDEDMT is a powerful 4.0 amp motor that provides solid power for a variety of applications. And of course, the best thing about this drill is that it’s lightweight and compact. It weighs less than 4 pounds making it one of the lightest but efficient drill/driver in the market today.

Who Is It For?

The Black & Decker BDEDMT Matrix AC Drill/Driver is for people who are new to using power drills/drivers. It is easy to use since you only need to remove and attach a new tool attachment. No more screwing or using another tool to remove the drill bit or tip. The fact that it weighs less, it is perfect for anyone new to using a power tool. It won’t tire your hands and arms and will always get the job done.

The BDEDMT drill/driver is also for contractors and professionals. This drill can work as good as traditional drills and heavy duty drills for the best price and for the least effort. You will be able to get more jobs done and at the most efficient way. There is also no need to bring a huge tool bag to get projects done. All you need is the Black & Decker BDEDMT with the Matrix system.

Buyer's Guide

What benefits does this belt sander have?

  • Easy attachment change

There is no doubt that the Black & Decker BDEDMT with the Matrix Quick Connect System makes attachment changes fast and easy. Just remove the attachment, replace with the attachment you need and you are good to go. You don’t even need a tool to do this and you can actually change attachments with one hand

  • Top power for a full range of applications

The Black & Decker BDEDMT has a powerful 4.0 amp motor capable of pure power when drilling and driving. This drill won’t keep you waiting and will always get the job done no matter what. Too bad it’s corded but it just makes sense to have uninterrupted power to run this tough drill. The motor will never let you down and will work even on tough tasks like sanding wood, cutting and finishing, trimming and oscillating and more.

  • Ease of use even in confined places

It’s lightweight and this makes it easy to handle even for demanding jobs. This drill is compact and easy to use making it a perfect tool if you need to work in confined spaces like underneath your car, under the sink, in between walls and so on.

  • Can be used in all kinds of applications

Definitely what makes this drill/driver better than other power drills is that it can be used for a variety of jobs. It can carry out drilling and driving tasks with ease and with its 11 position clutch, you get maximum control for any job. You can perform a number of jobs with the use of only one driver/drill.

Things to consider when buying a belt sander

  • What job do you need to get done?

The first question that should come into mind when purchasing a drill/driver is “What do I need a drill for?” A project usually defines what type of tool you need. There are many types of drills and each one has a particular use. Identifying your needs will let you choose the best drill, and in this case, the right attachment for the job.

  • Do I need a corded or cordless drill?

Cordless drills are handy when you need to move away from a power source or when using the drill outdoors but there are some drawbacks to using a cordless drill. Batteries often die out when you need to use the drill. It is definitely handy to use a cordless model but most of the time you need to charge and re-charge just to get one job done. A corded drill will never fail and will be easy to use for tough jobs. It has its limitations but you can use an extension cord if you will use it outdoors.

  • Do I need a commercial drill or a hobby drill?

A commercial drill is all power and has a traditional design. This kind of drill is particularly heavy but will get tough jobs done right. Hobby drills are lighter and may have a variety of attachments so you can use the drill for a variety of applications. Commercial drills are mostly for contractors while hobby drills are for home or shop use.

Product Details

Black & Decker BDEDMT Matrix AC Drill Driver


The Black & Decker BDEDMT Matrix AC Drill/Driver is a drill and driver with the new Matrix Quick Connect System. You can connect different attachments and tips in just a few seconds with the quick connect system. Aside from driving nuts and screws, it can also sand, finish, drill, saw, trim, cut and more. It has a powerful motor with 11 position clutch to give you optimum control for any kind of job. And of course, this drill/driver is one of the lightest weighing less than 4 pounds.

Product Information

  • Dimensions: 10 x 3 x 10.9 inches
  • Item Weight: 3.6 pounds
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Shipping Weight: 3.6 pounds
  • Color: orange
  • Power Source: corded-electric
  • Warranty: comes with manufacturer’s warranty

Features & Benefits

  • Matrix Quick Connect

The Matrix Quick Connect System makes attachment changes easy and fast. There is no need to use a tool to remove the drill’s tip and to tighten the new attachment in place. Just take the attachment off, snap a new one in and you are ready to do your work. There are six different Matrix Quick Connect System applications such as the impact driver attachment, the oscillating multi-tool attachment, jigsaw attachment, detail sander attachment, router attachment and the trim saw attachment.

  • 4.0 amp motor

The Black & Decker BDEDMT Matrix AC Drill/Driver has a powerful motor and is capable of taking any kind of job without ever failing in the middle. It is versatile and will let you do almost any finishing job, cutting and sawing job, driving and drilling job with ease.

  • Lightweight and compact

This is one of the lightest drills/drivers you will ever use weighing only a fraction of regular and conventional drills. Its light weight makes it the best all-around tool that you can use again and again without ever straining your hands and arms. This tool is also compact and handy; you won’t need a huge bag to carry your drill and all its accessories to the jobsite.

  • 11-position clutch

Take care of all kinds of jobs with this versatile and efficient drill. With an 11 position clutch, you will have maximum control all the time. Finish wooden surfaces, cut and saw your work and even drill and drive bolts without missing anything when you got a drill with the best control.


  • Matrix Quick Connect tool-free change
  • Powerful 4.0 motor
  • Lightweight design
  • Compact and easy to use
  • 11 position clutch


  • Corded
  • Only one attachment included

Reviews / Testimonials

Before I purchased the Black & Decker BDEDMT Matrix AC Drill/Driver I had to check out reviews and opinions of people via social media. A lot of users agree that the Black & Decker BDEDMT wins hands down when it comes to features, motor power and design. It is also the choice for woodworkers, hobbyists and people who love DIY.

The most popular feature that most users love about this drill is obviously the Matrix Quick Connect tool-free changing feature however there were a few drawbacks. Only one attachment was available when you purchase the drill initially and you had to purchase the other attachments separately. 

Another issue that most users have about this Black & Decker drill is the fact that it is corded. Many argued that this could have been a good drill if it was cordless so they could take it anywhere. I do agree too in one way and possibly this could be one suggestion that Black & Decker may want to consider in the future.

But despite all these, I still purchased the tool and has been using it ever since. I love my Black & Decker BDEDMT and I plan to purchase more attachments to work on more projects in the future. Sure it could cost me more but this feature is worth it. I proudly say that once you go Black & Decker, you will never go back.

