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99 Pallet Bed DIY Plans

Wooden pallets are sections of wood which are used for shipping all kinds of products. Products are shipped in boxes and these boxes are stacked to be loaded in trucks and delivered to retail outlets and customers anywhere.

While most boxes are carried by hand, it can take time to load and transfer each and every box. The most efficient way to do so is to use a forklift and to be able to lift boxes and other heavy products anywhere with a forklift; these have to be loaded onto wooden pallets.

Pallets that are used for crafts and general carpentry and DIY furniture making are from wooden pallets that are used for shipping and delivering products. Pallets are therefore strong and can be used on almost all types of furniture. One of these is a pallet bed frame.

A pallet bed frame is basically a wooden section at the bottom of a mattress. It keeps the mattress from touching the ground and elevates the bed to a nice and comfortable level. A pallet bed frame can also be used to keep two to three mattresses together. You can also use a pallet bed frame as a bed board which enhances the beauty and level of comfort of a bedroom.

Wooden pallets can also serve different purposes. It can be used as a mini storage area for books, shoes, toys, and knick-knacks. It can also be used a decorative element in a room. Wooden pallets are very versatile and therefore it can be used to create other furniture pieces like seats, side tables, and cabinets.

But before you use wooden pallets as bed frames always check for the stability of the pallets. Check for cracks, pests, mold and rot on the wood before you use any pallet piece. The weight of the mattress, as well as the weight of the person using the mattress, is also important.

While wooden pallets are strong, these can only hold so much weight. For a child’s bed frame, consider stronger wooden pallets since children love to play, jump and stand on their beds. Safety is of utmost priority when making pallet frame beds for kids as well as for adults.

The following are among the best pallet frame bed designs. These were made from sections of wooden pallets or constructed out of individual wood pieces. Let these designs inspire you to build the best bed frame that’s right for your needs and tastes.    


We have the best as well as the easiest pallet bed frame designs for you. Almost all of the plans and designs here are easy to build and can be readily made even if you have only very basic woodworking skills. You can work on most of these projects in just a few hours and once you are done, you will have a pallet bed frame that will enhance the design and comfort of your bedroom. Whether you are designing or constructing a bed frame for you or for a friend or family member let these lovely designs inspire you.

1) Layered Pallet Frame Bed with White Tile Background

A total of 18 wooden pallets were used just to elevate this lovely mattress. The builder wanted to emphasize the comfort of sleeping and relaxing in this soft mattress that he elevated it more than a foot from the floor. It could be very difficult to hop into the bed at this level so the builder added a step ladder which was also made from wooden pallets.

The bed is the focal point of this room and this was further emphasized using three layers of pallet, lighting, and accessories. If this was your room, what would you add to make it more comfortable?

This DIY pallet bed frame design is so easy to make. In fact, all you need to do is to stack the frames together and voila! You don’t have to be an expert to build this lovely pallet bed frame.

2) Wooden Headboard and Bed Frame

This is a lovely and comfortable bedroom indeed and what made it more stylish and warmer are the carefully constructed wood pallet bed frame and headboard. The bed frame is made of wooden pallet sections stacked together, side by side.

The pallets were delicately painted with wood varnish in contrast with the color of the carpet and walls. The pallets raised the bed several inches from the floor which is a good height for a large bed like this. The pallet frame is larger than the bed, therefore, this is visible from either the left or right side of the bed.

Extra pallets were cut and made into a bed frame. This frame is large and occupies a wide area at the back of the bed, wider than the bed itself. The headboard also serves as shelves to place photographs, knick-knacks, and other personal items.

Warm colored lamps were placed on either side of the bed not just to provide lighting but to accent the lovely natural wooden glow of pallet wood.

The room looks comfortable and inviting. It can be a design to follow for a master’s bedroom or for a guest room. You can further improve this design by increasing the height of the frame or the headboard. Overall, you can complete this project in just a few hours as long as you have all the materials handy for this project. 

3) Narrow Pallet Bed

Pallets have so much to offer. When constructing a bed frame, you can make a narrow frame for a single bed or a wide and comfortable one for a king sized or queen sized bed. You can cut a pallet section into smaller and narrower pieces to accommodate a very narrow bed like this one in the photo.

Two levels of pallets were used in this project and side by side, these pallets have made a worthy frame that elevates this simple bed.

The lovely city view is the highlight of this bedroom. Not too many people get to wake up to this view every day. Elevating the bed will let you admire the view better and will also make it more comfortable to sleep especially in a very narrow bed.

The pallet frame bed was accessorized with thick blankets, pillows of different colors and sizes and a chic bedsheet. The room is simple with a million dollar view and a cozy pellet bed.

4) White Pallets as Bedboard

In this design, the wooden pallets were not just used as a bed frame but also as a decorative bedboard. Call this design rusty chic, it enhances the color and the texture of the otherwise very comfortable bed. The bed is moderately-sized with pillows of different sizes in pastel colors and prints. The bed board offers are inviting and it seems to enhance the level of comfort inside the room.

Accessorizing is a must for a bedroom with a pallet bed frame. This is important as further enhance the beauty and comfort inside a room. This project can be finished in just a few hours. You must have strong pallets with minimal imperfections.

5) A Boho –Chic Atmosphere Integrating a Pallet Bed Frame and Greenery

This is a room with a tall bed made by stacking two wooden pallet sections and a bed frame and planter made entirely of wooden pallets. Looks like wooden pallets went on sale today as the builder decided that everything must be made from wooden pallets.

The bed frame elevates the mattress several inches from the floor creating a stage-like section that highlights the bed.

The bed is soft, possibly a queen sized one and has been accessorized by linen, pillows of different shapes and sizes and a thick blanket. Nothing is too much to recreate this Boho style bedroom.

Now the headboard is made of several sections of wooden pallets. At both sides of the headboard, large planters made of wooden pallets hold small plants. The headboard offers a natural feel and lets you enjoy the outdoors inside.

And although the planter and the headboard could be too much, these are actually very easy to make. As long as you got all the materials ready, you can start working on your bed frame and headboard in no time.

6) Attic Bedroom Made of Wooden Pallets Furniture

The builder went absolutely gaga over wooden pallets that he had to have it all! The bed frame is not the only furniture section made from wooden pallets here. Even the shelves, a side table and a sofa bed in the middle of the large attic room were constructed out of pallets.

Let us look at the bed frame first because as you can see, the frame was made with multiple sections of wooden pallets. The pallets were carefully stacked together to form not just a frame but like a stage. The bed has been lifted several inches off the ground along with a side table area to the right. More pallets were used to create a daybed to the left.

The builder has made this interesting wooden pallet section to make the huge room more comfortable. Obviously, this attic room needs a more homey touch and the wooden pallet bedframe and living area have transformed it into an interesting and comfortable area of the house. 

7) Pallet Bed Frame

This is a pallet bed frame that is quite longer than the length of the bed. A wooden pallet section can be seen at the foot of the bed, however, this is not an error that the designer has overlooked.

Aside from being a bed frame, these pallets offer a makeshift sitting area at the foot of the bed. This section may be accessorized with oversized pillows, blankets or some cushions to make it more inviting. It is also worth noticing that only a section of wooden pallets has been used to elevate the bed from the floor.

There are many reasons for this: the bed could be very heavy and too bulky or the room may be too small for a tall bed. Overall, this minimal height makes a lot of difference when it comes to the overall comfort and style of the room or space.

This is a very easy design too. You can make this in just a few minutes. You may also choose a natural look or paint your pallets any color that you wish.

8) Pastel Turquoise Pallet Bed Frame

Want to sleep in a bed that seems to be floating in the night sky? Then try this unique pallet bed frame design. This design uses about six sections of wooden pallets, equally placed together and possibly bolted together to prevent moving.

Your bed will be inches from the ground but you will feel like you are flowing in the evening sky with the stars as you place LED Christmas lights in between the wooden pallets.

This is a pretty easy design and will work on almost all mattresses too. Take note that the mattress has to be smaller than the wooden pallet stage for this effect to work. When your wooden pallet sections are all lined up and attached together, you can now add the lights.

Use a separate extension cord for your lights. Make sure that these are safe and conform to local standards too. This is a very easy project that won’t take you so much time to build. Pretty soon, you will have that dreamy bed space you have been longing for.

9) Minimal Bedroom Design In Neutral Tones

When your mantra is ‘’too little is too much’’ then this minimalistic design is for you. This is a bedroom design that follows a neutral tone. The bed is set on a section of wooden pallets which only elevates the mattress a few inches from the floor.

The design is simple, seamless and clean. The room looks like an uncluttered space and this bed frame reduces clutter by lifting the bed off the floor. Consider four sections of pallets side by side to completely cover a moderately-sized mattress such as this.

You don’t really need to do anything to install this bed board, just connect the different sections using nails or a staple gun. Even if you are a heavy sleeper and you rarely move as you sleep, it’s better to secure the sections for safety.

And if you have spare wooden pallets, why not make a small side table like the one in the photo? This small piece of furniture also follows a minimalistic style.

10) The Perfect Bed Frame Design for an Airy Large Modern Bedroom

Large bedrooms like this one may be very hard to style. You can end up over accessorizing to the point that the room has lost its identity. This room looks like a studio apartment with a very large living area. The designer decided that the best way to enhance different areas in this studio apartment and giving each section its own identity is by using an elevated bed frame.

The bed sits on a single level of wooden pallets. It is average sized and can hold one to two people only. The wooden pallet frame has lifted the bed from the floor several inches to let it become the focal point of the large room. Small accessories like a nightstand, a lamp, and some reading material will personalize this living space.

Wooden pallets can do more than frame the bed. It can elevate the bed to enhance its design and its significance, especially in a large area or room.

80 Pallet Shelf DIY Plans

Pallet wood is a very versatile building material that can be used to construct all kinds of furniture as well. This is because pallet wood is strong as it is beautiful. Builders and furniture makers love the natural appeal of pallet wood and its ability to carry a lot of weight.

The fact that pallet wood  is used to make pallet frames that hold various items during transport, you can count on pallet wood to  be a sturdy and efficient chair, table, desk, bed and most of all, it can be a strong shelf.

A pallet shelf is made from pallet wood and can be used to hold a variety of things. It can be used to hold books, decorations, plants, collectible items, photographs, kitchen supplies and more. Shelves are indispensable in every home and may also be used to divide a room, to decorate space or to personalize any space.

But working with pallet wood also has its limitations. Almost all pallet wood pieces are recycled, retrieved from dumpsters or collected from factories and businesses so the condition and strength of the pallets could already be questionable from the start. Therefore you need to be very careful in using recycled pallets as furniture especially when you want to construct a shelf.

Here are some of the best pallet shelf DIY plans on the web. Builders and designers behind these shelf plans are very creative and resourceful. You can use these plans as they are or as inspiration for your next woodworking project for your home or office.


Planning on making a pallet shelf for your bedroom, bathroom or living room? We have the top DIY plans to help you out. Check out these 80 plans and have fun making your own pallet shelf project at home.

1) Love Shelves

Have you always wanted to have a shelf for your indoor plants? Plants don’t just make any room livelier but they help reduce toxins and harmful air indoors. You can build this easy pallet shelf made of only one pallet frame. The frame was simply cut and coated with a dark stain which complements the light color of the wall.

There’s almost nothing left to do once the frame has been strained. The inner pallets create a ledge where the plants are placed. All you need to do is to fasten this on your wall and you are done.

And what do you have to do to improve this design? You can use two frames to make a larger shelf. You can also paint it according to the color you want to highlight the lovely greens you have on your shelf. This is definitely a project that you don’t have to be an expert to do. It can take you less than an hour to complete it.

2) Lovely Corner Shelf

Turn a dreary old bathroom into a place of tranquility and style with this simple corner shelf made of pallets. This is a tall shelf made of two pallet sections. See how the two pallets were cleverly used as shelves using their back sections.

You can place a lot of things in just a small shelf. You can place towels, soaps, loofahs, tissue boxes, plants, scented candles and more. The designer did not really put a lot of effort into making this pallet shelf. After cutting the pallet section, there was no paint or stain added.

The shelf was not installed on the wall but was just left to stand on a corner of the bathroom. This is an effortless project that you can build in just about less than an hour.

3) Over the Toilet Storage Shelves

If you happen to have a small bathroom and the toilet area is too crowded for a shelf then you might consider this over the toilet storage pallet shelf. This is shelf made of just a few wood pallets but will hold a lot of things for you. The pallets here were simply cleaned, cut and installed to create three separate sections and this becomes a large shelf for a lot of items.

You can place different bathroom items like towels, soaps, and potions. You may also place photographs, candles and all kinds of décor on this spacious over the toilet storage. 

4) The Glam Shelf

This is a mini accent shelf that you can use to accessorize a bare wall. This one is not really a full-sized shelf but more of a mini pedestal where a few decorations were placed. It was simply made of a few pieces of pallet wood, cut and assembled to make a small shelf.

This small shelf can be placed anywhere inside your home. It can accessorize a wall in your living room, dining area or your bedroom.  You can improve this pallet shelf design by adding more pallet wood to assemble a larger shelf and to paint this cute wall accent according to the color you wish.

5) Shelf Head Board

Brighten up your bedroom with a shelf that doubles as your headboard. This is a huge shelf that takes the entire width of the bed. The shelf here is large to accommodate all kinds of things like books, a lamp, a clock, photos, decorations and more.

By looking at the photo you may have thought that this project may be too difficult to do but actually, this is quite the opposite.

This pallet shelf project was made from several pieces of pallet wood which were assembled to create a large shelf at the back. Even the sides of the pallet shelf were used as storage for books and other small items. You can improve this design by varnishing this shelf or by painting it any color you want.

6) Decorative Wall Shelf

This is a decorative wall shelf accent which has been made to look distressed. The shelf was made of only a few pieces of pallets. The shelves may be small but can actually hold a few precious items like this photo and a few knick-knacks.

The shelf was initially painted but was sanded and blotted to give it an aged appearance. This mini shelf may be placed anywhere in your home. From your living room to your bathroom, you can beautify any plain wall with this lively, chic and classy design.  

And if won’t take too long to build one too. You only need ales than an hour to complete this very simple project.

7) Bathroom Shelf Project

When you just don’t have room to place all kinds of items in your bathroom, this cute and simple shelf may just be the one you need. This is a small yet spacious shelf that you can build in just a few minutes. It has three levels and plenty of room for all your bathroom needs.

This can store your bathroom towels, freshly-laundered clothes, soaps, shampoos, scented candles and more. It can also hold other items like flowers and another bathroom décor. You can make two or three of these with just a few pallet wood pieces.

You can also make a large shelf with five or more levels if you need a larger space to store more items.

8) Towel Rack and Shelf Project

This project is proof that pallet wood is very versatile. The pallets were used to construct a towel rack and a small shelf enough to hold a few items. The pallet shelf was made from the end section of the pallet frame and a metal rod was simply attached to the bottom of the shelf to become a towel rack.

Two large and thick towels can fit this rack while the top section can hold a glass vase with flowers and a few toiletries.

This is a project that is so simple it’s easy to construct. You can also attach this to your bathroom wall easy. You can improve this rack by making the shelves larger and wider and the towel rack longer.

9) Bathroom Shelf Plans

This cool pallet shelf is tall and versatile. It can be used to hold several items no matter where it is put up. You can use this to hold bathroom items like towels, soaps, bottles of shampoo and more. You can use this to hold books, frames and small decorations if you want to place it in the living room or bedroom.

The pallet pieces used to make this shelf were simply cut, stained a light shade and then placed against the wall of the bathroom. If you thought that you don’t need this bathroom shelf then this lovely shelf may change your mind.

10) Bathroom Mirror and Shelf Project

You can use pallet wood on different projects but this has got to be one of the most versatile. Not only was pallet wood use to make a small shelf but it was also used to frame a small mirror.

Just a few pallets were used to construct this pallet shelf and mirror frame. The builder cleaned and applied a very light stain on this mirror cabinet which allowed it to shine and accent the wall at the back. The small shelf was simply a small rectangular box where you can place a few items you need for grooming.

You can place your shaving cream, razor, hairspray, brushes, and comb here. And if you want to hang a larger mirror on your wall, you can do this by constructing a larger shelf box and frame. Applying color can be done if you want to match the room wall color. 

8 Pallet Cabinet DIY Plans

If you have been trying your hand out at woodworking for a while now and feel ready to take on projects that you can use as fully functional household items, try building pallet cabinets! The pallet is so easy to work with that you can use it to build nearly any kind of cabinet, rack, and similar items for the home or office.

We put together 8 pallet cabinet DIY plans that you can work on over the weekend. You can find projects that work for both beginners and advanced woodworkers. Feel free to share this list with your fellow woodworkers and let us know what you think!

1) Kitchen Cabinet With Top

The first item on this list is a simple kitchen cabinet with a top. What caught our eye is the simplicity of it all. You know what they say: Less is more. We can go on and on about sayings, but the long and short of it is just that there is something undeniably and irresistibly elegant about simplicity.

The pallet kitchen cabinet in the plan and in the video is a bit wide and has a top, so it is a great storage piece for fruit baskets, utensils, bottles, tools, small appliances, supplies, and the like. It is also a nice project to try out because the measurements can be easily tweaked so that the cabinet fits whatever awkward space you are trying to fill.

The exteriors can also be easily changed. The one in the video has a rustic look, and you see how the accessories and the finish help create that look. But simply changing the stain color and you’ve got a completely different cabinet.


2) Living Room Console Table

This entry is a great addition to any rustic-, farmhouse-, or shabby chic-themed living room, bedroom, or family room. We are also partial toward anything dark because such pieces do not show dirt or damage easily.

The entire media cabinet is wide, and there are two levels inside, so you can put a lot of things in it aside from the usual remote control, players, chargers, and similar items. You can place your TV on top or completely fill it with decorative items, lovely storage boxes, books, photo frames, and more while your TV hangs above the cabinet.

The “X” pattern on the doors are very iconic and appealing. As a whole, this pallet media cabinet is very much comparable with much more expensive pieces you can find online or in high-end brick-and-mortar stores.


3) Barn Door Cabinet

Barn door cabinets are one of the most ingenious marvels of woodworking. They help you maximize space. You get to stuff a lot of things in without having to live with a bulky eyesore in your kitchen or wherever you decide to install this piece. It can also easily blend in with the rest of your wall or the dominant theme in your kitchen.