Alternative Choices

Here are a few other belt sander brands and models that you may also check out:

1) Porter-Cable PC600D 6.5 Amp 3/8-inch Variable Speed

This drill has a 6.0 amp motor that provides pure power for any applications. It has a keyless 3/8-inch chuck that allows faster and easier bit changes. There is a lock-on bottom switch to let you work continuously without pulling on the trigger. This minimizes hand and arm pain. The variable speed trigger will provide the best results especially when drilling and driving. It looks compact and is one of the lightest drills around.

One of the key features of this drill is the lock-in bottom which improves its usability. You don’t need to pull the trigger for a long time just to get work done and this minimizes fatigue on the hands and arms.

2) Hitachi D10VH 6.0 amp 3/8-inch Reversible Driver Drill

The Hitachi D10VH is a 6 amp drill which takes speed and torque to create maximum power. Don’t be fooled by its size because it can deliver maximum torque of 108.1 in – lbs. for high speed jobs. This drill has a compact design and will fit comfortably on the palm of your hands. It also comes with a variable speed dial and improved control. It is one of a few drills with very minimal vibration even for tough jobs.

The most obvious popular feature of this drill is its size. It looks small but it works as hard as a regular drill. You can use this at home or use it at the worksite and still get the best results.

3) Panasonic EY6407NQKW 12 Volt. ½ -inch Cordless

This Panasonic drill is a cordless drill which weighs a hefty 16 pounds! But it does not matter because it gets the job done fast. It offers 293 in/lbs. torque for maximum power for any kind of job. This drill comes with two 3.0 amp NiMH battery and a one year manufacturer’s warranty.

The fact that you get two batteries for this drill is really a great value. You don’t need to wait for the battery to charge up; you can work continuously when you got spare batteries to use.

4) Milwaukee 2453-22 M12 Fuel ¼ Hex Compact Driver Kit

The Milwaukee 2453-22 is a cordless drill. It comes in a set consisting of a ¼ hex impact driver with two batteries. This is one of the lightest Milwaukee drills and is easy to use for any kind of job. It has a sleek design and is very durable. It will surely last for many projects to come.
The most obvious feature of this drill is its design. It looks sleek and easy to use. No parts that will cause unnecessary movement and hence less vibrations when used even for a long period of time.

Alternative Choices Comparison Table

Alternative Choices

Our Rating


Porter-Cable PC600D 6.5 Amp 3/8-inch Variable Speed

Hitachi D10VH 6.0 amp 3/8-inch Reversible Driver Drill

Panasonic EY6407NQKW 12 Volt. ½ -inch Cordless

Milwaukee 2453-22 M12 Fuel ¼ Hex Compact Driver Kit

The Final Cut

There may be a number of power drills/drivers around but none can compare with the Black & Decker BDEDMT Matrix AC Drill/Driver. This drill is the only drill with the Matrix Quick Connect system and this means you can use this for any applications without any fuss at all. The system offers tool-free changes and you get your tool ready in just a few seconds.

There is no other drill that could match this quick application change.

This Black & Decker power drill will always get the job done with its powerful motor that provides speed and maximum torque. You will be able to complete jobs fast and with the best quality all thanks to its durable and efficient motor.

It may not be a cordless drill but it gets the job done fast; no interruptions or worries especially when you need to get a project done right away. It’s corded but will still be efficient to use especially in tight corners because of its sleek and compact design.

So would I trade the Black & Decker BDEDMT for any drill? I found my drill/driver for any application and I am keeping it for life. There may be drawbacks in purchasing more Quick Connect components but it’s not a worry at all; as long as I can drill and drive easy, there is no drill that could match this Black & Decker drill.

If you are interested in purchasing this drill/driver click here to get started right away.

In-Depth Review: Black & Decker LDX120C 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Cordless Drill/Driver


Black & Decker LDX120C 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Cordless Drill Driver
85 %

BLACK+DECKER LDX120C cordless driver/driver is a personal pick because of the features it is equipped. All of these features are available at a very compact and lightweight design. It is also one of the most affordable out there.

I have created this review knowing that choosing the best one can be quite daunting. I hope that this can give you the chance to make a better informed decision.

We Like

  • Equipped with LED work lights that can serve as guide when using it.
  • Extended battery life (and rechargeable)
  • Illumination is included

We Don't Like

  • Not ideal for highly professional use


As a professional in carpentry and other related fields, I feel the need to have a complete collection in my worker’s arsenal. This includes power tools that make things easier and faster. One such tool is a cordless drill/driver. This tool is something that I have not tried using before.

A fellow professional in this trade recently introduced me to the BLACK+DECKER LDX120C Cordless Drill. I was used to the corded one. The moment I tried it for the first time, I immediately realized that I should have had this before, when I was working on those challenging to reach locations for drilling, where there is no near electrical outlet nearby.

Who Is It For?

This model is ideal for those, like me, who have made carpentry as their main profession. The tasks that come along every day vary in terms of requirements and needs. Drilling is one of the most common tasks required in a certain project.

Compared to the corded model, a cordless drill/driver is more convenient, given the fact that it can be carried along anywhere, despite not having an electric outlet nearby.

Aside from professionals, this model is also designed even for beginners, as well as occasional DIYers. The features that are built-in are easy to use and understand, making it recommended even for those who only have limited details on how to use the product.

Buyer's Guide

The Benefits in Using Cordless Drills

There are several benefits that you can expect when using cordless drills. Here are some of them:

  • Convenience

Convenience is no doubt one of the most obvious advantages offered by using cordless drills. This means that there is no need for you to trail 20 or 30 meters of cable across the site floor in a building. Cables and cords may result to potential dangers.

A cordless drill can also be used for outdoor tasks, as well as remote areas where in electricity is not readily accessible. This can also include working on hard to reach area such as inside cupboards, underneath sinks, as well as other awkward locations.

  • Advanced Features

As a power tool, a cordless drill is equipped with built-in advanced features that greatly promote utility, convenience and appeal. There are models that come with more features compared to others. Therefore, when selecting one for your personal use, make sure to look into these features accordingly.

  • Rechargeable Batteries

The batteries that are used with these cordless drills are those that are rechargeable. This means that you do not have to worry about having the need to constantly buy a new one, because that itself can also be expensive and burdensome.

Features to Look for in a Cordless Drill

When it comes to the use of a cordless drills, there are features that you need to look for. Some of these features are not readily available in all models.

  • Built-in Work Light

Most models of cordless drills are designed to have the illumination needed while working. They usually come in the form of LED light which can help in illuminating while working on awkward areas.

  • Hammer Action

Some models of cordless drills come with a hammer action. This feature is described as a pulsing mechanism which easily manipulates the chuck thousands of times in every minute.

This translates to greater momentum to the overall penetrating power. When utilized accordingly together with the right hardened drill bits, the hammer action enhances the ability of the drill to penetrate through thicker materials, such as concrete.

  • Extended Battery Life

These days, you can find cordless drills that use advanced models of lithium-ion batteries that are typically used in mobile phones. These batteries usually come with a reduced memory effect, more complete charging, lighter weight, enhanced battery capacity, and others.

Product Details

Black & Decker LDX120C 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Cordless Drill Driver


The BLACK+DECKER LDX120C cordless drill is designed with convenience in mind. Being a power drill, and a cordless one at that, you can expect to use this drill in various tasks which requires the need for this tool to be free from the use of cables and cords. Among the standout features built-in with it is its use of an extended runtime lithium battery, which is compatible with other 20 volt MAX products.

Product Information

  • Part Number: LDX120C
  • Weight: 3.5 pounds
  • Dimensions: 10.6 x 3.7 x 8.5 inches
  • Batteries: Lithium-ion batteries (1 – included)
  • Voltage: 20 Volts

Features & Benefits

  • Lightweight and Compact

This drill and driver is often described as one of the smallest units in its own category. It is equipped with a compact design which makes it easier to use even in extremely tight locations, without hassle.

This drill may also be used effectively from several angles, without having to sacrifice quality. Because it is light in weight, you will not feel tired and exhausted out of carrying it and extended duration of use.

  • Durable Battery

The use of durable and reliable battery in this model is one reason why a lot of buyers are attracted to it. When unused, the battery may store a good amount of charge up to a full 18 months. This provides the assurance that you can have available power when needed. You only need to charge it for 1 to 2 hours for full power restoration.

  • Powerful and Strong

Despite its size, this model offers amazing power and torque. For example, it presents 115 pounds of torque, as well as a maximum motor power of 650 RPM. As such, you can expect that this drill and driver will effortless work on most surfaces, while offering continuous performance.

  • Comfortable Grip

This model is equipped with an ergonomic design. This means that even though you may have to use it for longer duration, or use it on tight angles, it will not result to exhaustion on your part. It is also covered by an anti-slip and soft material which does not just offer a tight grip, but also reduces sweating of hands.

  • Reliable Illumination

This handy model also comes with LED work lights which work in illuminating the surface accordingly while working. This reduces the potential chances of encountering errors, including drilling at the wrong place, or other things. It is also good for those who does not want to strain their eyes while working.


  • This model comes with LED work lights that can guide you while working.
  • Equipped with a comfortable and soft grip.
  • Offers dependable power capacity.
  • Lightweight and compact


  • The torque may not make it ideal for heavy use.
  • Challenging to tighten the chuck.

Reviews / Testimonials

Most of the reviews of this product I've come across online are positive.

For example, one said that this model is capable of packing more punch for those serious DIYERs. One thing he likes is that it charges quite fast, maintaining the charge longer when needed.

Another customer said that this model is the “best one I had”. It is both compact and lightweight. The same customer also likes the fact that the battery is dependable and seems capable of lasting a long time.

Some have also left a review in order to point out some suggestions. A certain customer mentioned that the body of this drill is made of cheap plastic, almost to the point that it looks like a toy. The rest of the other feedbacks are positive, and they are relatively more compared to the negative reviews.

Alternative Choices

1) Hitachi DS18DSAL 18-Volt Lithium Ion Compact Pro Driver Drill with Flashlight

Hitachi DS18DSAL is known for its professional level features, all available in a lightweight, compact and affordable unit. One of the features that easily makes it a standout option is the addition of an extra-bright external work light. Also, it is equipped with a convenient metal belt hook which makes working more comfortable and convenient.

With 460 inches/pounds torque power, you have the assurance that it can accomplish even the toughest of jobs with complete ease. Since it uses a Lithium Ion battery, it is lightweight, lasting longer, and recharging fast, even completing within just an hour and a half. As with all of the batteries used by Hitachi units, this tool receives a continuous flow of power for the entire duration of the charge. All in all, it is an amazing pro-level drill, available at an affordable price.

2) DEWALT DCD790D2 20V MAX XR Lithium-Ion Brushless Compact Drill/Driver Kit

The DEWALT DCD790D2 model is worth every penny spent, thanks to all of the features that are built-in with it. It comes with a weight of 3.5 pounds, making use easy. The kit also includes a charger designed to work with a standard 120 V electrical power. What makes it standout is that it can be charged quickly, in just 35 minutes, allowing you to work even longer on your projects.

Other features that make a standout option is the use of a metal ratcheting chuck which further enhances overall durability. It also comes with an automatic spindle lock mechanism, which will allow you to easily open and close the chuck using one hand. As a bonus feature, this drill also comes with a LED light which becomes available each time the trigger is pulled.

3) Makita LXDT01 18V Cordless Brushless Impact Driver

As a product under the Makita brand, there is a guarantee of quality that comes together with this unit. The Makita LXDT01 model is equipped with a brushless motor, bringing the level of power capability and build quality a notch higher. One of its standout features is the use of a 3-speed power selection switch that allows you to change blows per minute.

This control allows you to use the tool easily, especially when working on various fastening applications. It also comes with a built-in LED light which allows you to see what you are working on. It is not a full on and off switch, but automatic when the trigger starts to operate. Overall, the makeup of this unit, making good use of a rubber overmold on the backside and grip, further enhances ergonomics.

4) Bosch DDB181-02 18-Volt Lithium-Ion 1/2-Inch Compact Tough Drill/Driver Kit

One thing you might notice right away when you see the Bosch DDB181-02 model is that it is small. However, size is not really the gauge here. In fact, this unit is equipped with comparable power like that of other bigger models. It is both lightweight and compact, which means that it is ideal for any working space.

This model is particularly designed for users who want to finish their tasks at home easily and conveniently. It may also be well suited for mobile tradesmen who need to carry this type of power tool inside their small toolbox or bag. Even in its size, this unit still comes with an LED light, which is perfect when working on enclosed or dark areas. All in all, this product is a testimony that size should not be the main gauge for looking at the overall power of a power drill.

5) Ridgid R86037 18 Volt 18V GEN5X Brushless Motor 3 speed Impact Driver Drill

What makes the Ridgid R86037 model an attractive option is its overall 2,250 inches per pounds of torque. It also comes equipped with a 3-speed settings control that offers adjustable speed and power, ideal for working on the toughest tasks. This type of control is also recommended for those who need to work on some precision related work.