You can put tools in it or use it as a pantry. You can put kitchen supplies, odd-shaped trays and appliances, and maybe even spices or rarely used ingredients. The pallet barn door cabinet in the plan has a sliding door, so half your stuff are in full view of everyone visiting your kitchen.

So place all your pretty, organized knick-knacks in one side and all the unsightly ones in the covered side. However, you can always opt for the conventional door design if you are pressed for space.


4) Reese Media Cabinet

The height of the pallet media cabinet in the plan is quite common. It is not one of those short and long ones you can find in minimalist interiors, and it is not awkwardly tall either. You can place your TV on it together with some other items, depending on the width of your TV. You can also just place the cabinet directly under a hanging TV so you can use the top for decorative items.

There is a lot of storage space inside, but that is by no means license to accumulate clutter because most of the cabinet is open. Only the middle section is closed (They are drawers.). You can get around that, though. If you have no idea how to maximize the open spaces without making the whole thing look messy, stuff in some storage boxes or books, and you should be good to go.


5) Drinks Station

This plan was originally for a pallet potting bench, but you can easily tweak it so that it serves whatever another purpose you may have in mind. A fellow DIY woodworker built one up and used it as a drinks station, a perfect addition to any man cave or nook. At the same time, you can place this on your patio or any other area where you entertain visiting friends or relatives.

This pallet drinks station or cabinet is also a good piece to make if you are an aficionado who has a lot of bartending tools and differently sized bottles and glasses. You can also use the top rack as a display shelf. Meanwhile, you can add doors if you plan to store bulky, unsightly items on the bottom shelf. All in all, this pallet cabinet maximizes space a lot and is an ideal project for new DIYers.


6) Emerson Console Or Buffet

If you are looking for a console or just about any cabinet that would fit in inside any room in your home, you should try building this one. It offers equal parts pure storage and display, and you can use it in thousands of ways.

You can treat it like a normal console table and place it in your living room or hallway. You can hang a mirror above it and place flower vases, books, picture frames, or a set of those Russian nesting dolls on the top. One-third of the cabinet is open, and you can choose to use this part for display or just fill it with chic storage boxes so you can freely stuff them with small items.

It can even function as a storage cabinet for a baby’s things. You can put diapers, your stash of formula, bottles, and more. Meanwhile, you can use the top as a changing table. Isn’t that versatile?


7) Kitchen Cabinet

One of the things we love the most about this pallet kitchen cabinet is its size. It is just the height of your average counter, and it is meant to fill those awkward small spaces that you don’t quite know what to do with.

It is also great for storing pots, baking molds, and other accessories, and those other kitchen what-nots that you need to have easy access to but can’t put in plain sight because let’s face it, they are not always pleasing to the eye.

You can position this pallet kitchen cabinet right beside your oven or gas range so you can easily grab the utensils or tools you have in the cabinet. It can also be used to hold spices and condiments.


8) Outdoor TV Cabinet

You will love this rustic outdoor TV cabinet with double doors. It can be installed anywhere: in the living room, in your bedroom, in your nook, or on your patio. Not only does it serve as a protective cabinet for your wall-mounted TV, it also accentuates your wall and adds beauty to the room altogether.

You can also easily change the finish or the stain to make it jive with the rest of your furniture or wall. Overall, this project is a recommended piece for new woodworkers who want to come up with something highly functional and decorative at the same time. Furthermore, it should not be too costly to make because you do not need an awful lot of pallets, and it is not time-consuming.


A Final Word

We hope you had a grand time going over our DIY pallet cabinet plans, fellow woodworker! As fans of the craft and of pretty cabinets, we sure love having a neat collection to look at and try out every now and then.

Feel free to let us know what you think, and to share this list with all your fellow pallet-loving friends. We hope to hear from you and maybe even see your take on these plans!

75 Pallet Table DIY Ideas

Pallets are the most popular building material, especially for furniture. Pallets have a lot of good features. These are strong; pallets were first made for transporting goods and products and are needed to move different items here and there using a forklift.

Pallets are versatile. You can make all kinds of furniture pieces including sofas, shelves, benches, beds, headboards and of course, all kinds of tables.

Pallets are naturally lovely. This is one of the many reasons it’s used as furniture. The lovely natural swirls, indentations, and imperfections made this material perfect as it is. And of course, pallets are very cheap. You can make a pallet sofa, chair or table without spending too much.

Do you know that you can make a pallet table for $0? This is because you can get pallets for free from different sources. Stores and businesses that use pallet wood simply throw or give pallets away.

Below are more than 70 pallet table designs that you can make today. Take your time scouring through this extensive list to find the right one that’s right for your needs.


Most of the pallet table designs we have here are so easy, you won’t even have to be an expert to complete. Most of the designs here are for common table sizes like rectangular dining tables and low.

You might find some night tables, desks, and picnic tables as well and this variety simply shows you how amazing and how versatile pallets are. And of course, be very careful in using pallets especially for very big tables.

You must use only solid, strong and durable pallets. It must be free of holes, cracks, mold, and pests which will affect the strength of your table. Enjoy making your pallet table using our plans.

1) Chic White Pallet Patio Table

Having coffee with friends soon? Invite two, three or four of your good friends for coffee and to show off your lovely white coffee table made from pallets. This is a pallet table made by stacking two pallet frames.

You might say, how could you use the top of this table when there are gaps in between the pallets?

The builder did the most practical thing and placed pallets to cover the gaps thereby forming a flat and even surface. Now this table is very easy to make and was simply painted stark white to stand out from the brown and dark theme colors of the patio fence and furniture. You can paint this any color you like or you can stain it if you want a more natural appearance.

2) Tiered Pallet Coffee Table

Compared to the first coffee table, this one is made from two layers of pallets with a double layer of storage at the bottom. The top has a glass surface so it looks classy and chic. There was not really much done on this table though.

The pallets were simply stacked on top of each other to make the table higher. But instead of painting this coffee table white or any color, the builder chose to stain it a deeper color. The stain was able to let the natural color of the wood shine through.

Wood stain also provides protection to wood by creating a waterproof layer. This is important in case of splashes and spills. This table has a very easy design and no doubt that you can build this in less than an hour.

3) Three Pallet Tables for Any Room of the House

If you have a lot of pallets just stacked in your garage or shed then this is a good way to repurpose them. This is a plan to make three tables for your living room or dining area. Lovely dark pallets were used to make the tables and these were even stained a deeper stain.

This plan will teach you how to make a long and low table, as long as a sofa. This is perfect as a coffee table or a reading table. The other two tables are taller but are narrower compared to the long and low table. These two tables can be used as an end or side tables.

These pallet tables have a very basic and easy design that you can make in just possibly less than an hour. You must stain your wood especially pallets used as tables to preserve the appearance of wood and to provide a waterproof layer on top.

4) Union Jack Pallet Table Design

Pallets frames are versatile and will work perfectly as a very low table. The top can be reinforced to hold more items and to make a large canvass to draw or paint anything. The builder specifically painted the Union Jack flag on the pallet surface using regular wood paint.

But the surface and the lovely exterior is just the first thing that’s amazing about this design. Below the surface are shelves with basket drawers. The drawers make a good place to store all kinds of stuff you usually get lost in the living room including the remote, magazines and more.

5) Green Pallet Coffee Table With Hairpin Metal Legs

Do you agree that once something is painted mint green, it looks good enough to eat? Well, this cute little table looks like it is sort of yummy with its bright mint green shade. This is a table that’s made of just one pallet frame.

It has legs made from metal hairpin legs so it’s guaranteed to be strong. The builder added a small sheet of glass at the top to just holding steady a few items. This coffee table will surely be an instant hit when you host your next party this week.

6) White Double Decker Pallet Coffee Table

Have you ever thought that a white single layer pallet table won’t be enough? Well, this coffee table offers a large flat section and then the option of adding another deck on top. Now this table is exactly the first table we have at the start of this list.

The top was merely added as an extra place to keep more food items or condiments just like in the photo here. The additional section was provided with a small glass top and of course, the main section has plenty of space to hold more stuff.

7) Mini Pallet Table

Have you ever wished to make a small play table for your kids? This is a plan to make a very small table that’s perfect for a child’s playroom. This table is going to be a good place to eat too or to read and study. This is made of a single pallet frame with wooden feet.

This table is low enough for small chairs to work with and of course, the top was stained a very dark shade. Staining is important to provide a waterproof layer on top to protect the table surface. This is a very important element in a child’s table because they are likely to make spills and messes.

And of course, this is a very easy project that you can actually make in just a few hours. It is easy so you can actually make this even if you have never worked with pallets and wood before.

8) Blue Painted Lunger Pallet Coffee Table

This is a lovely lunger pallet table that has two large drawers and a perfectly smooth top. This is actually made of only one pallet frame with the middle hollow part used to hold two lovely drawers. The top part is smooth with the gaps filled with more pallets.

This small table was fitted with caster wheels so it can be dragged, pulled or pushed to anywhere you want to put it. The most striking part of this coffee table is that it has a lovely blue top with a stenciled anchor design. This is a good project to include in your woodworking list and this could be your next one.

9) Pallet Metal Grill Coffee Table

This pallet table is a short coffee table with a decorative metal grill on the center. The metal grill here is a good place to put a large hot pot. The table is very small and was made from only a few pieces of pallets.

The large legs hold the table well and no doubt that it can hold different things as well. This is one of the easiest projects and it won’t take you hours to build it as well.

10) Vintage Outdoor Pallet Coffee Table

Dining outdoors or at least having coffee outdoors is going to be a breeze with this coffee table. This is short but has wheels at the bottom so you can take this anywhere in your patio or garden. This is made from two pallet frames stacked on top of each other to make a standard size table.

The top is not so even with the gaps in between the pallets but still, it works as a good surface to hold different items. In between the pallets are open sections where you can place different things like magazines and books. This is a good and easy project that you can make in just less than an hour.

75 Pallet Headboard DIY Plans

The headboard is the most striking feature of your bedroom. This frames your bed, adds a sense of order and can turn a simple room into a luxurious, classy or rustic sleeping area. There are several materials you can use to make a headboard but lately the most popular is pallet wood.

Pallets provide a rustic, chic and country appeal to any room. It is widely used because it’s beautiful inside and out. There are a natural beauty and warmth in pallet headboard s compared to using metal or plastic headboards.

This type of wood is also used because of its strength. Naturally, pallet wood is used to transport cargo and different products locally and internationally, therefore, it’s strong and good for holding different materials.

Aside from its beauty and strength, pallet wood is used to make headboards because of its versatility. You can use pallet frames as they are or you can dismantle the frames to use the different pallets for a variety of projects.

And lastly, pallet wood is used mostly for headboards and other furniture because it’s cheap. You can buy cheap pallets for a wholesale price from stores, businesses, and companies that use pallets for transporting goods or products.

You can also find pallets being thrown away in recycling plants, dumpsters, and landfills. However, you must always check the condition of pallet wood before using it to ensure that these are safe and ideal for DIY furniture use.

Beware of pallets that have been used for carrying chemicals because these may contain dangerous chemicals as well. Beware of cracks, holes, mold, and insects that may have burrowed in the pallets. You cannot use this in building headboards or any kind of furniture.


Here are 75 pallet headboard DIY plans to inspire you. These lovely pallet designs are very easy to make with an exception of a few that’s just over the top designs! Most of the pallet headboards here were simply stained or varnished; only a few were painted.

You will find most of these designs are with dismantled pallets but only a few used actual pallet frames. Look at each design carefully; you will surely find the one that’s best for your needs soon.

1) The King Sized Pallet Head Board

A headboard tells a lot about the bedroom as well as its resident. A large and classy headboard is meant for a large and classy room while a simple headboard is more preferred in a small room. Now this headboard design seems to occupy almost all the wall area at the back of the bed. This is made from pallets and was designed to look like a barn door.

The pallets received only a very thin and light stain, just enough to highlight the lovely natural grain and imperfections of pallet wood. And as you can see, this is a very easy design which anyone with very little woodworking talent can accomplish.

2) Classy and Chic Pallet Head Board

Very classy and really chic, this headboard simply tells you to feel at home. This headboard was made from dismantled pallets and was framed from the sides with large pieces of wood. The pallets were stained and it looks like some pallets were naturally darker than others and this has created a lively contrast.

One thing is for sure, this project is not just easy to make but won’t cost you anything at all. You can get pallet wood for free so you can have as much of it as you need to make this larger, wider and taller for a larger bed or a larger wall.

3) Easy Pallet Head Board

Instead of assembling a headboard by setting pallets up, this design stacked the pallets up high to create this very warm, very inviting design. This headboard is narrow and long with a small ledge on top for storage and display. This minimalistic design frames the bed along with decorative wall accents on each side of the bed.

You can tell that this bed headboard was made for a guest bed otherwise there would be more stuff to store. And because of its very simple design, anyone with only basic woodworking skills can build this as long as all the needed materials are available.

4) Very Simple Easy to Make Pallet Head Board

Headboards can make a bedroom more comfortable and inviting. It is also functional as it can be used for storing and displaying items and to hold night lamps like this setting. Two metal lamps hang on each side of the bed and were attached to the pallet sides.

This is a very easy project that requires only a few pieces of pallets. The pallets here were stained using a very dark stain. As you can see the stain was still unable to cover the natural appearance of the surface of the pallets but this is ok. It will also keep water out acting like a waterproof cover on the surface of the pallets.

5) Distressed Pallet Head Board

Pallets are usually “prepared” before these are used. The first thing you need to do is to clean your pallets with a hose. Dry these under the sun for a few hours to a day. When these are dry, you can now use your pallets to make different stuff.

Distressing pallets is another way to prepare them. This is a process that transformed well-formed pallets into natural –looking materials like this one. This is simply a large pallet frame which was distressed, painted and assembled at the back of the bed. 

This may be the easiest and the simplest design and is perfect for someone new to working with pallets. It won’t take you a day to make this and only drying the wood took a lot of time but otherwise, this is an easy and quick project that anyone can do.

6) Reclaimed Pallet Head Board

This is a stunning pallet headboard that highlights the room’s feminine side. It is a headboard made of pallets which may be mistaken as natural stone because of its very rustic appearance. The headboard was made to frame a single bed which has a lovely peach theme. The two lamps on each side of the headboard have made this pallet project even lovelier and more inviting.

If you have mere basic knowledge of woodworking and you desperately want to have a pallet headboard then this is the project for you. Not only is this beautiful but is also very easy to make.

7) DIY Rustic Pallet Head Board

The bedroom here is very narrow but has a very high ceiling which was why the builder took advantage of the limited space to make this very high pallet headboard. This pallet board has a silvery color to it, looking more like natural stone tiles. The lamps even made a lovely glow to the board and as you can see, the lamps enhance and illuminate the headboard instead of providing a nice reading light!

But as majestic as this design looks, this is actually very easy to make. You don’t have to possess expert woodworking skills to build this headboard at all and of course, all these for the price of $0 when you get your pallets for free.

8) Repurposed Pallet Head Board

Now, this is a classic pallet headboard design with a rustic feel. The headboard is huge as it frames a double size bed or mattress. It is made of a few pallets and a large one was placed on top to make a ledge. With this ledge, you can prop up picture frames, a small vase, and some knickknacks.

Pallets used for this project was obviously treated with a very light stain. This is needed to protect wood despite being indoors. The light stain was also able to highlight the natural beauty of wood; just take a look at the lovely creases, curves, and swirls in this headboard.

You can still see the different natural colors too like browns, reds, and oranges. This project is no doubt very easy to make and will not take you a day to finish if you have complete materials and tools with you.

9) Pallet Headboard with Lights

Can you imagine this room without this ceiling high pallet headboard? This would have been a boring room indeed. But the headboard was able to highlight this wall and frame the bed. This was made from several pieces of pallets which were from different colored pallet frames. The pallets were arranged in a random way, carefully stacked together until the pallets reach the top of the ceiling.

The pallets have different colors and natural surface imperfections and these were carefully captured by the light wood stain applied on the pallets. See that unique glow on the surface of the pallets? This design is quite huge but no doubt very easy to do.   

10) Rustic Queen Pallet Headboard

This queen size bed has received the royal treatment with this lovely rustic headboard made from pallet wood. The pallets were taken from frames with different colors considering that there are light ones and dark ones.

These were carefully arranged or stacked up to half of the height of the ceiling. A lamp was placed at the middle of the pallet structure as a pallet-formed letter M is on display on top.

Pallets used for building headboards are not just strong but should possess that certain warm tone that homeowners are looking for. Just like in this project, the wood used had that natural appeal. A light stain was applied on this headboard to improve its overall appearance and to make it waterproof.

75 Pallet Garden DIY Ideas

If you spend a lot of time in your garden then you may have thought of building some garden structures to improve the growth of your plants. Structures like planters, trellises, raised beds and potting sheds can help you manage your garden plants better. These can also make your garden more organized as well.

And when it comes to constructing these structures the ideal material should be durable, easy to use and should be readily available. One such material is pallet wood. Pallets make excellent garden structures because these are very strong.

Pallet frames are used to hold different materials for transport and shipping so there is no question these are very durable. You can also count on pallet wood to be easy to use. You can use pallet frames as they are or dismantle the frames to use pallets individually.

And of course, there is no doubt that pallet wood is readily available anywhere and more so, these could be very cheap, even free. Therefore, making garden structures is an easy and cheap undertaking.


This is a list of 75 pallet garden project ideas that you can make now. You don’t need to be an expert to make any of these projects because these are very easy to make. Most of these are project plans to make planters but before you start building, you have to understand the type of plant or tree you are cultivating.

Can you grow this type of plant on a planter or a raised bed? Every plant is different as every person is different. You need to carefully understand your plants’ needs in order to provide the best growing environment.

1) Pallet Garden Frame

While the color green in the leaves of trees and plants can help your eyes relax, it’s sometimes better to add some more color to your garden. This multi-colored pallet frame is made of a number of pallet wood which has been assembled to create some kind of screen or frame at the back of plants.

You can use this colorful frame to separate sensitive plants too or to shield light-sensitive plants. This is very easy to make and will take only a few minutes to make.