For easier operation, this model also comes with a one-handed, quick-load bit holder, allowing you to make bit changes faster and easier using a snap-load collet, together with its easy ejecting bit release. For maximum comfort, this model is equipped with a hex grip improved micro-texture, giving that secure grip that is required in performing even the most daunting, challenging, and precision related task. All of these features are available at an affordable price. 

Alternative Choices Comparison Table

Alternative Choices

Our Rating


Hitachi DS18DSAL 18-Volt Lithium Ion Compact Pro Driver Drill with Flashlight

DEWALT DCD790D2 20V MAX XR Lithium-Ion Brushless Compact Drill/Driver Kit

Makita LXDT01 18V Cordless Brushless Impact Driver

Bosch DDB181-02 18-Volt Lithium-Ion 1/2-Inch Compact Tough Drill/Driver Kit

Ridgid R86037 18 Volt 18V GEN5X Brushless Motor 3 speed Impact Driver Drill

The Final Cut

As a power tool, the BLACK+DECKER LDX120C cordless drill and driver is equipped with several features that make it a high quality option that you can take into consideration. With all of the features that are packed with it, you can expect to get good value for your money with this model.

While there may be a few minor issues raised by some customers, they are relatively few compared to the satisfaction felt by several users. Among the features that we like about this model is the fact that it comes with LED work light, and is even designed to have ergonomic value. If you want to know more about the capabilities of this model, click here for more details.

In-Depth Review: Black & Decker BDCDMT120 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Matrix Cordless Drill/Driver


Black & Decker BDCDMT120 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Matrix Cordless Drill Driver
90 %

The Black & Decker BDCDMT120 model uses the Matrix Quick Connect System, allowing you to use other power tools using the base of this equipment. All of these features and capabilities come at a very affordable price.

In order to help you be guided in terms of making the best decision you can ever have, I have compiled this review of the features that you need to look for, among other things. In the end, you will be equipped with a better decision making skill.

We Like

  • Versatility
  • Long lasting battery life
  • Comfortable grip and design
  • Compact and lightweight

We Don't Like

  • Long time for recharging
  • Low duty tasks capability only


As someone who loves doing DIY projects at home, I completely understand the need to have the right tools to complete the job. As such, I have decided to include in my arsenal a power tool that can help me accomplish things faster and more convenient. Drilling is one of the tasks that is quite impossible to work on without a power tool. This is something that I have realized recently.

I was recently told about the capabilities of the Black & Decker BDCDMT120 model. I never thought a cordless tool could be as powerful as the ones that I am used to, the corded models. When a friend asked me to try using one, I immediately noticed the possibility of accomplishing more tasks with this tool. If only I knew about it before, I could have done more projects in a shorter period of time.

Who Is It For?

This model is designed for both professionals in this field, as well as those like me who just love doing DIY projects at home. Drilling is a task that is difficult to complete without a reliable tool at hand. With the use of a cordless drill, tasks are completed faster and more conveniently. This is also for those who need to do drilling jobs in an area which may be far from an electrical outlet. This model is also recommended for repairmen who needs to work on some tasks from one place to another.

Buyer's Guide

Advantages of Cordless Drills over Corded Drills

The following points are some of the advantages that you can expect when using cordless drills compared to corded drills:

  • Mobility and Convenience

Cordless drills are not limited by a power cord. This means that they are more convenient compared to corded models. All you need to do is to make sure that the battery is there, and it is fully charged, and you can get on with your job.

  • Multiple Battery Uses

Another benefit that you can expect out of a cordless drill is that you can easily use the very same battery in your other power tools, such as an impact driver, circular saw, and others. This means that this can turn out to be a more economic option if you have a number of power tools operated using a battery.

  • Safety

Safety is one of the most important things that you need to take into consideration when choosing a tool to use. Since not all tasks can be completed near a wall outlet, using corded drills may require you to bring wires, or even extension cables, which may be a cause for accident. With cordless drills, however, this is not an issue.

Features to Look for in a Cordless Drill

Whether you are a DIYer or a professional, choosing a cordless drill requires some consideration. Here are some features that you can look into:

  • Power

Power is measured using battery voltage for cordless drills. The higher the voltage, the more torque and spinning strength there is to overcome potential resistance. The higher voltage among modern models means that they have enough power to drill bigger holes in flooring and framing lumber.

  • Speed

There are drills which may be least expensive, but they only operate at a single speed. Generally, however, there are two fixed speeds, that is, 300 and 800 RPM. A trigger or slide switch usually allows you to choose either low or high speeds. These are the types of drills which are usually ideal for lighter duty tasks.

  • Chargers and Batteries

The latest models of batteries used for cordless drills are those that are Nickel-metal-hydride (NiMH) batteries. They run longer, and are smaller compared to the standard options. These batteries are also less prone to hazard when disposing since they do not have the toxic material cadmium.

Product Details

Black & Decker BDCDMT120 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Matrix Cordless Drill Driver


The Black & Decker BDCDMT120 Matrix model of cordless drill is one of the interchangeable equipment systems created by the manufacturer. As a model under the Black & Decker brand, there is a guarantee to quality with this unit. If you are new into these power tools, this model is one of the recommended options to enjoy value for your money. With the use of a Matrix Quick Connect System, you can simply use the base of this equipment, and you can already attach and detach different tools without any problem.

Product Information

  • Material: Plastic
  • Primary Feature: Matrix Quick Connect System
  • Battery: 20V Lithium Ion Battery
  • Item Weight: 4.3 pounds
  • Dimensions: 12.5 x 3.6 x 9.5 inches

Features & Benefits

  • Ease of Feel and Use

One of the primary benefits pointed out by users is the fact that this model is balanced well, feeling really nice in your hands. The weight, and the overall comfort that it offers using its grip exceeds expectations. Even though this drill may not be as powerful as other more expensive models, it is powerful enough for hobbyists to enjoy.

  • Potential Users

This model has been designed especially for casual homeowners. It is evident in the fact that it offers a wide variety of tools that can be used in a small space, and at a very affordable cost. As a matter of fact, the Matrix system can be carried around inside your bag as you prepare for your repairs and drilling jobs.

  • Special Features

This drill is equipped with a small bit holder right on the base. Another notable feature that is considered ‘special’ with this model is the interchangeable tool system, allowing you to use it depending on your needs.