2) The Pallet Herb Garden

Growing herbs is a fantastic idea. Herbs can be used in cooking and have medicinal properties as well. You can also use herbs to detoxify and cleanse the body. Now planting herbs is very easy too and in fact, some of these are very hardy and can grow even in futile conditions.

This pallet garden will hold pots of your favorite herbs. It is made of lightweight pallets which you can easily take anywhere, indoors or out. You can also build this quickly so you can sow your seeds just in time for growing season.

3) Pallet Grow Space

Plants need space, sunshine, and water to grow healthy and strong. Some plants need more space than others while some can thrive even in compact spaces like these lovely plants here which have been grown in between the spaces of pallet frames.

Pallet frames offer a great planting container from its many spaces. You can plant vegetables, flowers or herbs, whatever you want to grow. And you don’t need to do work too hard to make these planters because these are made from simple pallet wood.

4) Vertical Pallet Garden

Have you seen outdoor living garden installations which were grown vertically? This is a new concept that is very popular in places where there is not enough space for a regular garden to grow. This garden right here is a vertical garden made of recycled pallets.

The pallet frames were assembled to create a large tall structure where plants can be grown. You can plant almost anything this way, except for trees. And what makes this unique is that you can use the drip method to water your plants. Water simply trickles down from the top to the bottom part; nothing is wasted or thrown away.

5) The Pallet Garden

Planting vegetables is a great way to augment food supply but not all soil can grow them. Growers usually plant veggies in raised beds and while this can be a good method, you need to regularly keep your bed neat and perfect which is why you need pallet frames.

In this photo, pallet frames were used as frames to hold a raised vegetable bed. Good planting soil suitable for raising vegetables was placed carefully in between the pallet sections to create this work of art. Now your lovely vegetables can have a neat and clean bed to grow and thrive.

6) Vertical Pallet Garden Ideas

This is a vertical planter  but with a different style. The pallet frames were simply stacked together to form a tower. Next, every section, every nook, and cranny was made useful. Plants in planters, pots, crates and all kinds of containers were hung on the sides.

This is a good set up so you can save water and cultivate plants better. You see, plants that need more sunlight can be placed on the top tier while those that prefer the shade can be placed below. Once these plants grow, this will be a green and lively vertical garden project you will be proud of.

7) DIY Herb Garden

Growing herbs is a fun and interesting experience. The fact that herbs can grow even in small containers make them perfect for tiny apartment living. This DIY herb garden shelf made from wood pallets can hold your herb plants so you can grow these indoors or outdoors.

What’s great about this is that because pallets are very light, you can easily pick this up and take it anywhere. Be sure to bring this outdoors at least twice or thrice a week so your plants can get enough sunlight. in-ad.html

8) The 2 for 1 Pallet Garden

This pallet garden design will let you tend two garden beds and a vertical garden as well. This is a suitable design for people living in small homes with small gardens. Now, this is not too complicated to make. You only need a few pallet frames to construct this 2 for 1 garden pallet design. And because this is an easy project even someone new to woodworking will find this easy to make.

9) Vertical Flower Garden

Have you always wanted a flower wall? This simple plan will help you make this flower wall a reality. This is a vertical flower garden made of pallet wood. Pallets were simply used as a ledge to hold different pots and containers where flowering plants are grown.

But be very careful because not all flowering plants prefer to grow this way. You must choose plants which can adapt to growing in a vertical manner like bougainvillea, yellow bells and more. 

10) The Small Vertical Garden

This is a lush vertical garden made of a few pallet frames. This is a good setting if you want to build a living wall in your garden or yard. A living wall is basically a wooden or metal wall covered with healthy growing plants.

Different kinds of plants can be grown this way but you must double check if the plant you wish to grow can survive and thrive in a vertical garden design. Sunlight and water can be very easily provided in a vertical setting and you don’t even have to work too hard to construct this pallet garden wall. 

70 Pallet Fence DIY Plans

One of the most popular building material to make fences is pallet wood. Pallets are used to make pallet frames which are used in the shipping industry. Pallet frames carefully hold all kinds of cargo to make sure that these arrive at their destination safely. Pallet frames also make it easier to move heavy things from here to there with a forklift.

Pallets are therefore available almost anywhere there are products that are being shipped or received. Stores and businesses usually give away or sell used pallets for a cheap price. And what these stores and companies throw away, you can use for building all kinds of things including fences and gates.

Pallet wood is the best for building fences because it’s strong. You can build a perimeter fence around your property, a garden fence, a fence to hold animals and pets and a fence to cover sections in your yard. Pallets are also beautiful; you can find pallet wood in a variety of colors and shades. The natural swirls and imperfections on the surface of pallet wood make it a lovely natural backdrop to any garden or yard.

Pallet wood is also versatile you can build fences of varying heights, shapes, sizes and purposes. Pallet fences can be constructed by using the entire pallet frame or you can dismantle the frame to use each pallet.

But no matter what type of fence you want to build, you must always use strong and solid pallets to make sure that your fence is strong and durable. Never use soft, cracked, dented, hollow or mold-infested pallets. Remember, strong materials make strong fences.


We have 70 lovely, versatile and cheap pallet fences plans for you. These fences are very easy to make. Some are huge, tall and wide for a large area while some are simply small, quaint and decorative fences. Have fun finding the best pallet fence that will suit your needs here.

1) Large Pallet Fence Design

A fence seals off an area protects it and provides privacy as well. The pallet fence here has been erected horizontally to protect this small area filled with lovely and exotic plants. The pallets create a lovely cover that was even made more beautiful with shelves, hanging planters and even perimeter lights.

This is a tall wall that needs a large number of pallets because of its size. You can construct this in a day if you have complete materials and tools with you.

2) Cute Pallet Fence for Your Garden

Sometimes a fence is used to just seal off an area or to say “back off!” The pallets here were simply arranged horizontally along the sides of the pathway leading to the house. The pallets are staying put because of pegs that were hammered in place.

The pallet fence is small so that the flowers can and plants can be seen and admired from the pathway. This is an easy project that you can accomplish in just a small amount of time. And as you can see, the builder made this path even brighter with stringed lights so that in the night time this will look awesome.

3) Easy Pallet Fence Patio Surround

A fence can provide privacy. It tells people that this is your property and no one can come in unless you invite them in. Now this fence is not too tall and not too short either but it does a good job in protecting the area at the back. The fence is even, clean and well-designed.

It is even painted very well making it waterproof and sturdy even during intense sunlight and rain. And despite its length and design, this is a very easy design to follow. You can actually make one in just a day with just very simple tools.

4) Pallet Garden Border Fence

This border fence is short but it extends the entire perimeter of the property. Why erect a small fence like this? This fence is basically to tell anyone that this is private property. It does not have to be tall; it just has to be enough to get noticed.

The builder added debris on top. Vines and branches were used and these have made the area more secluded.  You can see that this is quite easy to make but it may take time if you have a large property.

5) Sturdy and Stylish Pallet Gate

A gate provides privacy and also an entryway. This one gate was made to keep intruders and provide a safe and secure home or property. This gate was made of only a few pallets but was made strong by using upper and middle frames.

The gate was stained with a very light and very gentle stain which was enough to keep the natural beauty of pallet wood. Staining also helped waterproof the gate so that it can withstand rain or shine. This gate can take a few hours to make but no doubt it has a simple design.

6) Temporary Barrier Pallet Fence

This is a fence made of pallet frames which were used to cordon off a section of the yard for an event. This is a temporary fence that was erected in just a few minutes. It was placed in a unique circular pattern to create a secluded area.

There was no tools or hardware used to make this temporary fencing system. You can also make fences of different sizes and shapes as well. The only setback to this is designed is you need a large number of pallets to construct this fence.

7) Geometric Pallet Fence Design

This pallet fence has a more complicated design. It is made from a number of sections; each section has a geometric design and made from a large number of pallets. The pallets were carefully constructed and were stained with a very light stain to just enhance the natural beauty of the pallets. This is not an easy project and will take a weekend to construct.

8) Pallet Front Gate Design

Pallets can create a private screen to close off a section in your home. This pallet fence is tall but it is able to cover and provide privacy. The pallets were installed in a way that there are no slots or openings that anyone can peer through.

This fence obviously was not treated but this should not be the case. You should at least apply a light stain or varnish to keep this fence waterproof. This is a very easy project that you can make in just a few hours. You can make this larger and wider if you have a larger backyard or lawn.

9) Gate and Fence Pallet Wood Plans

Pallets can make a simple fence or an elaborate one just like this. This pallet fence is tall as it is wide. You can hardly see what’s at the back of this huge pallet fence. This was made from large and durable pallets.

The top of the gate has a curved design; the sides or the posts at the sides of the gate have small lattice designs on top. You can completely eliminate this if you want your gate to completely seal off any intruders.

This gate and fence were stained deeply with a very dark stain but it was still able to enhance the natural beauty of pallets. Take this pallet wood fence as inspiration for your next woodworking project.

10) Quick Pallet Fence Design

If you need to construct a fence to seal off an area in your yard then this is a design for you. This makes use of pallet frames with the edges cut to connect with each other. Large posts were placed in between each frame to stabilize it so the fence would be strong and sturdy enough.

A gate was placed in the opening of the fence and this one was no different from the frames used. A simple hinge was used to fasten this door to a post. Overall, this is a very easy project that does not require a lot of skills, just a lot of pallet frames depending on the size of the area that you want to seal in.

7 Pallet Swing Bed DIY Plans

You would definitely agree that there is no better kind of relaxation that lying down and reading your favorite book. You can even opt for crocheting or other hobbies. Personally, I love hammocks and swings, especially those adorned with handmade quilts, pillows, and soft cushions.

Spending some time on a bench is definitely a huge help when it comes to unwinding or looking for an inspiration to create something. True, you can experience this pleasure by lying down on a wooden bench, or even one that is cushioned.

However, why not explore further on your creative side by having a pallet swing bed instead?

Yes, a pallet swing bed. It refers to a swing bed that is made out of wooden pallets. Since you can easily secure the materials, this only means that this option is a more affordable one. If this is your first time on a DIY project, you may not have an idea where to start. I know how stressful it could mean. To help you out, I have prepared 7 pallet swing bed DIY plans for you to choose from, and get the ball rolling!

1) Outdoor Pallet Swing Bed

Image URL:

Outdoors during the summertime is perfect! This season would be lacking if you fail to go outside and enjoy the breeze blowing right through your yard. Having a swing would be nice, but it would be much nicer if you turn your swing into a bigger place to relax, say a bed?

This sample project is fun and easy to make. In fact, all you need to have is some pallets and some rope. Of course, having a comfortable bedding will complete the picture. In this beautiful pallet swing bed, you can enjoy a very relaxing nap in the middle of the day, enjoy a cup of coffee, or read your favorite book.

If you are planning to schedule a lazy day, this pallet swing bed outdoors is a perfect project for you. As a bonus, it can also become an attraction in your home, or even a conversation starter when visitors and friends come along. For one, there are a number of ways in which you can create these beds. This specific project is also one that is open for alterations so that you can create a piece that meets your requirements.

2) Shabby Chic Pallet Swing Bed

Image URL:

This blue stained shabby chic pallet swing bed is another idea that will certainly add enjoyment and fun to your outdoor area. This will certainly bring delight to you personally, as well as your family members. This bed has been prepared and shaped using pallet stacks, placed on top of the other.

This is a traditional design, with a crowning backrest, as well as a wavy design of the front base. Choosing a blue hue makes this project look shabby and fun, perfect for an outdoor décor. Of course, you can choose your own color, adding some immense appeal to your space.

If you are planning to turn this project into your personal model, this amazing pallet swing bed is one project that you can start working on. You can alter some measurements, or add a few features, even selecting a new color to make it more personal. Choose where to place this swing bed, and you can start your lazy day perfectly.

3) Lovey Dovey Pallet Swing Bed

Image URL:

Why not attempt to enjoy that luxurious feeling while spending time lounging in this lovey-dovey pallet swing bed? Add this fixture to your patio space, porch, or even in your living room. If you have unused, or remaining pallets just lying around, why not start using some of them, creating them into this project? No doubt, this will give you the best time for relaxation. Simply add some cozy and comfy mattress, with some selected cushions to make everything perfect!

Depending on your personal preferences, you can also choose to paint this swing. The DIYer of this example chose the color white to create a chic look, while also establishing a color contrast against its colorful cushions.

Create this pallet swing bed project accordingly, and enjoy it whether indoors or outdoors. Here you can learn the exact measurements that will create a similar output. Of course, it is up to you to customize everything in order to meet your personal preferences and requirements.

4) Floating Pallet Swing Bed

Image URL:

If there is a tree in your yard or a place where you can hang something, this floating pallet swing bed is another good project to start with. Boost up the enjoyment and fun by creating this amazing swing for your patio or garden. Enjoy your afternoons under a calm and lovely weather, especially during the summers or springs.

In order to achieve the completion of this pallet swing bed, all you need to do is to prepare three to four pallets in order to install this swing.  Aside from just the main bed, this design also comes with a back support to make it more comfortable as you lie down.

The roof should also be backed up with sturdy ropes for hanging them strong. It is also important to make sure that the ropes are balanced accordingly to minimize problems. With some added pillows and cushions, you can turn this masterpiece into a very comfortable place to relax.

5) Simple Pallet Swing Bed

Image URL:

When you have wooden pallets lying around, it is time for you to make all those furniture pieces that you have been wanting to have for so long. A wooden swing bench is definitely one of the best options to start with. In this design, two pallets are joined together in order to create the shape of this pallet swing bed. It also uses a metal chain support to ensure that it hangs securely. Metal chains are definitely sturdier compared to standard ropes.

You can also follow this design’s black stained finish, along with cushions that will complete this comfortable masterpiece. If this pallet swing bed idea has captured your attention, replicate it and create one that matches your needs and preferences? You may use some of the ideas in the instructions, or you can also alter some in order to meet your personal requirements and preferences. Ultimately, this project will certainly satisfy your creative side and artistic powers.

6) Personal Pallet Swing Bed

Image URL:

If you are envisioning yourself lying down under a tree in your yard, why not take into consideration creating a pallet swing bed that can be attached to your tree? The next thing you will certainly look forward to is the feel of the summer breeze, and the rays of the sun playfully glowing in the middle of the day. This is an exciting and pleasant project that will allow you to enjoy lounging time.

The best part about this project is that it is made out of wood pallets, which means that you can get them easily, provided that you have some of them just lying around. In this particular DIY project, the swing was painted in a yellow color, and filled with some comfortable pillows and mattress, thus making your entire resting experience a really relaxing one. You’ll certainly look forward to those times of the day wherein you can simply relax and not worry about the stresses in life.

7) Summer Pallet Swing Bed

Image URL:

If you need a space where you can chat with your friends and family, an outdoor pallet swing and bed is a good option for you. This design is both fun and cute, and comes with a wide place for the seat and headboard. When following this design, it is nice to make sure that this swing is supported strongly on the tree using some durable and sturdy ropes.

Recreate this project and enjoy the benefits of making your own masterpiece. You may also opt to stain the seat, making it look really appealing when you finally add a colorful batch of cushions and mattress. Alter the overall design by making some personal changes, perhaps to the measurement of the pallets, or the choice of color.


Having pallets as your material of choice is simply amazing. For one, you will certainly anticipate a durable and fantastic output at almost no cost. In terms of ease of use, using pallets are also convenient because you do not have to be busy with a lot of boring measurements and cuttings. Everybody can simply build their pallet swings despite not having any woodworking background or experience in the past.

The mentioned pallet swing bed DIY plans are just some of the projects that you can start with. After starting on a guided one, you can then explore further on your creativity, playing with your artistic capabilities, and create your personally designed and customized pallet swing bed. Share with us what you have created and encourage other DIYers to make the same!

53 Pallet Chair DIY Plans

Using wooden pallets for DIY projects has become popular with a lot of people across the globe and the added benefits of repurposing and/or recycling wooden pallets into furniture has not escaped DIY-ers.

More than just having a fun DIY project, but crafting a highly functional furniture i.e. sofa, tables, outside furniture. DIY-ing your wooden pallets is also a way to cut expenses on a tight budget.

1) Standard Chair

Via Instructables

This DIY is easy to do with reclaimed wood and a stringer pallet. When doing DIY’s, especially furniture from wooden pallets, you would generally need basic woodworking tools, here are some that you might have in your tool shed: A screwdriver, a hammer, a handsaw, a chainsaw, wood file, a drill, some sandpapers, wood screws, nuts for your screws, cloves, wood glue, and of course, pallets.

2) Adirondack Chair

Via Instructables

This DIY plan is easier than most on this list. Its amazing design is easy to understand and follow. Making sure that you have the narrower boards is essential when trying this plan out. Once you disassemble your pallet, you can remake them into this Adirondack chair.

3) Outdoor Bench

Via Instructables

This outdoor bench is perfect for the patio. Made entirely from wooden pallets, this chair is really cheap and easy to do. You can use one standard American size pallet, or you can use two that are cut in half. It would be good to have tools handy in order to do better cutting and take less time when doing these projects.

Here is a general process of making a DIY chair from wooden pallets.

First, you would need to disassemble your pallet. To do this, you must cut the nails in the pallet with the handsaw between two tables.

Second, you should start on the leg chairs by using three large boards and cut it into two pieces of the length you would want, with an angle of at least 45 degrees, when done, stick your legs to a flat board that would serve as the seat with wood glue and screws.

Third, join the legs. If you have the standard American pallet, you should have 8 boards left. Use five of these and cut them to use with the legs.

Fourth, do the backrest, have 2 boards cut and glue, nail or screw perpendicularly to the seat you have made.

Fifth, join the seat and backrest. You should support the backrest with a little bit more wood.

Finally, finish your DIY with some wood finishing like paint or varnish, you should do this especially when you expect to use it somewhere there is high humidity. Most of all, have fun.

4) Outdoor Adirondack Chair

Via Instructables

This Adirondack chair has its step-by-step process and instruction at Instructables. Adirondack chairs are becoming more and more popular because of their stylishness and comfort. This chair can be done easily using the slats or planks of wooden pallets. The backrest can also be adjustable if you wish to tweak the process and the chair a little bit.

5) Standard Dining Chair

Via 99Pallets

This chair may not look like it was made from reused wooden pallets. The availability of different wood finishing products now gives you the ability to make your DIY furniture look expensive and brand-new.  This standard chair is easy to make and is a favorite among DIY-ers.

6) Twin Chair

Via RemoveAndReplace

These twin outdoor chairs are great for outdoor gardens or hangout places. Purely made from pallet slats, these finely sanded chairs are easy to do and can be done even by beginners. Of course, you would need a pre-disassembled wooden pallet if you’re going to do this since it can take painstakingly long hours when you try without knowing how to disassemble wooden pallets.

7) Standard Chair 2

Via 99Pallets

This twin standard chairs are done by a somewhat intermediate woodworker and DIY-er. The design in the wood can be done with a planer or can be cut by a saw and sanded. Nevertheless, it is still worth a try even for beginners.

8) Lounge Chair

Via 1001Pallets

This outdoor chair is an easy to do plan but should be finished with wood finishing products if it’s going to stay outside. Wooden pallets may be treated with chemicals and pre-treated to last long but the occasional wear and tear of the wood will also depend on the presence or absence of wood finishing to protect from external elements like rain and insects.

9) Outdoor Chair

Via DecoracaoEProjetos

This elegant and beautiful chair is actually really cheap. It may look expensive because of the furnishing but it was made out of wooden pallets and reclaimed wood. For flat and wide boards in your DIY projects, you can always opt to use reclaimed wood instead of buying regular brand-new ones.

10) Lawn Chair

Via 99Pallets

This colorful outdoor chair can be done in two ways, one is to use colored pallets, there are some available, but you may see these less often. You can use these colored pallets and remake them into furniture. Or you can also paint your DIY chair from wooden pallets.

50 Pallet Wine Rack DIY Plans

Having a bar or a wine cellar could be a luxury for some people who live in a very small home. People who live in an apartment, condominium or dormitory do not have enough space for anything and even enough living space. But not all is lost for the average wine connoisseur.

If you love to drink wine and you want to try out different types on an occasional basis but you just don’t have enough room for a large wine bar or wine cellar then you must try a wine rack.

A wine rack is a small shelf that is usually fastened to a wall. It holds anywhere from two, three or more wine bottles depending on the size of the rack. Aside from wine bottles, it can also hold wine glasses, bottle openers, and wine drinking accessories.

It can be made of any material like wood, metal, and plastic but the most commonly used is pallet wood. Pallet wood is very popular in making indoor and outdoor furniture and decorations because it is versatile, easy to find anywhere and is very cheap. In fact, some people just get pallet wood out of the scrap yard.

With recycled pallet wood, you can make wine racks of varying size, shape, and design. You can use pallet frames as they are or remove every section and use this individually. Pallet wood is also very beautiful.

You can make furniture out of pallet wood and don’t need to add varnish or paint because the wood itself has a natural, lovely glow. However, some builders choose to stain their wood, use varnish, paint their pallet wine racks or torch it to make a rustic or aged look.

The appearance of the wine rack is not as important as its function. Some wine racks can also function as wine glass holders while some can also hold bottle openers, shot glasses and more.

Here are 50 of the best of the best pallet wine racks online. These wine racks were made by people who simply want to have a storage area for their wine. Most of these wine rack plans are very easy to make and in fact, can be done in just a few hours.

You can bet that you will be able to build your own wine rack even if you have limited woodworking knowledge and skills. You can also be sure that the materials used for these pallet wine rack designs are easily available from hardware stores and home supply centers. Good luck in making your own pallet wine rack. 

1) Pallet Wine Rack Design

Have you ever wanted to show off your wine collection? If you have the fines then this fine wine rack is for you. It can accommodate eight tall bottles of wine plus has a rack at the bottom to hold several wine glasses.

This wine rack is actually average-sized and can be attached to a wall in your living room, dining area, kitchen or rec room. You can even use this lovely wine rack in your study area, home office or movie room.

You can bet that this wine rack is so easy to make. It is made from only a few pieces of pallet wood which has been specially treated and stained to achieve a rustic look. The wine glasses at the bottom are held by a rack as well. You can easily fetch a glass and pour out a glass of your favorite wine in seconds.

Because of this easy design, you can build this in just a few minutes. You don’t need to be a woodworking expert to construct this cool wine rack. You can further improve this design by making the rack larger, wider and taller. Cheers to a fantastic night!

2) Wine Rack from Pallet

Wood pallets are already beautiful as they are in their natural form. Sometimes you don’t really need to do anything to improve the natural appearance of wood. This wine rack pallet wood is an example. This wine rack can accommodate up to ten bottles of wine. It has a large piece of wood that keeps the bottles in place.

The rack was not given an upgrade but still, it looks beautiful as it is. There is no rack for the wine glasses so you have to place these elsewhere. But nevertheless, this design still works and looks amazing when hung on the wall of your kitchen, dining area or living room.

And you guessed it right, it is very easy to make too. You only need a few pieces of wood, even leftover wood from your other projects. You can finish this project in just a few minutes and have it ready for a mini party or a special guest who will be arriving tonight.

3) How to Make a Pallet Wine Rack

Now, this is a wine rack that’s made for a wine collector. It is large and wide and may be as wide as the wall from where it was attached. This large rack has several sections and most likely, the most important and the most priceless are the bottles located at the middle of the rack.

The wine rack was made from a number of pallets and was custom made to accommodate all the bottles that are part of the owner’s collection. You can also see that there is no rack to hold wine glasses because these bottles may be part of a collection as well.

It may take you time but this is an easy project with a basic design. As long as you have all the materials handy, you can have this pallet wine rack ready and installed in a day.

4) DIY Old Pallet Wine Rack

Wine and dine with friends and family and have your wine ready in this pallet wine rack. This pallet wine rack may look old but actually, it was either stained or torched to make it look like it is an antique piece.

The rack can accommodate a number of wine bottles and several wine glasses as well. The pallet wood that holds the bottles together is wide and keeps everything safe and sound. It has an easy design and can be easily built as well.

There are many ways to age wood pallets. You can apply varnish or stain the wood to a darker shade to achieve this appearance. By staining or applying varnish, you can enhance the natural appearance of wood and can make the wood surface waterproof.

Torching is another process and this includes applying fire using a blow torch over the pallet surface. Torching takes time but achieves a rustic and lovely look. Consider these processes if you want to age new wood. 

5) Wine Rack Made Out of Pallets

This wine rack is made of a few pieces of pallets and the surface of the pallets processed to create a distressed appearance. This looks like an easy but sturdy build as it can hold up to eight bottles of wine.

And aside from this, it can also hold several wine glasses which seem to mean that you are ready to entertain guests.

This is a very easy design and it won’t take long to build this kind of wine rack as well. If you are new to woodworking then this is a good design to start.

6) 4 Bottle Pallet Wood Wine Rack

This is definitely one of the easiest wine rack designs and it looks very easy to build as well. It holds only four bottles of wine and four matching wine glasses but nevertheless, it is a welcome sight in any home.

This pallet wood wine rack can be hung in any room in your home actually. Place it in your living room, kitchen, dining area, TV room or home office. You don’t even have to make things complicated because you can build this rack even without previous skills and knowledge about woodworking.

This four bottle wonder can be done in just a few minutes so consider this as your quick wine rack for your woodworking project this week.

7) Pallet Wine Rack Design 2

Have you ever wondered where to store wine without having to look from a large wine cabinet or a wine cellar? This is a pallet wine rack that can be made using only a few pieces of pallet wood. It is a wine shelf that goes great next to a bookshelf or a spice rack in your kitchen.

It has a very simple design that you can follow even if you are new to woodworking. And if you just want a simple wine rack for one, two or three bottles then this is it.

8) Mason Jar Moments Wine Rack Design

This is a wine rack that will accommodate about ten bottles of wine or liquor. This is a very neat and easy design with a divider in the middle. This divider can separate your dark wine with white wine or your favorites from your not so favorite wines.

This wine rack looks very sturdy therefore your collection is safe. You can hang this on the wall of your living room, kitchen or dining area for easy access.

What’s amazing about this wine rack is that it looks classy but is actually very easy to make. Provided you have complete materials and tools, you can actually finish this wine rack in less than an hour.

9) Wine Rack Made of Pallets

This is a wine rack that has a basic design. This is a rack that will serve as an inspiration to people who have never made this kind of project before. This is actually a very easy pallet wine rack project and is made of only a few pieces of pallet wood. The only thing that will take time is staining the wood.

When you want to bring out the natural beauty of wood pallets, you need to stain or varnish pallets twice. Apply the varnish over the piece of wood and let this completely dry. When the surface is dry, apply the second coat. This will also provide waterproofing protection for your wooden furniture as well. 

10) Versatile Wooden Pallet Rack

This is a pallet wine rack that will surely be a great addition to your small, space-deprived home. This can accommodate up to eight bottles of wine and a number of wine glasses as well.

This rack is spacious and even has a space on top for more bottles but do be careful because there is nothing to hold your precious wine up there!

The pallets used in this rack have a lovely rustic design. The pallets were carefully chosen by the builder to create this lovely rack and of course, the bottom part where the glasses were placed was specially cut using a jigsaw.

It is quite easy to make this project. It only needs a few pieces of pallets to build it. And even if you have no prior experience to making pallet furniture, you will be able to construct this in no time.

40 Pallet Signs DIY Ideas

One of the best building materials is pallet wood. This material is versatile it can be used to build all kinds of furniture like chairs, tables, shelves and beds to name a few. Pallet wood is also strong. Place pallet wood frames side by side and you have a strong bed frame built for a large mattress. Pallet frames are used to transport all kinds of materials hence these are very strong. 

There is no doubt that pallet wood is lovely. The natural grain of pallet wood swirls darkens and lightens to create beautiful patterns. You can make lovely pallet wood shelves, frames, and other decorative items. 

Pallet wood signs are a decorative accessory that you might find in a rustic or country themed home. Pallet wood signs are made of only a few pieces of pallets and can be of any shape. It can be rectangular, circular, triangular or hexagonal in shape. It can also have no shape at all. You can find pallet wood signs in different colors and of course, different messages can be written, painted or carved on the surface.

What is the craziest or funniest wood sign have you ever seen? You may have seen funny signs, clever signs, bible verse signs, love-signs and more. Now we have 40 of the best pallet signs to check out. Find the right pallet sign design and inspiration that’s best for you here.


You won’t believe how many pallet signs art you can find online. These signs are among the best of the best with cool designs and inspiring messages. You can make these signs easily because these have the simplest designs. You can also make these your inspiration in making better, funnier or more loveable signs for your home or as a gift or keepsake.

1) Inspirational Quote Wood Pallet Art

This is a very inspiring wood pallet art made from four pieces of wide pallet wood and paint. Very rustic, very easy to do. The pallet wood pieces were assembled with fasteners at the back. The wood used here was not treated at all.

The letters in this pallet sign may have been made using spray paint and some stencils because every straight line and the curve is perfect. Make this one be the centerpiece of your hallway or how about a part of your living room or dining area? This is so easy to do and you won’t even have to take a day to do this.

2) Wedding Anniversary Date Pallet Wood Art

This is a simple pallet wood art that you can make in just minutes. This was made of a single piece of pallet wood and was simply painted or stenciled with the wedding date of the owner. The date says April 23, 11 which could mean 1911 or 2011 though.

A single piece of pallet wood was all you need to make this lovely, inspiring and dedicated pallet wood art. You can improve this design by using more pallet pieces, making the sign more colorful and by treating the wood.

3) Rustic Wood and Twine Sign

This is a headboard pallet wood sign made with strings. The designer obviously loved rustic chic décor so much that she even had the same décor in the bedroom. This wooden sign is made from three strong and smooth pallets. The pallets were basically cleaned and brushed smooth before the string was placed.

To make string or twine stick to wood, you need to make it stronger and harder. To do this, you can dip it in cooked cornstarch or white glue to keep it hard and ready for crafts. Once the twine is ready all you need is to arrange this on the surface of the wood. Just arrange it the way you want it to be and then attach it with hot glue.

There are many ways to stick twine and other craft materials on wood. You can use white glue which is also extra-sticky or wood glue instead. 

4) Love Story Pallet Art

This is a lovely and romantic pallet art design. This sign says a lot about the creator and certainly describes what he or she feels about her or his partner. The message in a sign usually gives it away. You might want to try out a certain pallet sign design because of the message that you see but you have got to remember that a pallet sign is more than the message.

Now, this particular design is made from four large wood pallets. These pallets were fastened at the back and were treated with a wood stain to keep the natural beauty of wood. Wood stain can also prevent water damage and mold growth in pallet wood. The letters in this sign were hand painted using a small soft brush.

5) Home Sign with a Wreath

This is a lovely home sign that has a meaningful message. This home sign was placed on a porch with a small white stone that says “Welcome.” The sign was made of two pieces of smooth pallet wood painted white. The letters were obviously stenciled because every letter is perfect.

This home sign has a loving feeling on it. The fresh wreath on the letter O of the sign can be replaced as well. This is truly a very easy project that you can make in just a few minutes with just basic woodworking skills.

6) Anniversary Spoon Wood Sign

This a special pallet wood sign made from pieces of pallet wood. It was made from small pieces of pallet wood with golden letters and cute little spoons as decoration. This was a gift for a couple who celebrated their wedding anniversary. The sign gives a delightfully funny message though to entertain the couple and their guests.

The pallet wood at the back was stained a dark stain or varnish. You can still see the wood’s lovely natural curves from the surface and these imperfections have certainly made its appearance better.

The letters on the sign were made from wood and were painted gold. You can use a stencil and a jigsaw to create this savvy lettering for any surface. And of course, the two spoons are real.

This pallet wood sign is actually very easy to make. You can create one out of scrap wood in your backyard or simply use any recycled wood you have. Cutting the letters could be a challenge especially if you are new to doing this. But if you have jigsaw then you can do this in a heartbeat.

7) Rustic Wood Sign

Why are pallet wood signs very popular? There is a certain rustic charm with a wood sign. It’s like anything, any message you place on a wood sign gets instantly read. This is a step by step plan on how to make your own wood sign using only a few pieces of pallets. The pallets here were cut and treated with a dark wood stain. The dark-colored stain makes the natural curves and swirls of wood pop out and this is what most designers look for in rustic signs.

The message placed on this rustic wood sign was added using a pen with white ink. There are a lot of ways to add letters, numbers or symbols on wood. You can use paint and ink or use stickers instead. There are a lot of good ways to stain your wood as well.

Using wood stain is the best option while some use varnish. Still, some don’t use stain and varnish at all but instead apply paint according to the color they want.

8) Stained and Painted Pallet Wood Sign

Pallets usually come in bright brown colors and there is no problem with using this at all. However, you can make wood look classier, more dramatic and aged by using a few tried and tested techniques. You can use wood stain which is exactly what the builder did in this coffee pallet wood sign. The trick is to apply the first coat, let it dry and apply another coat. This would be enough to make the natural beauty of wood stand out and to protect wood from water damage as well.

Another trick to use is torching which is applying fire on the surface of the pallet wood to make the surface darker. If you have a stencil for images and words, then you can use this to make direct marks on your wood easily. Finally, you can also apply varnish on the wood surface. Varnish makes the wood shiny and despite this, the wood surface may look unnatural and not appealing at all.

Now in this design, the wood sign was made out of three pallets and was simply marked with coffee signs and the word coffee as well. This sign has a straightforward design and you can make this in just a few minutes if you have all the materials with you.

9) Let It Snow Sign

Create a rustic Christmas sign out of a few pieces of pallet wood. The sign here says “Let it snow” with stenciled images of snowflakes here and there. This one was made from a nice piece of the pallet. The surface may have been prepared as well before it was printed with the message.

At this point, you can do only so much on pallet wood to prepare it. First is sanding the surface but not too much to make the wood appear so smooth and unnatural. You can also apply wood stain but not too dark so as not to appreciate the message written on the surface. You can also just brush the area with an old brush or toothbrush to remove debris.

A piece of twine was wrapped on top of the pallet wood sign. It was placed near a miniature tree with a frosted design and some trinkets on the other side. This lovely sign truly brings out the festive yuletide season.

10) DIY Sign from Pallets

This time we are not talking about pallet board signs but rather letters that were made from pallet wood. The E A T in this wall were all made of pallet wood. Two pieces of wood were connected to form a thick, chunky letter.

Making this sign is a big challenge actually. You can either do this the hard way by measuring and cutting wood carefully with a hand saw or metal saw along the intricate edges and middles or you can use a handy jigsaw blade.

With a jigsaw, you can make any letter, straight or curved, and make all sorts of signs. Jigsaws also allow you to cut two or three pieces of pallet wood at a time too which is impossible when you use other types of saws.

And aside from just cutting the wood out, the letters for this sign was stained or varnished to make it look perfect for display. You can also paint this any color for a charming chic effect.

35 Pallet DIY Christmas Tree Ideas

Wooden pallets for DIY projects are now becoming more and more popular for people around the world, especially for those on a tight budget. The added advantages of recycling wooden pallets into some kind of craft or furniture are one of the most common and popular reasons why DIY is now very rampant.

Doing DIY projects are not just fun but highly functional at the end. Crafting tables, chairs and other furniture are popular DIY projects. But your wooden pallets can also serve as your next Christmas tree.

Here are some wonderful and festive ideas of wooden pallet Christmas trees.


Via Habitat

Rather than cutting down a pine tree for your Christmas display this year, you can opt to do it yourself with used pallets. You can buy a real tree or a plastic tree, but this inexpensive DIY allows you to create and decorate your own tree.

Compared to a real tree or a manufactured one, used pallets are cheaper and customizable. For this type of Christmas tree, you would simply need to create a triangular frame for the base of the design. You can create a tall and wide tree according to your preference.

Simply add a triangular brace for the top of the frame to strengthen it. After finishing up the frame, gather up more pallet woods and add shelves to your frame from top to bottom.

To finish up the whole tree, a layout he hooks on the shelves and adds your Christmas ball ornaments. This DIY is sure to make your Christmas holiday more fun and festive, and inexpensive.

This DIY Christmas Tree Pallet Idea requires experience in disassembling wooden pallets.

This plan is very flexible as you can decide the height and width to best fit your space. First, you would need to build a triangular frame by cutting a bottom piece of your wooden pallet. Trace the top of the triangle on a scrap piece of your pallet wood and cut with a jigsaw. The piece of wood will be your brace for the frame.