  • It offers versatility by allowing you to have several tools at an affordable price.
  • Battery life is long
  • Equipped with a comfortable grip
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Ideal for both hobbyist and professionals


  • Long recharging time
  • Not a heavy duty drilling tool

Reviews / Testimonials

According to the feedback and responses given by the reviews of this model, the Black & Decker BDCDMT120 has the capacity to provide a lot of things. For one, it is one of the most inexpensive options out there, as it is primarily targeted at homeowners and hobbyists. One customer noted that even though this drill may not have “professional level features”, it is still dependable in terms of heavy duty durability.

Another customer considers this option as the “perfect solution”, serving as the right equipment for any drilling job. The changing of the tools can be done effortlessly. One thing the same customer noted about this model, however, is that the battery seems to drain quicker. This could mean having the need to wait for a long time just to recharge the battery completely.

A customer also pointed out that this model has “exceeded expectations”. He is a DIYer, and have tried using this tool in remodeling their bathroom, as well as in completing several other odd jobs. For all of these tasks, this drill has performed a great job, even exceeding expectations.

One customer, however, pointed out some points which could have been improved with this model. For instance, this drill does not come with a level. Also, its internal impact feature is quite unreliable, which may need you to purchase the extra attachment for impact driver.

Alternative Choices

1) Hitachi DS18DSAL

This cordless drill under the brand Hitachi is often considered as among the best that are currently available on the market. It has the capacity to reach up to 1800 RPMs, which is among the fastest. With a 460 inch pounds of torque produced, battery life, as well as support options, this model if often viewed with respect with actual users.

2) Rockwell RK2852K2

This drill can easily be regarded to as a tool that can compete with corded models. For one, it is able to reach speeds of up to 2000 RPM. It also comes with two settings for speed, allowing you to switch right in between, depending on whether or not you need to drive screws or drill holes, making this tool extremely versatile.

3) Porter-Cable PCCK600LB

This model has the capacity to produce up to 330 UWO (unit watts out). This measurement is quite good when compared to other types of drills which use power rating system, rather than measuring it through torque. The highest setting reaches up to 1600 RPM, which is considered as the average when compared to other types of drills.

4) DeWalt DCD790D2

One thing you might notice right away with this model is the fact that it is under a familiar brand in this industry. They are known to produce some of the tools with the most amazing power. This particular drill comes with 20 volts of power in this system, enabling you to drill as you need. It also has an easy to adjust speed setting as well as clutch settings, using this drill for various projects.

5) Bosch DDS182

The Bosch DDS182 model is dependable and reliable, combining together design and power in order to come up with a highly effective tool that can be added to your entire collection. Even though it is quite less powerful compared to other more expensive options, it has enough strength to deal with some of the most difficult jobs you can think of. 

Alternative Choices Comparison Table

Alternative Choices

Our Rating


Hitachi DS18DSAL

Rockwell RK2852K2

Porter-Cable PCCK600LB

DeWalt DCD790D2

Bosch DDS182

The Final Cut

It is very important to take into consideration that the Black & Decker BDCDMT120 Matrix model is not necessarily the most powerful power tool options out there under this category. However, if you are looking for a battery operated tool, you will see the benefits that this model has to offer.

Since it is equipped with the Matrix Quick Connect System, it has the capacity to accommodate several tools. What makes this model particularly special is that even though other products allow changing of drill bits only, this model allow you to change even the attachments in order to complete different tasks. If you are interested in learning more about this model, click here for more information.

In-Depth Review: Bosch PS31-2A 12-Volt Max Lithium-Ion 3/8-Inch 2-Speed Drill/Driver Kit


Bosch PS31-2A 12-Volt Max Lithium-Ion 3-8-Inch 2-Speed Drill Driver Kit
90 %

Bosch PS31-2A 12-Volt Max Lithium-Ion 3/8-Inch 2-Speed Drill/Driver Kit is personally a great choice because of its combined speed, power, and performance. Its variable two-speed setting provides you versatility and efficiency in working with more than one kind of materials be it for a DIY project or for any professional setting. It is also useful in drilling tight and close range that not all normal drills can reach.

This review will, therefore, provide you more details regarding this drill and help you decide the one that will best suit your needs.

We Like

  • Compact design
  • Convenient of use
  • Versatile
  • Lightweight

We Don't Like

  • The battery can be difficult to remove from the drill
  • The LED light has no option to stay on when the trigger is off.


We always keep a drill in handy at home for repairs of all sorts of things. The one that we have been using has been with us long enough to strip screws more than I could count. I know that we definitely need a new one, but problem is, we don’t know where to start in finding the best replacement.

A neighbor lent me his Bosch PS31-2A 12-Volt Max Lithium-Ion 3/8-Inch 2-Speed Drill/Driver when I was doing some repairs, and I must say it works fantastic. It was easy to use, fast, plenty of power and definitely does the job efficiently. I was very pleased that right after, I did my research about this drill and purchased in an instant. Now, I have been enjoying work more than ever. The variable speed and adjustable feature are superb that we are using it at home in all tasks and projects.

Who Is It For?

Drills and drivers are an important item in every professional and home tool box because of its unique role. Not only it is useful for home use but has also proved to be a reliable aid in precision drilling and driving tasks including general fastening and hardware installations in job sites.

The fact that it can be used in any kind of materials for any jobs adds to its efficiency and versatility of use that professionals, repairmen, electricians, remodelers and general contractors can depend on. It is also high in power and adjustable speed for increased precision and control.

It is essential especially at times when we need to drill in narrow and tight spaces while repairing furniture and fixtures at home. It used to be a problem because normal drills and drivers are difficult to fit into these small areas. Plus, it is handy, lightweight and fast, which makes every task convenient.

Buyer's Guide

Factors to Consider When Buying a Drill and Driver

Finding for the best drill to use can be overwhelming. With a myriad of options, the process can be confusing and daunting. It, however, helps a lot that you know what to look for. That being said, we have listed these following guide when choosing for a drill or driver:

  • Versatile

A drill’s versatility may largely refer to its speed and adjustable clutch which allows it to use in different materials and varying bits. Different range of speed and torque may be required when drilling for soft or hard wood, metals, and other materials. A drill that is adjustable that can carry all these tasks is definitely your best bet.

  • Durable

In any kind of power tools, it is important to also check its material composition that it is stable and sturdy enough, to withstand long and frequent use. And with a durable construction, you can be sure it can tackle any hard tasks.

  • Functionality

Before deciding, it helps to assess first where you will use the drill for because heavy-duty jobs may require higher power and specifications, hence you might want to single out your choices in this category. Drills are normally classified in 1/4 –inch, 3/8-inch and 1/2-inch sizes of the chuck. 1/4 –inch is ideal for small scale tasks while 3/8-inch is the commonly used drill especially for home use. The ½-inch, on the other hand, is recommended for hard and more complex jobs.

  • Ergonomic Design

A good drill does not only have the unparalleled performance but also convenient to use. Choose one that is user-friendly, easy to operate and maneuver and comfortable even on prolonged use. Having this feature may also contribute to your productivity and efficiency.

Product Details

Bosch PS31-2A 12-Volt Max Lithium-Ion 3-8-Inch 2-Speed Drill Driver Kit


Featuring a compact design for easy handling and convenience of use in tight and small areas, Bosch PS31-2A 12-Volt Max Lithium-Ion 3/8-Inch 2-Speed Drill/Driver Kit is versatile, powerful and user-friendly for an effective and efficient drilling and driving. It provides high torque power and a two-variable speed option, which makes an ideal choice for novice, DIY enthusiast and professionals. And as trademarked with Bosch’s Electronic Cell Protection, you are guaranteed of extended run time and life of this drill driver.

Product Information

  • Item Weight: 5 pounds
  • Product Dimensions:12.6 x 9.8 x 4.2 inches
  • Power Source: Cordless-electric
  • Voltage: 12 volts
  • Special Features: Variable Speed
  • Items Included: Case
  • Batteries Included: Yes
  • Battery Cell Type: Lithium Ion

Features & Benefits

  • Adjustable Torque and Speed

This drill is designed with a 3/8-inch sleeveless chuck that can accommodate almost 90 percent of normal operations. For improved versatility and productivity, it has 265-inch pounds of torque with 20+1 settings and a 2-speed range of 0 to 350 and 0 to 1300 RPM to tackle different kinds of materials for any particular job. By adjusting the settings, you will have the right and accurate speed and power required for your project to achieve the desired outcome.

  • High Powered

Though this drill is generally smaller in size, it, however, does not pale in comparison when power and performance are concerned. It is built with 25 percent more max torque and 15 percent faster speed for a more efficient drilling and driving. And with its 7-inch head length and streamline design, you can be assured it can fit and cover constricted and close-fitted spaces that cannot be supported by normal drills.

  • Ergonomic Design

This drill is lightweight hence it is comfortable and convenient to use for a longer period. It is also designed with a soft grip handle to reduce fatigue and hand tension. Because of this, you will be able to enjoy drilling and working without any worry of hurting your hand. A LED light is also provided for increased level of visibility when working in tight areas that may have little or no light.

  • Battery Management

Its fuel gauge is located on the side of the tool for easy and convenient battery management. You will not find it hard to track and monitor the life of the battery, hence you can estimate and plan ahead to maximize its usage and time. And this drill driver kit comes with two batteries. It is always good and highly convenient to have a spare at your disposal for uninterrupted work.


  • High-powered
  • It features a 7-inch head length that is useful in tight spaces
  • Battery is robust
  • It has an ergonomically designed handle for soft grip and convenience of use.


  • The LED light does not stay on when finger is off the trigger
  • The chuck can be wobbly

Reviews / Testimonials

Before finally deciding to purchase, it is best to make sure you cover all there is to know regarding the product. One of which is reviewing customer’s feedback that will tell you about their actual experiences using it. This 2-speed drill and driver earned an outstanding rating. The majority has even left positive reviews and recommendations about this.

Perhaps the most notable are its high-powered performance and compact design that has helped make their work easy and convenient. The weight has also proven to be handy especially working overtime, while the adjustable speed settings have allowed them to work on several projects. All agreed that the LED light is such a useful feature especially since this tool is ideal to use in narrow and dark spaces. However, a few pointed out that the light may have been better if it has a stable power that stays on without needing to press the trigger.

The package comes with two batteries that are a great plus point for this drill. The customers were pleased that they don’t need to purchase for a spare in case one drains out to continue the operation. Take extra caution on the chuck as it may need to be tightened properly and battery replacement may be a little tough. Other than that, with Bosch PS31-2A 12-Volt Max Lithium-Ion 3/8-Inch 2-Speed Drill/Driver Kit you have a great drill and driver in your working arsenal.

Alternative Choices

The market has definitely provided us with a lot of choices for the best drill and drivers that will suit our needs. Aside from the Bosch PS31-2A 12-Volt Max Lithium-Ion 3/8-Inch 2-Speed Drill/Driver Kit, you may also consider the following options:

1) Mr. Orange CD2053K 20-Volt Lithium-Ion 2-Speed Drill/Driver Kits

An ideal electric screwdriver both for DIY and professional use, Mr. Orange CD2053K 20-Volt Lithium-Ion 2-Speed Drill/Driver Kits is powered by an enhanced transmission, an adjustable clutch, and a 23-variable setting for improved versatility and control. It is reliable to use in any materials from wood to metal and building other crafts.

It is lightweight and features a non-slip grip for convenient use especially in overhead and tight areas. What makes it even an effective power tool is the presence of an integrated LED light for added visibility and clarity for working in dim areas and dark corners.

2) Makita FD02W 12-V Max Lithium-Ion Cordless 3/8-Inch Driver-Drill Kit

This variable 2-speed driver delivers maximum 200 in-lbs torque power and speed of 0 to 350 and 0 to 1,300 RPM in one compact size design. It features an 18 clutch settings for improved accuracy and control. It also comes with a 3/8-inch keyless chuck and allows you to choose between a ¼-inch hex shank and a standard smooth or straight shank bits.

For your convenience, Makita FD02W 12-V Max Lithium-Ion Cordless 3/8- Inch Driver-Drill Kit is designed with a soft grip handle and an ergonomic shape that fits perfectly with even pressure. It comes with a LED light as well for added visibility when used in dark areas. You can rely not on only on its performance but capacity and duration of use as its battery provides longer run time.

3) DeWalt DCD710S2 12-Volt Max 3/8- Inch Drill Driver Kit

DeWalt DCD710S2 12-Volt Max 3/8- Inch Drill Driver Kit is designed to be compact and with 7.5 inches long that allow it to operate effectively in smaller spaces and tight places where traditional drivers and drills can’t. It features a 15-position clutch and a 2-speed gearbox for added efficiency, precision, and control.

Ultra lightweight, this electric drill is easy to lift and handle, thanks to its ergonomic body and compact battery pack. It comes with a built-in belt clip and a two quick changing and long-lasting battery pack for your comfort and ease of use. A LED light is also added to provide light and clear view of your work area in dark and close spaces.