After securing the frame, you can start with the shelves cutting the pallet slabs into one inch by one-inch pieces to make the cleats to hold each shelf slab. Each Install and nail each cleat and shelves.

Decorate all you want either by hanging holiday ornaments or painting it.


Via wikihow

There are many design plans to a DIY pallet Christmas tree but this one requires 3 simple steps: cutting the pallet, adding some finishing touch, and decorating. Cutting a Christmas tree from a wood pallet is a cheaper alternative to buying a tree which makes it a great decoration or gift for the holiday season.

Since this design is cut from one wood pallet, it’s simpler and cheaper than other pallet Christmas trees. It’s also a relatively small decoration you can fit anywhere you’d like. You may even create several for different parts of your house or give them away as gifts.

As a wooden pallet DIY maker, there is one thing that you would always almost certainly have to do, and though you must do it a lot, does not mean that it is easy. I’m talking about disassembly of wooden pallets.

Some people, especially that beginner DIY-er can spend up to six hours trying to take apart a single wooden pallet for repurposing. There is an easier way to do it in less than seven minutes with a hundred percent usability.

Here is an easy way to disassemble and take apart your wooden pallet for reuse without all the painstaking hard hours. First, you should recognize that pallets are designed strong and built to hold tremendous weight on top of it but are light in transport.

There are different kinds of pallets, but usually, when I talk about a standard, I am talking about American Wooden Pallets, this pallet is standardly having 48” slats and some can be 36” wide and 60” in length.

Basically, construction of a wooden pallet is a 2×4 regardless of fork cutouts to support the top and hold by bottom slats. Some pallets can have 4×4 blocks instead of 2x4s.

You should know that the slats are secured by a pneumatic nail gun. These nails have a spiral twist and are preheated with glue to hold the 1×4 or 1×6 slats.

The twists in the nails prevent pulling out of the board so the pallets can last long and extensive use. Wood pallets are also treated to prevent rotting. These are basically designed not to come apart.



There’s no need to buy a tree this holiday season for a modern Christmas look for your home. In comparison to simply cutting a triangular shape from a wood pallet, this DIY uses pallet planks.

In addition to the rectangular planks used for this plan, the contemporary charm of this tree can also be attributed to its white and red theme. This simple and cost-effective holiday décor will surely provide your home a bright and modern Christmas season. It’s an easy craft you can upcycle from used wood pallets.

When working with wooden pallets you might want to try familiarizing with terms that would help you find your desired wood. Here is a quick list of some things that you should find: a wooden pallet is comprised of top boards, stringers, and a bottom board, a skid, on the other hand, is only a top board with stringers. A crate is a wooden frame with plywood walls. A-frames are wooden supports with side decks. All these are good for wooden DIY projects.


Via simplest

A simple pallet wood can easily turn to a country chic and rustic holiday décor for your Christmas holiday season. This template is simply a triangular cut from a pallet wood decorated to its rustic charm using some led lights and white, brown and gold ornaments.

In contrast to using a real tree, this is a smaller decoration making it more manageable than others. It’s lighter and easier to display and store. It will definitely add color to your living room while taking up less space and less of your money.


Via Redhead Can Decorate

Sometimes, simple upcycling is enough to color and decorate your whole Christmas holiday. This DIY pallet Christmas tree does not need your heavy power tools or complicated woodworking skills. Simply grab the right pallet and start decorating.

To achieve this very rustic but very decorative look, you will have to find the best rustic pallet you can find and lightly paint it with white paint. Starting from top to bottom, layout the Christmas lights, garlands, and ornaments onto the pallet with nails.

Make sure to layout the light from side to side and as symmetrical as you can to get the triangular shape of a pine tree. As a finishing touch, screw a half log onto the bottom. With this, you will not have to worry about spending too much on a tree that you would have to make do of cheaper gifts for your family.


Via Cherished Bliss

If you’re having trouble with space, time or money to decorate your home for the Christmas season, worry no more. This simple DIY is easy enough that you can finish it in an hour or so. You’ll definitely be delighted by how simple but beautiful this project will decorate your home.

Using some pallet planks and some white and gold paint, you can create several décors for several rooms and some as gifts. It’s a simple and fun display that you can stand on your desk or hang on the walls. What’s more, you don’t have to bother cleaning up this decoration after the holidays.


Via Buzzmills

Decorating your front or backyard with a beautiful outdoor Christmas tree is very tempting. However, there is a matter of cost in buying two trees from the depot or the lumberyard. Still, this should not stop your dream of standing a Christmas tree outside of your home.

With a single pallet wood, you can cut it to a triangular shape and decorate it with some Christmas balls and place it outside. If you have an idle pallet lying around, this is the time to pick it up and start making use of it. You don’t need to spend to fully decorate your holiday, this cheaper solution will surely brighten your home.


Via The Pinning Mama

This DIY project is perfect to add to your diorama if you decide to make one as well. Like most pallet ideas on this list, this one requires you to nail the disassembled slats onto a spine. But you can write anything on those, so you can get creative!

When repurposing your wooden pallets and DIY-ing your furniture, you would need these basic tools: first, a hammer, because starting a DIY project without one is just not possible. Hammers is handy for all DIY projects and it is probably one of the cheapest tools in your toolbox. Types of hammers are drywall, roofing, framing, sledgehammers, ball peen, and bricklayers.

Make sure to choose the one you need for your project. A standard curved claw hammer would be handy. Second, you will need a saw, since DIY wooden pallet is basically woodworking, it is imperative that you cut your wood at one point or another.  A handsaw would suffice but you can invest in a jigsaw for more precise and powered cutting.

You can also opt for a circular saw, or a table saw. If you’re taking wooden pallet DIY’s seriously, you should invest in a reciprocating saw to disassemble quickly. Third, you should always have a tape measure Since DIY-ing your furniture would need this plan and measurements. This is an essential tool, but you might also want to get a T-square.

Next, you should already have screws and nails, these come in a variety for different DIY projects but for this, you would particularly want wood screws. If you’re getting screws, you should have a screwdriver too. This handy tool is a must for any toolbox, so you should already have one.

One more tool you should have is a drill, this is one of the most helpful tools when working on a DIY pallet project to drill holes on your planks. You should also consider getting a sander, this is particularly, useful for preparing or finishing your wood to remove rough edges and splinters. Safety is important when making DIY projects, so you should get safety goggles and gloves to avoid splinters and wood debris from injuring you.


Via affirmaison

Even without woodworking skills, you can DIY your Christmas pallet with the right pallet wood and white paint. To create a Christmas tree decoration like this one, simply sand your pallet and paint the shape of a tree onto it. You can get as creative as you can before adding some ornaments for the finishing touch.


Via Thinking Closet

This easy DIY Christmas tree can cut down a lot on the  expenses of a Christmas tree this holiday season.

For this project, you will need a saw, since DIY wooden pallet is basically woodworking, it is imperative that you cut your wood at one point or another. 

A handsaw would suffice but you can invest in a jigsaw for more precise and powered cutting. You can also opt for a circular saw, or a table saw. If you’re taking wooden pallet DIY’s seriously, you should invest in a reciprocating saw to disassemble quickly.

34 Pallet Wall DIY Plans

Pallet wall designs have fairly emerged as the new black. For a fact, anyone can easily put up a pallet wall in the home. Above everything else, the reason why pallet wood wall design reigns in the list is that of its cost-efficient nature.

The standard of aesthetics among modern American homes is greatly defined by chic/rustic feel. This particular trend, according to a number of home décor experts, rolls punches of fun, excitement, thrill, and satisfaction.

The whole effort of putting up pallet walls made from used wood in the home, offices, etc. yearns for an even bigger reward. Beyond the aesthetic satisfaction, the effort pays a great deal of visual stimulation. Meanwhile, visual stimulation is typical among chic/rustic designs.

Minimalism acts as a guiding principle in successfully upgrading your home. Such a concept involves the right juxtaposition between empty and full.

More so, minimalism proves to be the most logical agent for bringing out the home’s flesh. After all, indoor/outdoor designing eventually boils down to properly managing elements in the space.

Driven by the trend, or shall we say, movement, the industry has pushed forward in its efforts product upgrades, endless production of raw wood walls; ready-to-mount wood walls made available here and there.

Coincidentally, more and more DIY plans are rising at par with the cacophony of production-demand dramas. Thanks to the trend, business has inadvertently flourished.

The DIY plans are also part of the business. But what if we tell you that if you invest in this business, you’d save a lot of your pocket- would you believe us? The 34 pallet wall DIY plans will hopefully offer you the luckier end of the bargain.

Here is the list of 34 pallet wall DIY plans:

1) Mixed Wood Wall

Image source:

With only $40 on hand, you can already successfully upgrade your home areas with the mixed wood wall DIY project. Also best achieved by using the reclaimed wood plank, the DIY output yields a fresh new look in your home.

Its $40-dollar budget cost can actually be toned down to the least figure depending on how much of the working materials are readily available in your home.

The mixed wood wall is more or less popular because of its balanced worn and fresh accents. You can further these accents by varnishing the fresher section of the wood and then vice-versa when you are buying a new one. The mixing magic, upon unlocking its secret through the DIY tutorials, should turn out to be a simple concoction in the end.

Common construction materials involved in completing the mixed wood wall are cheap wood paneling, reclaimed/purchased wood pallet plank, paper towels/rags, paneling nails, milter saw, Minwax classic grey, Minwax stain, etc. More materials might be involved along the way but these should not concern much.

A masterful hold of the woodworking craft is necessary for the entire effort. Varied techniques for attaching the wood panels all agree to be governed by the general woodworking principles. If you are new to the business, it would be helpful to stimulate yourself with a few wood cutting exercises.

2) Bathroom Plank Wall

Image source:

Installing a wall plank in your bathroom ups its energy. Such an effort is guaranteed to give your private space a new feel. You can behold this pallet wood wall forever while being submerged in the tub.

Depending on the mixture of colors, wood walls can potentially balance the energy in your bathing area-  keeping the cool while sucking in the brightness from the outside.

There are plenty of wood colors that blend perfectly with the bathroom décor. But nothing can beat the magic of a newly discovered color. I, myself, have eternally opened and offered myself to surprises.

Fortunately, it did not take long until I came across a discovery- a blog that talks about the undeniable beauty of a weather wood stain color.

Instantly, right after that, I tried the suggested color/tone. As expected, it did not fail me! Suppose I interest you with this prospect, I might just also insert in the spring inspired wall décor.

Why this, above everything else? Well, it just happens to have the right mixtures for refocusing visual elements in your bathroom.

If you would look closely, you will actually realize that there are potential corners in the bathroom for displaying décor moods. Beyond colors, shapes, etc., the presence of a wood per se perks up atmospheric temperature and feeling. This interplay of mood elements requires more or less, an intuitive conviction from your end.

3) Reading Nook with Wood Plank Wall

Image source:

Do you happen to be bugged by that space allowance in one corner in your home? Why not plaster a wood pallet into it and turn it into a reading nook?

In my home, for instance, there is this one eye-sore of a space in my living room. Left with no crispy idea on how to better utilize it, nay cover it from being an obvious gap, I was left tossing and tumbling in bed. But after sleepless nights, I finally conceived the idea!

Being a wide-reader myself, I found the DIY idea to be a timely discovery. The first step I did was look for any redeemable wood pallet. Fortunately, I found one. It was rough, earthy and wrinkled. It actually resembled a freshly skinned tree bark.

Did it bug me? No! It even gave me a better idea. What I did was to leave it all as it is- with the exact texture and dark brown color. After fumigating it with methyl bromide, I attached it to the wall. Alas, there it is- the best space for my reading escapade.

If you feel upgrading the reading nook wood plank’s color, my jolly- you must! The best step that you can start off is by varnishing the surface. Then you can proceed by painting it. And since it is a reading nook, it would be advisable that you attach lamps unto it. You can help yourself more with color ideas from the net.

A reading nook is a crucial part of your home. By all means, it can work beyond being a reading nook. Quality family times, movie times, dining times, etc. are sure to warm up in this specific area.

But the best thing yet about the reading nook wall pallet is its conduciveness for creativity. So, if you go over the flipside in my story and happen to not have that vacant space in your home, then you can utilize the living room instead.

4) Round Photo Collage

Image source:

The DIY Round Photo collage wood wall is more of an artwork than a home corner. Nevertheless, it is highly necessary. Just picture out your picture-filled refrigerator door in the brink of collapsing.

You must certainly be having a hard time opening it. Just imagine that- except that in this piece, it is more organized and lightened up. Camping trip pics, family adventures, travel adventures, world tours and more pictures are sure to fit in the whole piece while sustaining a singular feel.

The best thing about the photo collage wood wall piece is its construction convenience. You can go rustic over this one, sustain its color and keep it bare- it does not actually count.

The composition in the space with the pictures is what really counts over this one. You can set a permanent placement for the wood pallet if you want. On the other hand, you can arrange the photos in a temporary template.

Another chic factor by this wood wall DIY project design is its movability. Yes! You can design it to resemble a movable frame. Through the DIY guides, you will be taught how to design the wood pallet as a frame.

With this knowledge, you are actually offered another gifting option for the holidays. This chic factor shall save you from spending for your friend/family’s gift.

As mentioned earlier, the piece is intended for mobility. So, you ought to utilize a lighter wood pallet. A fine cedar wood plank will actually do. But in case you prefer a permanent, fixed, built-in-like setup, you can permanently attach it to your favorite corner in the room. Anyway, you can assemble/reassemble it later on in case of another artistic eureka.

5) Wood Letter

Image source:

The DIY pallet wood letter is another artistic offering by the wood pallet material. Using repurposed wood, you can actually beautify your home with lettered wood structures. With these letter-shaped wood blocks placed in the bedside stand, living room, dining room, hallway and receiving areas in your home or office, a solid feel is sure to be felt by everybody.

The DIY offerings herein will impress you with letter options. A wise move in the home involves shaping the initials of your family members. The DIY project options will also walk you through the construction basics of 3-dimensional framing.

In another setting (in an office), if you have ample time, you can actually design individual letters that make up words on a bigger picture. Simple and exciting, this DIY project encourages bonding in your space.

Letter-shaped pallet wood art spins a feel of mystery in your space. And since not all people are doing it, this should prove to be a novel attempt. More so, 3-dimensional letter wood designs are yet to saturate their presence in the market. Thus, the whole package of the DIY pallet wood letters definitely warrants an even wider-spread attention.

The best tones for the pallet wood letters are light, natural brown to faded colors. It is because the immediate décor signature of such project is crisp earthiness. The earthiness of the DIY already carries in cool tones.

And why make it cool? The simple answer is a balance. With a massive wood letter block, thick and solid as the kingdom- is there any chance that you can go any brighter? Suppose you wash it with bright colors, should it not hurt the eyes? But unless, again-  unless, that is your intention.

6) Rustic Wood Wall Design

Image source:

The DIY rustic wood wall design promotes crafts in visual arts and lettering. It can instantly transform your home into a countryside barn. You can write in whatever you want, considering that you have already come up with a theme. In my case, for instance, I put a barn rustic wood wall plank just above my home’s entrance door. I carved in it the phrase, “Wanderer’s Portal”.

Other great areas where you can hang the wood wall design include the kitchen, dining hall, patio, porch, restrooms and sleeping quarters. This awesome DIY project output can be assigned outdoors. Suppose you are giddy enough to give guests quite an adventure, you can place it right above your entrance gate.

Word carving on wood demands another time and focus. While such area may prove to be challenging, it is still however very much doable. To prepare yourself with the detailed craft, it is best that you sign into online workshops months ahead of your scheduled DIY effort.

After all, you need not hurry on this. In your time and pace, given the active learning, you are sure to realize the project with delight and satisfaction. Take your time and learn all you can on wood carving craft.

Wood carving is not the only option here. Suppose you are aiming for a fast DIY yield, then you can just paint your sign. Spray paints, pallet painters, and other coloring options can be laid in a way that words appear to be carved. There is a trick for the 3-dimensionality in that. You can learn all of these from the varied DIY options.

7) Barn Wood Herringbone Wall

Image source:

The Herringbone wall design pattern takes delight from a wide interest among modern home décor practitioners.  A highly symmetrical architectural pattern, it now inclines towards the more artistic nature of interior designing. The herringbone pattern is simple to put up, hence, its DIY procedures. What this DIY project need is a pack of wood pallet tiles. The number of the tiles depends on space’s dimension you are resting your eyes at.

You would be much luckier if you are refurbishing an already polished package of wood tiles. Given so, what you will only have to think about is varnishing its surface. Obviously, there is not any need for painting over herringbone design. Because, it is literally meant to be simplistic, bare and pure. Color has very less to do with the herringbone design. Its biggest star-players are shape and pattern. In case you cannot find a redeemable package, you may have to settle with your rough wood. But again, you must go through the basic process of checking/enhancing your wood quality.

Barn wood proves to be a solid nucleus of the herringbone DIY design. Sturdy, fine and naturally mold-resistant, barn woods hold architectural weights for centuries. As to which gains credit for this- that would be the wood’s source which is pine. Because of this, pine wood almost always makes it in several barn wood manufacturing areas. Like Cedar, Pine boasts of a very high-quality wood tag.

The Herringbone pattern can be realized in not more than a day. With the DIY pointers precisely followed, you are sure to finish covering your whole area within a day. In bigger cases, however, like offices, churches, and restaurants, you may have to require assistance. Depending on manpower size, the DIY project may take two or days to be set.

8) Geometric Wood Wall Art

Image source:

Another worthy addition to the classic artistic DIYs, the geometric wood wall design brings so much flavor and perkiness to that one area in your home or place that you consider a gap. The problem with the general home structures is that it sometimes leaves unwanted wall spaces in between. These gaps/spaces can be awkward in a sense that even color washing it would not save its blankness. The geometric wood design proves to be the ultimate solution to that problem.

The geometric design taps various patterns to look good. Matched patterns for the geometric wall design include herringbone, plank wood, a double herringbone pattern and many more. But you can still put in your personal, deconstructed touch to this highly geometric platform. It is all up to you. Anyhow, such DIY design is intended to be symmetrical for a fast finish. By all means, you can variate with your own patterns. The sky is the limit for this kind of project.