4) Hitachi DS10DFL2 12-Volt Cordless Lithium-Ion Compact Drill Driver Kit

This compact drill and driver feature a two-speed gear setting that allows you to adjust it in a setting required for the job to achieve optimal results. It is also designed with a 21+1 clutch with 21 torque settings and a drill mode for increased accuracy and control. It features a 300 in/lbs torque to carry out tough jobs even in tight and close spaces.

Hitachi DS10DFL2 12-Volt Cordless Lithium-Ion Compact Drill Driver Kit secures that you will have a comfortable and convenient use with its optimized handle dimension for soft grip perfect for any hand sizes. For a more effective use, a LED light is provided to light dark work areas. 

Alternative Choices Comparison Table

Alternative Choices

Our Rating


Mr. Orange CD2053K 20-Volt Lithium-Ion 2-Speed Drill/Driver Kits

Makita FD02W 12-V Max Lithium-Ion Cordless 3/8- Inch Driver-Drill Kit

DeWalt DCD710S2 12-Volt Max 3/8- Inch Drill Driver Kit

Hitachi DS10DFL2 12-Volt Cordless Lithium-Ion Compact Drill Driver Kit

The Final Cut

For a more efficient and productive work, it is essential to have a drill and driver that we can rely on given any materials for any kind of job and projects. While versatility is a huge factor, power and convenience of use is also one key component that we should look into.

Bosch PS31-2A 12-Volt Max Lithium-Ion 3/8-Inch 2-Speed Drill/Driver Kit is on top of its game because it does not only boasts on its 2-speed and adjustable torque setting, it is also designed with a 3/8-inch single sleeve chuck and high power for a long list of use. It is also easy to use and operate that it can be a handy tool for home use.

If you want to know more about this product, you may click here.

In-Depth Review: Porter-Cable PCC606LA 20-Volt 1/2-Inch Lithium-Ion Drill/Driver Kit


Porter-Cable PCC606LA 20-Volt 1-2-Inch Lithium-Ion Drill Driver Kit
90 %

The PORTER-CABLE PCC606LA 20-Volt 1/2-Inch Lithium-Ion Drill/Driver Kit (One Battery) is the best choice for me because it delivers outstanding power and performance compacted in one small and handy package. The battery is designed for long use to carry even toughest materials and other tasks.

It is because of this reasons that this review is created to provide you details about this power tool and help you find the best drill and driver that will suit your needs.

We Like

  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic design
  • Variable speed
  • Prolonged battery use
  • Cordless

We Don't Like

  • The trigger pull can be hard to control slowly
  • Battery is a little hard to remove


I am not actually a professional handyman but I definitely know my way when it comes to any kind of repairs at home and very familiar with my tools. I purchased this drill at my friend’s insistence, who always claimed to be a better handyman than I am. He has bought his almost one month prior.

I have this for two weeks already and have used in several tasks and projects. And I must say I should trust my friend’s judgment more as this has certainly did not disappoint. It delivers power, performance, and versatility more than I needed. Cordless tools work for me because though I may compromise on the power I love its portability and that it can be available to use anytime without the worry of finding a power plug. But PORTER-CABLE PCC606LA 20-Volt 1/2-Inch Lithium-Ion Drill/Driver Kit set the bar, as the battery life is superb. It charges pretty fast as well. It is definitely a good buy for me.

Who Is It For?

Drills and Drivers are an essential tool as it is used in several types of jobs including cabinet and furniture making, framing out rooms, fastening hinges on doors and other general construction. It is a useful tool in any job sites at the same time a reliable aid for DIY projects, woodworking hobbies, or as a “go to” tool for some repairs at home.

The power and variable speed that allows it to work in any kind and density of materials are what makes this drill great to use in any job. And because of its compact design, it can drill even on tight and confined spaces

As one limitation of using a cordless tool, once the battery is drained, you need to recharge it to continue the operation if you don’t have a spare. But with this drill and driver, battery are engineered for long use hence you will be able to manage your work better.

Buyer's Guide

Things to Consider Before Buying a Drill

When you think you are all set to work on repairing your furniture, you realize you needed a drill. To make sure you will purchase the best drill and driver for your needs, you need to check on these following key points:

  • Power

Depending on the task and project you are working on, power is one essential component in choosing for the drill. Heavy-duty jobs will require higher power which can be determined by the horsepower or voltage for corded and cordless drill respectively. If you are inclined to small scale DIY projects, consequently, lower power may also be required. The drill’s capability to tackle what kind of job basically relies on this.

  • Speed

Most high-end drill and drivers feature a variable speed as it allows them more versatility and productivity. With adjustable speed settings, it is easy to achieve optimal results because you can set the drill exactly on the precise speed required for the material you use. Variable speed may also provide higher torque and increased control. It is normally governed by a trigger.
While variable speed has many advantages, single speed can also offer you unparalleled power when used too.

  • Chuck Size

The chuck refers to space in the drill where the drill bit is inserted. It is normally classified into ¼-inch, 3/8-inch, and ½-inch. The larger the size of the chuck, the more powerful the motor is. In case you will be doing difficult and complex jobs what will require high power, then you may opt for the ½-inch. For normal everyday use, a 3/8-inch chuck is commonly used.

  • Weight

Most drills and drivers are built with high power but lighter weight because it can be more advantageous. One primary purpose is to reduce fatigue and tension on your hand, especially for long use. That being said, it helps increase your productivity and efficiency.

  • Handles

Ergonomically designed drills and handles may also help make work more worthwhile and productive. It is especially helpful in working on heavy-duty tasks and frequent use. It is, therefore, important to choose for a drill that will fit your hand perfectly and comfortably.

  • Power Source

In buying a drill, you may be faced with a decision to whether buy the corded-electric or the cordless or battery operated. Either way, you will enjoy each of their strengths and limitations. One most notable advantage of the corded electric is the unlimited power since cordless may wear out once the battery is drained. However, there are already high-end models, in which batteries are innovated and engineered for long lasting use. Cordless also regarded as more portable and convenient to use.

Product Details

Porter-Cable PCC606LA 20-Volt 1-2-Inch Lithium-Ion Drill Driver Kit


PORTER-CABLE PCC606LA 20-Volt 1/2-Inch Lithium-Ion Drill/Driver Kit is designed includes power and features that guarantee an effective and efficient work even hard tasks such as toughest material drilling, wood drilling, and all fastening applications. It is compact in design, hence convenient to use as well. And with its ½-inch metal ratcheting chuck, it is guaranteed heavy-duty performance and versatility in job sites and in any professional setting.

Product Information

  • Item Weight: 4.4 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 8.8 x 3.7 x 9.8 inches
  • Power Source: Battery-powered
  • Style: One Battery
  • Voltage: 20 volts
  • Batteries Cell Type: Lithium Ion
  • Included Components: Battery
  • Average Battery Life: 24 hours

Features & Benefits

  • Compact Design

Measuring only less than 8 inches in length and weighing about 3.5 pounds, this drill and driver was also able to squeeze in all the power and high-capacity components in one small package. And because of this, it makes an effective tool to drill and fasten in small and confined areas powerfully that not normal drills can accommodate.

  • Ergonomic Design

To guarantee its user’s ease and comfort of use, this Porter Cable drill and driver is designed with a slim handle to reduce stress and fatigue for an extended and long operation. Rubber bumpers are also provided on both sides of this tool to protect it from wear and tear over time. For added visibility and clarity, LED light is installed to make work more efficient and productive. And lastly, it comes with a belt clip for easy access on the job sites, which can be attached to fit both left and right handed users.

  • Long Battery Life

Porter Cable has invested on the lithium battery platform for this drill and driver to withstand long and productive use with a long lasting battery to perform tasks effectively and get it done in a timely manner. The battery is also fast to charge, hence lesser downtime. An incorporated battery gauge is built to monitor the charge level and manage the performance during work.

  • Variable Speed

This drill and driver can work in any kinds of materials with the help of its 2-range speed that can deliver 0 to 400 and 0 to 1,600 RPM. You may be able to adjust it depending on what the application require in achieving the desired outcome.


  • High torque and power
  • It is lightweight
  • The battery charges fast and long lasting
  • It comes with a variable speed and adjustable torque settings
  • Portable


  • The drill bit spin is a little wobbly
  • The battery does not slip in and out smoothly

Reviews / Testimonials

A great way to know more about a product before making a sound decision is reading through different comments and feedbacks straight from the people who have already used it.  Based on the review statistics, it is safe to conclude that majority are happy and pleased with their purchase.

Performance wise, users were raving about the torque power and variable speed of this drill. The fact that it is lightweight and easy to use was also two of the components that customers commonly liked. They also appreciated the fact that it can be used in any materials in multiple of operations and projects.

Some have wished, though that battery removal and installation should be smoother as that could cost an extra time. Battery, however, lasts long when used and it is great that it charges pretty fast as well.

The other thing that was a little off was the drill bit spin and chuck that can sometimes get unsteady as few users experienced. But overall, it has shown effectiveness, versatility, and convenience of use. In the words of one satisfied customer, “great power, long battery, does a great job”.

Alternative Choices

Given our different needs and an array of choices for the best drill and driver out there, we give you these other options, which you may also like.

1) DeWalt DCD771C2 20V Max Cordless Lithium-Ion ½-Inch Compact Drill Driver Kit

Compact and lightweight, this drill driver is perfect for use in tight areas and close spaces for prolonged period of time. It is powered by a 300-watts motor and a high-speed transmission that delivers a 2-speed range of 0 to 450 and 0-1500 RPM for a variety of jobs and applications, in different kinds of materials.

This kit features a 1.2-inch single sleeve ratcheting chuck that provides a high bit gripping strength. This allows it to carry out heavy-duty and hard jobs and projects. It also comes with an ergonomic handle design for comfortable use. The kit, aside from the drill includes 20V max compact lithium ion battery packs, compact charger, and a contractor bag.

2) Black & Decker LDX 120C 20-Volt Max Lithium-Ion Cordless Drill/Driver

This is perfect for drilling any wood, metal plastics, and screw driving jobs for any projects and applications. It is effective to use even in confined and narrow spaces.

It is versatile with its variable speed, which allows it to be used in a variety of materials and permits countersinking without damaging it. It is also designed with an 11-position clutch for precision and control when drilling and driving. You will not worry about fatigue as it is lightweight and compact, hence convenient for prolonged use.

3) Bosch DDB181-02 18-Volt Lithium-Ion ½-Inch Compact Tough Drill/Driver Kit

Delivering high-powered performance in a handy and compact package, this kit is designed with 20+1 clutch settings and a 2-speed transmission to provide you with the versatility to match the task at hand. It is great for everyday drilling and driving with Bosch’s Electronic Cell Protection for an increased battery lifetime by prevention of three main cause of battery failure namely, overheating, overloading and deep discharging.

It is lightweight and handy for any overhead applications, which deliver 350 in-lbs of optimized torque to be used in a variety of projects. It comes with a LED light for added visibility in dark and tight areas. And for your convenience of use, this drill and driver kit is built with an ergonomically designed soft-grip handle.

4) Makita XFD10R 18V Compact Lithium-Ion Cordless ½-Inch Driver Drill Kit

This drill and driver provide you power, performance, and outstanding ergonomics in a compact size and with a fast-charging battery for less downtime. It is built with a 4-pole motor with an all-metal speed transmission with a range of 0 to 600 and 0-1900 RPM and delivers a 480-in pounds of max torque for a wide array of applications and tasks.

It features an Extreme Protection Technology (XPT) thoughtfully engineered for an increased dust and water resistance in job sites. It is also designed with a LED light as well for visibility in close areas for an efficient work. 

Alternative Choices Comparison Table

Alternative Choices

Our Rating


DeWalt DCD771C2 20V Max Cordless Lithium-Ion ½-Inch Compact Drill Driver Kit

Black & Decker LDX 120C 20-Volt Max Lithium-Ion Cordless Drill/Driver

Bosch DDB181-02 18-Volt Lithium-Ion ½-Inch Compact Tough Drill/Driver Kit

Makita XFD10R 18V Compact Lithium-Ion Cordless ½-Inch Driver Drill Kit

The Final Cut

With our different needs and priorities, finding the best drill and driver may be a difficult task but essential for a more productive and efficient work. Overall, it should be high in power, outstanding performance, and variable speed. Additional points on the ease and convenience of use as it also help improve on productivity to achieve best results.

PORTER-CABLE PCC606LA 20-Volt 1/2-Inch Lithium-Ion Drill/Driver Kit is not only powerful, but also versatile and efficient rolled into one small and lightweight power tool. I specifically like the fact that its battery is engineered for long use and guaranteed to carry out all heavy and complex jobs.

If you feel that this product also speaks to your needs, you may click here for more details.