The best wood source for this project is any cedar/pine wood pallet blocks. The blocks will serve as the scaffolding for the piece. It is through these blocks that you get to achieve the geometric patterns of such design. You can further layer this with a plywood support or any thin wood pallet flake. It would not hurt if you buy.

The geometric wood wall design may appear to be intimidating and difficult to put up. But, it is not really the case when you begin the work. The DIY options for the design are intended to empower even the most novice of all builders. All you need is a sharp eye and ears to realize the instructions. At the end of the day, the effort is simply a product of detailed and neat working characteristic. So, it is not really that intimidating after all.

9) Photo Clipboards

Image source:

The DIY photo clipboard design offers an alternative for putting up or framing important photos in your home. It proves to be a unique photo structure option. But the best thing about this design yet is its flexibility for tweaking. Thus, you can tweak it in the most artistic way you can. Easy and practical to put up, the DIY photo clipboard should be the best alternative for framing photos.

Making the DIY photo takes only a few minutes. Why? Because it only involves the slightest clipboard wood pallet. It should not take longer than that. And since it is a lighter, thinner wood pallet material, it can easily be moved around. Arrangements of the clipboard can vary as per photo subject. Other options for arrangement include individual posting or a grouped setting like that of a gallery. This should not take an hour.

You can take independence on the subjects that you frame. By any means, you can even attach a painting or a personal favorite portrait instead. In fact, this DIY project is highly personalized. There are limitless ways that you can perk up the clipboard design. Thus, it should be the best instrument for artistic freedom.

Using reclaimed wood planks, it would be great to polish the wood material or bathe it with anti-mold solutions. It would be a double happy if you apply an anti-mold varnish on the wood surface. Such varnish solution is cheaper and safer to use. With a high-quality varnish, you may no longer have to buy expensive other coatings and finishing. After all, the clipboard would be much appreciated with an organic, rough feel.

10) Reclaimed Wood Fireplace

Image source:

The fireplace! Oh yeah! It should be the homiest, coziest part of the home. It especially becomes tres important during winter. Now, spruce it up with complete wood pallet reconstruction and you are sure to set a cabin atmosphere in your home.  The fireplace plays an important function in your home- it gathers and strengthens the family by providing warmth. The cool effect provided by the pallet wood fireplace neutralizes the general tone. Thus, this mixture further results in a highly cozy atmosphere.

As seen of it, the reclaimed wood fireplace tends to be the most challenging DIY to realize. It is challenging as per cutting procedure, wood placement, and architectural planning. Adding fuel to the fire, the precise dimensions of the fireplace wall corner can be unpredictable. Thus, changes in the dimension are to be expected with the fireplace spruce-up business. The fireplace size can ultimately vary on depth enhancement. So the best that you can do to avoid complications is to flatly structure your fireplace beforehand. But, that is just the surface of it. The whole effort of fitting your reclaimed wood to the corner is another complex story to tell.

In most cases involving this type of DIY project, contractors and assisting architects are being tapped. Under professional help, you can expect this DIY project to be realized within a day. Doing it alone, though doable, can guarantee you a-two-or-more day working period. But if you are up to the challenge, it should not be a problem.

The DIY procedures for this project will teach you to wear protective gears, especially eye goggles. It is important that you put on protection because the project would involve laborious drilling, sawing, welding, etc. The whole effort of upgrading the fireplace with wood pallet is expected to demand the involvement of metal/steel for structuring. So, it is highly recommended that you follow the DIY instructions to the tee.

33 Pallet Bench DIY Ideas

Do you have some pallets lying around? Rather than throw them away, why not turn them into something that is worthwhile and functional?

There are different furniture options for you to choose from. Among them are making pallet benches. Usually, a bench made out of other materials is expensive and limited, especially when it comes to function.

On the other hand, a DIY pallet bench will give you more freedom in terms of creativity and artistic features. If it is your first time to create a pallet bench and have no idea where to start, you have come to the right place.

We will be listing 33 pallet bench ideas for you to replicate, or alter according to your personal taste and preferences.

1) Pallet Skull Chair

Image URL:

If you are the type of DIYer who is into creating interesting pieces of furniture, this pallet bench skull chair is a great project to start with. Of course, it is not similar to other benches that you may already be familiar with, because the design is just interesting, but this project will certainly reach out to your artistic requirements.

As a bonus feature, you can also add two glass bottle holders on both sides, making it a perfect bench if you love drinking out in your yard. The skull design is also a perfect feature if you are a fan of it.

2) Wooden Lounger Pallet Bench

Image URL:

If you want to start your own upcycling project, why not start with this wooden lounger? This project is made out of wooden pallets and is not designed as a usual bench. Rather, it comes in the form of a lounger with the ‘supposed’ backrests placed on the sides.

It is elegant in terms of design, especially when you paint it with the color white, which shows its elegance and simplicity. It will easily suit any furniture motif that you may have for your home. You can add pillows later on to complete the overall look of this interesting furniture piece.

3) Artistic Pallet Bench

Image URL:

This piece of furniture is as interesting as it looks, right? This is no doubt perfect for any artistic DIYer out there. This creative and well-designed chair is made using repurposed wooden pallets. With this project, you no longer have to throw away those wooden pallets, saving them instead for a better use.

Whether you are planning to install this piece of furniture outside or inside your home, you will have one that will catch the attention of your guests, making it as a great conversation starter during parties and gathering. As such, this pallet bench will not just serve as a chair but also a decorative feature added to your home.

4) Singe Bench Pallets

It is quite easy to decide on making a pallet based wooden bench. However, making it interesting is up to your creativity and artistic impulses. For this specific DIY project, you can prepare the backrest in a way that the edges are not leveled up so that they do not look as standard as they are.

This will definitely show the personality that you have, as well the output that you are trying to achieve. You can opt to paint these benches in order to look even more appealing, yet you can also choose to let it keep its natural color so that it will retain a natural, and even rustic look.

5) Pallet Bench for Plants

Image URL:

Pallet benches are not just for people to use as a furniture to sit down to, but also a perfect storage for plants in the garden. This specific pallet bench project is designed for outdoor, garden use, where you can arrange your plants easily. If you are not using it for such purpose, you can simply turn it to its original design, that of a bench.

This project will certainly be an amazing way for you to display your flowers. Its dimension is at about 24x28x8, though you can always alter it according to your needs and preferences. While you can paint this bench, you can leave it the way it is to make it as natural as possible.

6) Long Outdoor Bench

Image URL:

A single pallet bench may be good enough, but a longer one will invite other people in. Painting it with white even makes it more elegant when left outside under the refreshing light of the sun. Rather than throw away those extra pallets, turning them into something that is a combination of being creative and functional is a good idea.

You can also opt to paint it using other colors so that it will best represent your unique personality. When left out in a garden or yard, this single pallet bench will no doubt become an interesting addition to your home.

7) Simple Pallet Bench

What makes this pallet bench a simple one is that it is made out of one pallet that is cut in half. That’s it. This means that this project is very simple to build, and is perfect if you consider yourself as a beginner in the DIY woodworking world.

You can also opt to paint this bench, especially if this is meant to be stored in an indoor space. All you need to do to make it even more appealing is to add the right cushions and pillows. On the other hand, some choose to leave it as natural as it is when placed in an outdoor location.

8) Rustic Pallet Bench

Image URL:

Why not create a romantic ambiance in your garden by creating this rustic pallet loveseat bench? You can choose the color to paint this pallet bench, but it is better to choose a rustic look as it is perfect for an outdoor yard or garden.

It is big enough for two, especially for your partner and you, making it a romantic place to have a date without unnecessarily going anywhere. You can create a single bench, or make another one to create a complete set for your outdoor area.

9) Wood Pallet Corner Bench

Image URL:

If you have enough pallets to create something into an interesting furniture piece, why not try this corner pallet bench instead? It is big enough to host a number of friends, and it can also be painted with any color of your preference.

You may also just leave it the way it is so that it will help retain its natural look. This furniture project is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, and it will certainly capture the attention of your visitors, families, and friends. Why not create one now and showcase your artistic side?

10) Reclaimed Pallet Bench

Yes, you have heard it right! It is possible to create a bench out of reclaimed pallet wood. In fact, there are a lot of items that you can especially make out of these seemingly worthless pieces of wood. The top of the bench is made out of laminated strips, giving it a more elegant touch.

This pallet bench design is a simple one, as it does not come with a backrest. You can start with this project if you are looking for an easy to build wooden pallet bench. You can even explore further on your artistic impulses and create a pallet bench that will also reflect your personality and preferences.

31 Pallet Bookshelf DIY Plans

If you are the type of person who loves books, we would not be shocked by seeing your place teeming with books of different kinds and shapes. If you feel that your books are going out of hand, perhaps it is time for you to get a bookshelf.

True, it is quite easy to find a bookshelf because all you have to do is to buy one from your favorite school supply store. However, looking for one that will satisfy your personal requirements and preferences may turn out to be challenging.

One solution to this problem is making a DIY, customized bookshelf. Out of what material, you may ask? You do not need to look elsewhere. Have you found pieces of pallets that are just lying around in your house? Why not use them for your pallet bookshelf DIY project! The best part about this project is that it is affordable and very easy to make.

However, if it is your first time to make these types of project, you may be hesitant where to start. You are in the right place! We have compiled 31 pallet bookshelf DIY plans for you to get ideas from. Why not start your very own woodworking project now, and see how fun it is!

1) No Bracket Floating Shelves

There is no doubt that floating shelves can significantly enhance any area. Rather than use up some space on drawers and ground shelves, why not make your own shelf? This project is pretty much affordable because you basically need to gather some used pallets, and other stuff to use for hanging and assembling the shelf.

While this project comes with a dimension of 31 x 7.25 x 1.5 inches, you can alter it to meet your preferred requirements. You can leave the natural color of the wood, or paint it just the way you like it.

2) Recycled Pallets DIY Bookshelf

If you are still new to DIY woodworking projects, this pallet bookshelf is a good start for you. In fact, it is so simple that you can also opt to use it, not just for your living room, but it can also serve as a pallet wall shelf, pallet wine shelf, bathroom shelf, or other ideas that you may have.

It will certainly look amazing especially if you are also interested in making other pallet furniture and projects. The good thing about these pallet projects is that you can easily customize them according to your taste, paint them to your favorite color, or opt to enjoy the natural appearance of the pallet wood.

3) Easy to Make Pallet Shelf

Image URL:

If you do not really need a big pallet shelf, but just a simple one where you can store some of your small books, or leaflets perhaps, this easy to make pallet shelf is a good project for you to start with.

All you need to do is to perform some cutting and sanding, and that’s it! You can already have your very own homemade pallet shelves. Check the guide out to see how you can replicate it for your own woodworking project.

4) Pallet Bookshelf DIY

Old pallets are usually thrown away because we often think that there is nothing else to use them for. Think again. Why not create a pallet bookshelf and start organizing your books at home? This specific project is designed as a bookshelf for a child’s room.

You can alter the dimensions of the pallet, and choose any color that you think is good for the room. This project uses white, as it easily matches with any color motif of the room, and enhances the visibility of the books that are being arranged in the shelf. Before you throw your used pallet, why not come up with a project and recycle them!

5) Single Layer Book and Magazines Pallet Shelf

Image URL:

This shelf is mounted on a wall, which means that it is a good option to consider especially if you need to save up some space, or if you only have limited space in your house. You can create it and attach along the wall of your room.

For this project, you may need some pallet planks that can easily be fixed along the wall, allowing you to keep your magazines, books, novels, or even periodicals neat and organized.

The planks can be attached to the wall using steel clippers. To even make it more attractive, you can also choose to paint these shelves, matching the color with that of the color of the wall.

6) Multi-Layer Pallet Bookshelf

Image URL:

If there’s a number of books that you need to stack, you definitely need more than one or two layers of shelves. This DIY plan for a pallet bookshelf is the perfect one for you. Notice the way how the pallets were arranged to form the boxes forming each layer of the shelves.

You can choose to paint the final output, or just keep it the way it is with just some wood furnishing in order to retain the natural appeal of the project. The best thing about this project is that it is quite obvious how stable and sturdy it is, compared to plastic bookshelves.

7) Standing Pallet Bookshelf

Image URL:

If you have enough space and height in your house, this tall, standing bookshelf will surely satisfy your preferences! You can either fill it with your favorite books or not worry that it will collapse, because the fact that it is made out of wooden pallets suggest that it is a sturdy piece of furniture.

On the other hand, if you do not want to fill it completely with books, what you have is a project that will also double up as a beautiful décor for your home. Nobody would be able to tell that this standing piece of furniture is made of unused wooden pallets which are too precious to throw away.

This very interesting and artistically created project will surely catch the attention of your guests at home.

8) Rustic Pallet Bookshelf

Interested in making your room oozing with a rustic appeal? Why not try this rustic pallet shelf? The main purpose of this DIY project is supposedly for a bathroom shelf and a towel rack in one.

However, this can also serve as a good pallet bookshelf as you can simply change the dimensions to ensure that the books will fit the layers of the shelf.

To keep the natural appeal of the wood, you can treat it and give it a rustic look. This project is perfect if you want to create a bookshelf while thinking about your budget. You can simply pick up some pallet and scrap woods which may be laying around, and it them into a rustic masterpiece.

9) Cute Children Pallet Bookshelf

Image URL:

If you want your little one to develop a love for reading, while also encouraging him or her to be organized with books, this project is no doubt a good option to take into consideration.

All you need to do is to make sure that you are painting your bookshelf using the color that is the favorite of your child.

This will not just look appealing, but will also encourage your child to keep it tidy and neat. You can then display your child’s favorite books, while also making this piece a good décor for your home.

It is a project that is easy to do. In fact, you just need to attach together wooden pallets in a way that looks organized and pleasant.

10) Wooden Pallet Bookcase

If you notice your books starting to pile up inside your home, it may be time for you to get a bookshelf. However, if you do not want to spend a lot of money on purchasing one of those commercialized bookshelves, why not create a DIY pallet bookcase project?

This project is made out of pallet lying around, which means that the only investment that you have are for the nails and a certain amount of skills and creativity. This design is pretty simple.

All you have to do is to create a number of layers for the shelves, depending on the number of books that you have. With this affordable bookshelf, you can finally organize your stuff at home.

30 Pallet Project Ideas That Sell & Make Money

They say by doing something you love, you will never have to work in your life. Many woodworking DIY and DIY hobbyists have turned their simple pastime into a profitable business. A great tip to begin, start slow and simple. You can always start from your own garage before jumping off to a bigger scale.

Woodworking projects may vary from simple wall decors and signboards to custom furniture sets. As a hobby by millions of people, this is not just a great activity but a very profitable one. Of course, your first projects should target a market you can easily reach for the profits to be feasible.

Woodworking DIY isn’t just constructing with your common power tools. There are various areas in woodworking DY that you can learn and discover.

1) Chairs

Via Easy Pallet Ideas

With minimal tools and materials, this do-it-yourself stool offers a stylish bar replica you may desire for your own home or business. It is very easy to do that you can accomplish several in a couple of hours. 

Consisting of planks from dismantled pallet wood and pallet beams for the legs and support, this simple design can be turned into a trendy or rustic bar stool which you can also vary in height. The seat is formed by laying out the planks into stripes and cutting it to form a square. It is then added with the beams for support.

Starting your business at home is the most cost-effective first step you can take. If your jumping from a hobby to a business, you might have already been using your own property as your workshop. This minimizes your expenses and maximizes your profits, at least for your startup.

2) Herb Garden

Via Morning Chores

Pallet gardens are very popular for its offered style and growing space. It is also very simple as it does not involve too much woodwork than other DIY’s. Many pallet gardens simply require finding the right pallet wood.

This DIY, especially, only requires a few tweaks on the pallet wood to create a vertical growing space. Simply add your pots into the pallet wood spaces and hang the pallet on the walls of your garden. You can also add your design and paint it to your look and feel.

In addition to avoiding rent or lease payments, you can save up travel expenses and effort in using your own garage. Just a few tweaks and you can have an office and workplace at home.

3) Headboard

Via Stylizimo

There is no need to get into the market to acquire a rustic and trendy headboard for your bed. You can do-it-yourself with the right size and color of pallet wood.

In this DIY, the natural color from this headboard coming from the bare wood adds personality to your bedroom. Of course, this can be varnished or painted to your bedroom theme.

As a startup, you may have to start small, with minor projects that do not take up a lot of space. Having a garage workspace does introduce a few negatives such as the availability of space. Unless you have a huge garage, producing large carpentry projects is not feasible.

4) Wood Backsplash

Via Circadee

Pallet planks from woods can be used for various decors such as this backsplash. This wood backsplash is made from old shipping pallets that adds to its old look. For a finish like this DIY project, using a mix of stained pallets are the key.

The vintage appearance and texture of the backsplash are credited to the weathered oak used. The process to this furnishing is very straightforward and simple.

It only needs same cut pallet planks mixed up to configure its look and adhering it to the walls with liquid nails. Just make sure to scrub the pallets clean especially if you are using old pallets.

There is also a setback if you live in a residential area. Woodworking DIY can get extremely noisy which could upset your neighbors. Be careful about picking out your power tools and make sure to choose the one lesser noise.

5) Wooden Bookshelf

Via Jenwoodhouse

This reclaimed wood DIY bookshelf uses 2×10 and 2×4 boards as a base and topped with pallet woods for its look. The project requires 6 pieces of each of 2x4x8 and 2x10x8 boards and 4 bundles of pallet parts for the bookshelf itself.

You can use variously sized crates to measure the shelves spacing for efficiency. The build was joined using ½ inch wood screws, ½ inch brad nails, and wood glue.

The few cons should not hinder you from starting out your own woodworking DIY business. You may start small but the variety of projects you can start with is vast. If you’re into artsy stuff, you can start with customizing signboards or small decorated wall furnishings.

6) Porch Swing

Via Hometalk

This porch swing is based from standard porch swing plans except for its curved pattern and style. As well as any other plan, you can vary a standard scheme with your own pattern and hand art.

This pallet project uses several pallet planks from dismantled pallet wood for its reclined back and seat. For its arm support and apron, you can use thicker pallet parts.

Targeting a specific market helps when you’re trying to sell your projects. You can profit quickly if you have a theme or focus before expanding your scope. As you gradually gain a bigger market, you can also start growing your business and get out of your garage onto a bigger workspace.

7) Outdoor Lounge

Via Instructables

For a low-cost but stylish outdoor lounge, you can always do-it-yourself with this pallet wood project. Pallet wood projects are less costly than using other types of wood. Many projects plan also require little woodwork, making the building simpler and efficient like this DIY.

This build requires 25 pallets, specifically 10 EURO and 15 pallets without gaps. All furniture in this set, including the flooring, only uses pallets. You can lay down the flooring to your liking, use a standard couch plan shaped into an L and layer 3 small pallets for your center table.

Woodworking DIY has been a well-regarded hobby of many. Not only is it a great pastime, it is also a very practical activity. The projects you can create from woodworking DIYis limitless. You can customize any idea and plan or start from your own scratch. Woodworking DIYis simply creating an idea from wood.

8) Wall Decors

Via iseeidoimake

Cost-effective wall decors can also be created from a wood pallet. This wood pallet wall shelf accents the room with a gorgeous décor you can easily make yourself with cheap or recycled pallets.

The weathered look and stains for this wall accent can be achieved by mixing up the recycled wood and adding a few wood finishing products. This product is sure to sell especially with its rustic and minimalistic look which is very popular for the current generation’s interior design.

While having a natural skill is great, woodworking DIY can be learned over time. Experience is still the greater teacher. Keep on practicing and have patience. Not all projects may turn out well as you want them to be but that’s just the process.

9) Wall Decor

Via thefrugalhomemaker

This another entry of wall décor differs from the preceding one because of its functionality. This décor adds up to the aesthetics of the house as a whole as it is added near to windows or at the fireplace. The ones at the fireplace especially give the house a very comfortable and cozy ambiance.

This style and design are very easy to sell as people are very eager to make their houses feel homier. The combinations of these decorations are done with just the simple and standard pallets you may have around. Disassembly of the pallet will be a must as you will need the slats for this project.

It will be easier if you have a reciprocating saw or a Sawzall but can be done without one nonetheless. And all the efforts will be so worth it as this will quickly and easily sell.

10) Signs

Via ana-white

Your wooden pallets lying around, or the free one you bargained at your nearest store is already a capital investment if you are willing to start making wooden pallet signs.

Each wooden pallet would regularly have 12 or more slats and around 8 to 10 stringers, you can use the stringers, but I would recommend that you discard it or use it for another project.

The real prize in this project is the slat or the plank that’s nailed on your wooden pallet frames. These planks can be pulled out from the frame, sanded or planed, primed and painted then you can finish with some lettering and you’re done with a sign.

These planks are just the perfect size and do not need much cutting unless you have another desired dimension for your sign. This rustic look is perfect for any interior or exterior design and would be a big hit in the wood market.

25 Pallet DIY Craft Project Ideas

Woodworking and pallet make a great pair. Woodworking hones your skill and precision, and the pallet is cheap and easy to find. After hours of labor, you may end up with a great decorative piece or a highly functional furniture or household item. And if you do make a mistake, you will not have wasted any large amount of money.

Regardless of your skill level or goal in pallet woodworking, you will definitely find interesting pallet crafts among the projects we have listed below. Scroll down and happy woodworking!

1) Vertical Flower Pot Base

This piece is originally intended as a display shelf for potted plants, but it is really a lot more versatile than that. We have seen these being used as holders for votive candles, small jars, and random knick-knacks. You can also extend the shelves to make a full shelf for books and other items.

This pallet craft project is great because it is easy and quick to make but resembles those expensive pieces sold at shops. You also will not have a hard time finding any material because this shelf requires only a few panels. Just make sure to use the right stain or sealant if needed, and you are good to go.


2) Christmas Decor

There is a huge variety of decorative items you can make out of pallet wood. The ones in the photo are standing ones, but you can also create hanging decor or little ones that will fit the top of your desk or stand. You can also go for other shapes, such as stars, Christmas balls, and the like.

These are also very cheap. You can easily find ribbons, beads, some felt, or any other colorful material you can use to decorate your pallet snowmen and trees. They are sold at low prices in craft stores, but you can always just use anything you already have lying around.


3) Simple Pallet Shelf

You are not a woodworker if you have not tried making a shelf. This pallet shelf is a great project for the kitchen because the design gives a suitable storage space for bottles and cans. You can also easily change the measurements for those oddly shaped items you can’t seem to find room for in your pantry.

This is an ideal pallet craft project for beginners and experienced woodworkers alike. It does not require any complicated cut or technique, it is easy and quick to build, and the cost is almost zero because you can practically use any scrap you may find in the neighborhood.


4) Rustic Tray

That rustic tray is so lovely, and we think it should for you regardless of whether you plan to use it in your own home or an accommodation business. Make sure you use good pallet wood or fill in any unsightly holes sufficiently. We recommend that you use sealants to protect it from spills.

There are many variations of this design online. You can add a cover or lid, legs, compartments, partitions, and the like. However, the bare simplicity of this rustic pallet food tray does have its own charm and vintage feel, so we would stick to this.


5) Toddler Bed Frame

What a cozy-looking bed, right? Your child will surely love this DIY pallet bed frame. The raised side gives a certain sense of security and is ideal for children who tend to fall out of bed in their sleep. You can also modify this a bit and build a similar bed for your pet, or you can make yourself a reading nook.

You can even add some touch of personality by transferring their favorite pictures to the wood or handcrafting monograms and nice sayings. We have seen versions with lights and with the pallet wood panels aligned in zig-zag.


6) Saloon Door

We love Old West saloons so much that we would build this saloon door every chance we get. You can use this as a stair gate for babies and pets. Due to the design, it should not get in the way of non-targets (you), and you can easily modify the height and the installation of the lock to prevent your child from outsmarting you.

This is not only for indoor use. With the right sealant, this can be installed outdoors too. You can use this as a garden or house gate, securing your property and adding some wild west flair to its appearance at the same time.


7) Pallet Clock

Wall clocks are important design statements. This is why you can find many clocks that are large and super intricately designed (and expensive!). The look of your clock can tell your visitors much about you! This pallet wall clock is a great addition to any room in your home or office because it is simple yet striking.

Furthermore, it is easy to build and spruce up. The particular design shown in the photo should work great with both matching and contrasting interiors, so you should not have a difficult time figuring out where to put it.


8) Coffee Or Center Table

Tables are nearly always the upcycling option for pallet crates. There is very little modification involved, but the final product is very useful and should last a long time when maintained and used properly.

The coffee or center table in the picture is a good option for small spaces. It does what it is supposed to do, it pops, and it gives you some storage space. You can find many design variations online: low and wide ones, with and without glass tops, and different shapes. There is a lot of room for your creativity.


23 Pallet Couch DIY Plans

You’ll probably consider this as one of your favorite pallet projects. A pallet couch or pallet sofa is a really nice idea, which is made of reclaimed materials like pallets, pillows, cushions, and fabric. You can use old baby mattresses for cushions and pillows from old pillow material.

A pallet couch is easy to build then you can imagine. It is a beautiful addition to your home décor in your patio, family room, or living room! Let’s find out the different pallet couch DIY plans today!

1) Pallet Sofa by dcmginty1 of Instructables

Image Source:

The first thing you have to do to build this DIY pallet sofa is to collect a bunch of pallets. In this project, the builder ended up utilizing nine average-sized pallets with the best quality ones chosen to ensure longevity. It is a good idea choosing some with stamp or wood burn in the front to add some extra detail.

Cut the pallets so they measure 27.5 inches wide. It is easy to mix and match with this size. Cut straight across the slats, removing a few inches hanging on the side.

The builder reused 2 x 4 and slide it into the gap, and the nails were reattached. You’ll make a perfect overall length of 78 x 78 inches. Old baby mattresses were used as cushions and bought some materials to complete the look. The backs were secured using 2 inches screws. The final result is a rustic style pallet couch!

2) Outdoor Couch Pallets by Wunder Mum

Image Source:   

Patio furniture is undoubtedly expensive. It is a good idea building your own DIY pallet couch to save hundreds of dollars for a patio sofa. The builder of this outdoor couch pallets built a beautiful sectional couch using pallets.

This project has 2 parts, wherein the first part shows the steps on how to build the pallet couch and the second part is how to cushions and other parts where finished.

The construction plan for this project is very simple.  The total cost for part one is only around $40 , so you just basically have to hunt down some reclaimed pallets.

The materials and tools you’ll need to include the following: 13 (reclaimed) pallets, 1 gal of seal and stain, 1 stain brush, wood pieces cut to lengths (1 x 4 ), power drill, 2 to 50 packs flat head Phillips screws (#10 x 1-3/4 inch), hammer, and sandpaper. You’ll love the final look and the savings you can get from this pallet couch project.

3) Easy-to-Make Pallet Sofa by Home Jelly

Image Source:

Once in a while, you’ll find a project that is so clever, and you want to immediately clip on a tool belt to get started. This fabulous pallet couch ticks all the boxes, building something from reclaimed materials or practically nothing.

This pallet sofa a perfect addition to any apartment, media or game room, or industrial or urban loft. Moreover, if you are in need of extra comfortable napping space, this is a comfortable sleeper that deserves a 5-star rating!

The tools and materials you need to build this DIY pallet sofa include 6 recycled wood pallets (24″ x 24″ x 5 1/2″), 5 sheets of sandpaper (assorted grit), paint, paint brushes, 3 inches flexible foam measuring at 4″ x 24″ x 72″ (high density upholstery), furniture fabric, flat brackets, screws, and hand sander.

It is important to sand the outer surface of the wood pallets and pays attention to the corners and edges. The pallets are painted with the desired color. The final look is stunning!

4) Pallet Patio Sofa Furniture by Place of My Taste

Image Source:

This project is a total pallet furniture including a patio sofa. You’ll never imagine how this project was perfectly done because it is so beautiful with a fresh and new look. The furniture was painted matching the color of the owner’s deck.

The pallet sofa is stunning using reclaimed pallets. The table was made from pellets as well. An old umbrella was kept and placed on the hole in the middle of the pallet table. The table also got some nice wheels for portability.

When it comes to the cushioning, the foam was covered with an outdoor fabric. Bright colors were chosen to give the patio a bright and uplifting effect, matching the summer theme.

The builder also plans to add additional touches like carpet once the best deals start! You can build your own DIY pallet sofa and furniture set with a little bit of creativity and carpentry skills. You’ll love every step of the project!

5) Pallet Upholstered Sofa by Easy Pallet Ideas

Image Source:  

This is a tutorial about building a DIY pallet upholstered sofa. You can choose the durable and sturdy stock of pallets you have available. Soften the edges with the use of fabric stripes so the sharp edges won’t pass through the cover.

Cover the entire sofa frame once the edges are softened using a heavy-duty cotton fabric. You can also use a canvas cover for a more fashionable look.

When it comes to making a rustic wooden sofa frame, you need a scissor, some fabrics, and a nail gun. This is a pellet L-sofa that is a perfect addition to your patio or deck. Use a high-density foam and choose the thicker one for superior comfort.

Complete your entire pallet upholstered sofa set with a coffee table also made of pallet boards rectangular shapes. Building your own pallet sofa is easy to do with the right tools and materials at hand, saving you hundreds of dollars over new furniture pieces.

6) Rustic Pallet Sofa by Funky Junk Interiors

Image Source:   

If you want something unique, this two full pallet chair is definitely for you. All you need to think of is preparing reclaimed wood pallets and basic tools and materials. You can create a rustic and cool pallet wood sofa in just a couple of hours and enjoy the fresh air on your patio or deck.

For the pillows or cushions, you can use the sacks of burlap coffee beans, which act as giant pillowcases that you can tuck in place. You can find cheap bean sacks at your local coffee roasters or online marketplaces like eBay.

You don’t have to conceal the crate markings of the wood, you can consider them as a form of artwork which looks really cool and funky. The builder built each arm differently by using a sign made on a board and cut to size.

This is considered an antique pallet wood sofa with a touch of rustic style. Of course, the size of the pallets you will be choosing will determine the final size of the sofa.

7) Outdoor Pallet Bench

Image Source:  

For a beginner, I chose a wood pallet built of a rot-resistant oak whose slats were at 1/2 inch thick. Remember that the fewer cracks, rot, and splintering, the better.

The materials you need include pallet wood, made of pressure-treated lumber and sturdy oak, 2×4 8 feet pressure-treated, 2 ½ inches deck screws, and a box of star-headed. You’ll also need a circular saw or a reciprocating saw, hammer, nail-pulling crowbar, power screw gun, marker, tape measure, and carpenter’s square. You don’t need drills.

The completion time for this pallet sofa project is 2 to 3 hours. The construction process involves transforming the wood pallet into a bench. The builder chose 48 inches oak pallet.

The seat back measures 17 inches tall. The next step is cutting the pallets and creating the bench back. Next, the armrest and leg supports were made. This DIY rustic pallet sofa is easy to do without complicated cuts. You don’t have to possess in-depth carpentry or technical skills to create one.

8) Modular Sectional Pallet Lounge

Image Source:  

The construction of this project has varying measurements from the other pieces. After you attach the back slats, you need to nail the corner to post the other slats and corner post.

You can set up the wood pallets in different ways. You can use leftover pallets and make cushions out of old pillows. You can also buy a cushion at Target.

The total cost to build this pallet lounge is $225-$250 with an ottoman and coffee table included. Really cheap than buying a new furniture set. Even a beginner can build this pallet modular sectional lounge.

It is a great addition to any outdoor space like your deck or patio. If you have a summer house, it is a good idea for building one like this. Furthermore, you can enhance your carpentry skills with a really huge project.

9) Modern Look and Minimalist Pallet Sofa by Scrap Hacker

Image Source:  

Do you want a modern but cheap furniture? Worry no more because you can definitely make one using this DIY free plan.

To achieve this modern look, the tools and materials you’ll need are wood planks, square beams, joining plates, angle irons, hinges, screws, handsaw, screwdriver, sandpaper, paintbrush, filler, paint, wood sealer.

The steps include using a handsaw to divide the pallets, turning upside and adding the legs, fastening legs with angle irons, reinforcing by adding joint plates, attaching the back, and joining the plates.

The final product was sealed and painted white. The result is a modern-looking sofa made of pallet wood. It is easy to build and cheap, plus you can enhance and challenge your carpentry and creative skills. You can use the reclaimed woods or pallet in your garage or storage area. It is fun to learn and build furniture using pallets!

10) Outdoor Pallet Sofa by Ironstone Nest

Image Source:

When building a pallet sofa, it is important to ensure that you have enough space to work. You will need to be spread out the pallet wood, discard the junk, and save time.

You can use your driveway. Of course, wear gloves when working on pallet woods they are not always safe. Take it easy and enjoy every process. The builder purchased wood at Home Depot for the frame measuring 3 by 3 or 4 by 4.

Instead of pulling out all the cross pieces of the wood pallets, the builder opted to rip off the ends with the use of the circular saw. The cut-down needs a lot of nail pulling. It helps to keep a bucket to catch all the nails when you’re working on a woodwork project.

Ensure comfortable sitting experience by adding some cushions or pillows. Using different tones of wood is a good idea for a more appealing look.

23 Creative Art Pallet DIY Projects

Using your creativity and carpentry skills, you create beautiful and unique pallet creative art projects. With these ideas, you can be a source of inspiration and realize how much talent you have, and at the same time enjoy every journey and save money.

You can use any available pallet woods as long as you choose heated treated pallets or those with the “HT” stamp. Let’s get started now and find the best art projects made of pallet today!

1) DIY Pallet Console Table by Kleinworth

Image Source:  

You can have a fun time in designing and building at home. Places such as the entry area to the master bedroom of the builder’s home are not wide enough so a full-size furniture piece can be placed.

However, it seemed to be lacking something and it’s not good leaving it empty. The builder decided that a console table is needed there and so the brainstorming started. The builder came up with this beautiful DIY Pallet Console Table to fill up space.

The creative artist used pallets, chalk paint, gel stain, creme wax, and a brush & I got to work. The color theme chosen was vintage with a combination of green, blue, and gray.

For the top, a plank was used that was picked up at the local hardware store, marked, and cut to size. It was sanded to smooth the edges and for a newer look. Wood screws were used to attach the plank to the pallet and metal brackets were used for stability.

2) Pallet Headboard by Cathey With an E

Image Source:

The builder originally found a wood pallet in a dumpster on their street in a neighbor’s house doing some renovation. The builder rescued the wood pallets and decided to make a headboard.

However, they were too small. But one day the artist noticed a pallet that was leaning against his dumpster. Being big and beautiful it was with subtle circular marks, it was used to create this headboard project. The slats were close together, making it a good material at that time.

The pallet was cleaned and sanded until it was really smooth. A tack cloth was used to remove all the dirt and dust. A couple of pieces were anchored into the wall at first and the pallet sat above them.

The pallet was screwed on the wall. Some vinyl decorations were used to help the pallet blend into the walls. There are many styles or designs of wall decals you can use out there that can match any room decor.

3) Beautiful Pallet Planter by Country Living

Image Source: 

Gardening is a healthy activity, allowing to flex your muscles when presenting your beautiful flowers and plants. Are you thinking of using pallets to build an upgraded planter project?

Yes, it is a great idea! The first thing you’ll want is reinforcing the slats, and nailing some 1x4s to the shelves as well as 2×4 inches to the bottom for extra support.

You can give your pallet planter with a paint job. Paint the pallet planter as you desire using available paint you have left on a major painting project or purchase an affordable paint in a hardware or online.

The final step is to stencil a nice gardening quote for a very inspiring and beautiful finishing touch. Create your very own pallet planter for your roses and daisies soon with the help of this DIY plan. It is really inspiring!

4) Travel-Inspired Pallet Wall Art

Image Source:  

You can paint a pallet wood with a uniform paint color then stencil the names of cities you have traveled or visited on your vacations. This is an easy-to-do pallet art project. In addition to this, you can mix and match it with pallet picture frames and coffee table for a complete rustic look.

It is also a good idea building a pallet mail holder or magazine holder. There are many things you can do with pallets. Be creative and use this idea to create yours.

The basic tools and materials you’ll need are sandpaper, paint, table saw, screws, screwdriver, and drill. You don’t have to be highly-skilled in carpentry to build pallet projects. It will save you a lot of money as compared to buying home decor or similar items online or in art craft stores.

5) Pallet Wine Rack by The Kurtz Corner

Image Source:  

The materials you’ll need for this pallet wine rack include wood pallet, white wood, wood screws, sandpaper, wood stains, jigsaw, miter saw, reciprocating saw, hammer paint brush, drill bit, clamps, power drill, and wood glue.

You’ll need a wood pallet without blocks for this pallet wine rack project. Remove the frame boards using a reciprocating saw and use the metal cutting blade for cutting through the nails.

Just leave the two frame boards on each end to create the starting frame of your wine rack. It will maintain the rustic look and integrity of the nails used.

Another step is laying out the boards you removed and beating the unwanted elements with a hammer! It will be the front base surface. The builder used two stains with a lighter and dark stain.

The dark stain emphasizes the beat areas and the lighter stain is used for the other parts. The next step is sanding away the excess stain. Testing your stains is important before doing the next steps.

Do it on a practice board. This is a really cool DIY pallet wood project you can do on a weekend to challenge your carpentry and planning skills. Create yours now!

6) Pallet Deck Cooler by Hollow Cottage

Image Source:  

A pallet deck cooler is a creative idea. To build this project, you need to start with the legs by using eight 2×4 feet wood pallet cut in similar length. To build each leg, use nails using two 2×4’s. This deck cooler is perfect for pool, summer, patio, deck, and porch parties. Add your style with a twist using stain and paint.

Flipping your cooler upside down and working from the bottom up will determine the depth of the cooler needing to sit in the base. It will also determine how and where to attach the legs.

Measure and make your cuts to attach the legs. Placing and nailing-in the pieces between each leg were also done. To make the lid, you can use 1 by 1.5-inch pallet wood by measuring the outside of the trim so it will close flush.

You can add a chalkboard feature as a fun element, perfect for family gatherings and celebrations. You’ll always look forward using this pallet DIY cooler on any event or occasion!

7) Wood Pallet Arrow by Love Grows Wild

Image Source:  

Add this perfect pallet project to your living room gallery wall! This is a tutorial for creating a rustic and wood pallet arrow. It is very simple to make and it adds a big shout-out for your living room, bedroom, or any room. The things you’ll need for this project include miter saw, wood pallet, clamps, screws, wood glue, sawtooth hangers, and a drill.

For the construction process, the first step you will need to do is breaking down the wood pallet. Pry the boards apart. Use a reciprocating saw and separate the boards.

The builder used two boards for this project that were left and saved for the rainy days. Cut the boards to four pieces using a miter saw. Cut a 5 ¼-inch wide pallet board to 24 inches long for the body piece (long).

For the point or tip of the arrow, cut a 5 ¼-inch wide board to 8 ½-inch long. It is formed with 2 40-degree cuts toward the center. Cut a 5 ¼-inch wide for the tail on a 45-degree angle to  7 1/2 by 5 ¾ inches.

8) Rustic Pallet Wood Clock by Thistle Woodfarms

Image Source:  

To make a pallet wood clock, you’ll need pallet boards. You can also use a reclaimed lumber. Also, you need plywood, wood glue, jigsaw, nails, gloves, and safety glasses.

The first step is to disassemble the pallet and ensure you wear gloves and safety glasses. Next, remove the wood pallet boards and rip the board down the middle. The board measures 2 ½ inches wide.

The next step is cutting out a piece of plywood measuring 24 inches in diameter. This circular clock has a diameter of 4 inches. You can lay the pallet wood pieces end to end by staggering them on top of the circle made of plywood.

The next steps include gluing, nailing, and cutting the circle. Cut the circle using a jigsaw. For the clock hands, purchase a high-torque to ensure longevity. Now, you won’t miss the time!

9) Moss Monogram by Design Dining and Diapers

Image Source:  

It is nice to decorate a house during spring or warmer temperatures. Aside from adding plenty of fresh flowers and greenery, you can try this moss monogram pallet creative project.

If you’re looking switching out your long-time winter door decor for a newer and fresher look, you can try this easy wood pallet craft today. It will be a great addition to your lovely home!

The supplies you’ll need include a pack of wood shims, preserved sheet moss, gorilla wood glue, acrylic paint, monogram stencil, glue gun, paintbrush, and 3-inch ribbon.

First, remove the wood shims and lay two shims on both sides, placing a line down the middle toward the shims. Be cautious because there might be differences in the thickness since shims aren’t even.

For the final step, add a ribbon to complete the look of your monogram moss and hang on the door or anywhere you desire.

10) Pallet World Map by The Merry Thought

Image Source:  

Are you a geography fanatic? The builder love maps and this pallet world map is really amazing!  The tools and materials and tools you need in creating this project include pallets, a hammer, saw, tracing paper, pry bar, carpenter pencil, online map, latex paint, and paintbrush. You’ll be amazed at the final result of this pallet project.

For the steps, the first thing you need to do is to pull the pallet boards apart with the use of a pry bar and hammer. Next, line up the boards on your desired configuration and saw.

Nail the pieces together using extra boards. Three were used in the middle and two for the edges. Print the world map for a 3 x 4 feet project. Use a pencil and trace on the tracing paper.

Next, follow the trace lines you have drawn on the pallet boards with a black permanent marker. Apply paint and color the continents.

20 Pallet Herb Garden DIY Plans

Having a herb garden is a practical way of saving cost on the spice, but it can be a hassle to figure out how and where to plant these herbs.

Good news for you, if you know some woodworking skills, have some basic carpentry tools and have a few hours to spend then you can create your garden by yourself.

No more worries about the expensive costs of a garden or growing the herbs and no worries on how you’re going to do it either because I have a list of the best plans for a DIY herb garden for you!

Here are 20 DIY Pallet Herb Garden Plans that you’ll find easy to follow.

1) Vertical Box Herb Garden

Via Morning Chores

This DIY Pallet Herb Garden is a unique twist to a box pallet. It’s easy to follow instructions are great for beginner DIY-ers and can be done in under just one weekend.

It includes dismantling your old wooden pallets and rearranging them into a box. Having the box vertical is a lot more space efficient than having it stand horizontally.

2) Hanging Vertical Herb Garden

Via Zina Wright

This DIY is perfect for those who want an Herb Garden plus a house décor. This Vertical Herb garden is an easy to follow DIY Plan from Zina Wright and she does not only talk about DIY-ing the herb garden, she also talks about the herbs themselves.

3) Multiple Pallet Herb Garden

Via One Hundred Dollars A Month

I personally like just how practical this DIY Pallet Garden Plan is. This plan does not require woodworking skills, all you need is your old wooden pallet. 

If you don’t have one, you can easily buy one at the junk’s or shipping companies that are disposing of their old ones, so practically this cost zero money to create. Except for the organic soil and herb seeds of course!

4) Varnished Pallet Herb Garden

Via Ginger Snap Crafts

This DIY Herb Garden Plan talks about using newer wood to create this pretty herb garden stand, but I can guarantee that you can switch out the new and regular wood to your wooden pallet planks and it would be the same. If you have minimal woodworking skills, specifically cutting and hammering then this DIY herb garden will be a breeze for you.

5) Pallet Herb Garden Crate

Via DIY Enthusiasts

This self-standing DIY Pallet Herb Garden is nothing really special from a wooden pallet. This plan requires little carpentry skills and strength for dismantling your pallet with a crowbar.

But overall, this plan is perfect for novice DIY-ers and those herb garden enthusiasts. Did I mention that it also stands?

6) Outdoor Pallet Herb Garden Stand

Via DIY Show Off

DIY Show Off gives a detailed step-by-step instruction and plan on how to do this DIY Pallet Herb Garden. And yes, it does look fancier than most on the list and even has its own stand, but you can rest assured that this is easy to follow and do project and costs very little money. Finished with a little paint, this herb garden is perfect for outdoor patio or garden.

7) Pallet Herb Garden And Strawberry Farm

Via Lovely Greens

This Herb Garden also works as a strawberry farm. Although it might look a little complex and different from its original look, this is actually very easy to do from a pallet. If you have a crowbar, some basic woodworking tools, and the patience for a bit of carpentry work, then this project is perfect for you.

8) Pallet Herb Garden Stand

Via 1 Million Women

This DIY Pallet Herb Garden is a vertical hanging garden that was placed on a balcony. Proves to say that this kind of DIY project is not only for those who have big backyards or spaces.

I mean sure, you would need some space or probably a workshop to do this DIY but the actual wooden product itself is cheap and space saving. Perfect for those who want to grow their own herbs at home.

9) Easy Pallet Herb Garden

Via DIY Network

This is also one of the easier ones out of this DIY Pallet Garden Plans list. This project requires minimal carpentry skills. You don’t actually have to work on the pallet to change what it looks like, instead, this plan details the process on how to hammer the covers and put the soil and herb plants in the pallet itself. Excellent for those who want to start their herb gardening in the next few hours or so.

10) Labelled Pallet Herb Garden

Via 99 Pallet Ideas

This is one of my favorites. If you’re looking to add some herbs in your garden but you’re running out of the soil, then you can definitely check this plan out. It does an amazing trick on doubling the soil space by having a hanging vertical planter. And as an added bonus, you can paint the front planks and write the names of your herbs, so you never mistake your Parsley for a Coriander.

20 Pallet Deck DIY Plans

There are so many benefits to building a deck for your home. A well-made deck improves the appearance of your home and therefore increases its value.

It can also serve as an outdoor area for the family and for entertaining guests. Finally, compared with home additions, deck additions are easier and quicker to build and are way less intrusive.

Luckily, there is an even cheaper and easier way of building your home a nice deck. You can buy super cheap pallets online or gather discarded ones around your neighborhood for free. Here are some nice pallet deck DIY plans you can follow.

1) High-Elevation Two-Level Deck

This high-elevation deck plan features two levels. It is unique in that it has two flights of stairs with one landing. The top level gives access to the house and can be used for grilling and barbecue, whereas the bottom level can serve as the main area for dining and entertaining guests.

The gorgeous cascading stairs on the bottom deck is very visually appealing and helps fuse the enormous structure into the environment. This is a great addition to your home, especially if there are no little tykes around and you have plenty of time on your hands!


2) Simple High-Elevation Deck

We love how the curved elements of this high-elevation deck look very classy yet so simple. The top area is great for entertaining guests or as an outdoor dining area. The curved bay provides a great vantage point, so this may be ideal for a side of your home that faces a scenic view of the landscape or cityscape.

The switchback staircase’s landing, which also features the same curved bay of the top deck, is another good area for chatting, and it is a lot more intimate.


3) Large Three-Level Deck

This huge three-level deck is a great project if you are quite an experienced woodworker and have a few days to spend toiling over lots of pallets. Obviously, this plan is for large houses. It gives nice variety in that there is somewhere to go according to your mood.

The transitions are quite smooth because of certain reductive elements fused into the design, so they do not awkwardly pop. The balanced sizes of the decks and the sweeping stairs all make this deck appear much bigger visually.


4) Small Single-Level Deck

You may find this a suitable pallet deck project if you are relatively new to building large-scale wood structures or you just really want to give your home a fairly simple deck.

The benches and planter boxes accentuate the deck nicely and further make it a great place for entertaining despite the small area. Meanwhile, the angled corners and wide stairs give the deck a certain touch of elegance, so the entire structure looks interesting despite it being small.


5) Small Pool Deck

If you are a novice builder, you can hone your woodworking skills by constructing this simple and small pallet deck for an aboveground pool. The plan is available in many different sizes, so you will surely find one that fits your pool.

The deck should be a hit among kids. You can put up a simple snack station here during a pool party or a simple dining table. This may be a small pallet deck, but it is very versatile and functional.


6) Small Basic Deck

This is a relatively simple deck that should not take too long to build and consume too many pallets. The size makes it ideal for small and medium-sized areas, and the clipped corner gives the simple design an elegant twist.

Another interesting detail is the privacy door standing opposite the stairs. It serves an important purpose and makes the deck more aesthetically pleasing at the same time. This is an easy build and therefore ideal for new woodworkers.


7) Two-Level Deck With Recessed Tub

If you have some experience with woodworking and know quite a number of techniques already, you may find this two-level pallet deck a suitable project. It has a recessed area for a hot tub and a big space for entertaining guests, grilling, and/or dining.

Two sides of the hot tub are surrounded by planter boxes, which improve the overall look of the deck. As a whole, the deck is very Instagrammable and looks great to hang out in.


8) Deck With Curved Bay

This is a simpler version of #2. As you can see in the photo, this pallet deck design highlights symmetry and therefore looks very classy. The curved bay gives you a good vantage point and looks great from any distance.

Depending on where the door is, you should be able to fit a grill by the wall. Despite the very aesthetic appearance, this one-level pallet deck is relatively easy and quick to build, so you can easily nail it (pun intended!) even as a novice woodworker.


9) Medium Pool Deck

This pallet deck for aboveground pools may be relatively large, but the design is quite simple and is hence ideal even if you are new to woodworking. The plan is for a 17’ x 20’ deck that wraps around a quarter of an aboveground pool measuring 52” high and 24’ wide.

The overall area is 249 square feet, which should be spacious enough for some small furniture pieces. The good thing about the plain and bare look of this deck is that you are free to decorate it whichever way you like.


10) Covered Porch Deck

It’s about time we mentioned a covered deck here. Sure, you can always add a roof to any of the previous pallet deck plans we have shown, but it is still better if you can visualize the entire design put together.

This is a great project if you are a beginner wanting to try your hand out at building decks and roofs. Needless to say, this suits homes in regions with bad climates because it keeps you dry while looking stylish.


18 Pallet Nightstand DIY Plans

Woodworking makes almost everything possible: from enormous wardrobes to tiny phone stands and everything else in between! One of the most common projects you can do is the classic nightstand, and you can do this even with cheap or free pallet wood!

A well-built pallet nightstand will be very useful and should last you a long time. It may even become a stylish, eye-catching piece that will stand out in your bedroom. Here are some pallet nightstand ideas you can work on. Happy woodworking!

1) Simple Pallet Nightstand

Always start simple. Get to know your material and the basic techniques first, and then slowly work your way up to more complex patterns and designs. This pallet nightstand is very plain and simple yet elegant in its own little way.

The design is fairly straightforward and simple, so you should not have a hard time or consume too much time completing this project. We hope you have a grand time working on your first nightstand!


2) Pallet Nightstand With Deep Drawers

We love how the contrasting lines give this nightstand a lot of character. It’s also very quirky how the panels covering the drawers create the impression that there are many small drawers instead of just two deep ones.

This would look great not just in rustic-themed rooms but also in relatively modern interiors. We think this will definitely stand out and make a statement. Its simple but unique design is sure to catch your guests’ attention.


3) Chic Polished Pallet Nightstand

If you are going for a rustic/minimalist or shabby chic/minimalist look for your room, try putting this piece by your bed. It has a small footprint and a very simple construction, but the design on the table top gives the entire piece a splash of aesthetic appeal. This is just like those pieces you can commonly find on furniture shops selling handmade but excessively priced furniture.


4) Pallet Nightstand With Cute Cutout

There is nothing wrong with going traditional. After all, the convention would not have become what it is if it was not liked by many people to begin with. This traditional design is easy to pull off using free, discarded pallet wood.

This is ideal for spacious rooms. The nightstand looks very solid but at the same time bulky, so if you put it in a small room with many items already, it can make the space look even more cramped.


5) Bright And Colorful Pallet Nightstand

This is a very refreshing and youthful take on upcycled pallet furniture. The entire item is very simple but should not fail to give a room a nice touch of color. This is an ideal piece for kids’ rooms or any part of the room you want to decorate with artistic flair.

Go for white if you want a clean-looking piece that makes the room look more spacious, dark colors if you want a striking effect, and pastels if you want something quirky.


6) Hollow Pallet Nightstand

The uniqueness of this pallet nightstand makes it very captivating. There is a lot you can do with the vertical space inside what is essentially a crate lying on its side.

You can create a look opposite that in the photo and go for a modern lamp in place of the one in the picture. The contrast will make both the nightstand and the lamp pop. This is a great project to work on if you are aiming for a head-turning piece that can be built easily.  


7) 2-Drawer Pallet Nightstand

This is a slightly different version of the pallet nightstand with the heart cutout in the drawer. We like this more because although it has ordinary details, it is pretty and highly functional.

You can build this for yourself or gift it to a no-nonsense friend who is all about utilitarian furniture pieces. Overall, it looks very solid and sturdy. You can put a lamp on top and use the open shelf underneath for phones, tablets, chargers, and other things you need to pull out constantly.


8) Modern Pallet Nightstand

We absolutely adore this modern pallet side table because we are all about minimalist design and because it shows you that you do not have to get suckered into those pricey furniture pieces in shops.

As you can see in the photo, the design and construction are very simple, so you should be able to build this quickly and easily. You can also experiment with different paint colors and stains to produce so many attractive looks for your pallet nightstand.


9) Pallet Nightstand With A Diagonal Pattern

We love the look of this pallet nightstand because it is traditional with a twist. The legs and the shelves all look quite ordinary, but the diagonal pattern on the tabletop makes the entire piece look unique.

This project should suit you well regardless of whether you are a novice or an experienced woodworker. This is a good way to practice cutting precision, given that you need to make diagonal cuts on several panels while making sure everything looks perfectly even.


17 Pallet Flooring Patterns DIY Ideas

It is a common fact that pallets serve little use after their primary usage in the ships. Throughout their entire journey, these pallets are exposed to several conditions, thus receiving a lot of marks, spots, and signs of wear and tear all over their surfaces. Should you just throw them because of that?

Not necessarily!

All these wooden imperfections only make these pallets interesting to work with. Why not give these loyal pallets another chance at making people happy?

In fact, there are a lot of projects that you can do with these rustic and appealing pallets. One of them is pallet flooring. These pallet flooring patterns and projects can serve as your inspiration in your next project.

Keep in mind that these pallets are just there, but it is up to you to implement your creativity and artistic capabilities. It all depends how you rock your floors using these pallets, thus making your entire interior space amazingly attractive.

As a bonus, these pallet flooring will also protect your interior floors from getting damaged because of cold winters!

1) Wide Pallets

Image URL:

What makes this pallet flooring pattern a unique one is that the pallets look wide. While it is possible for you to get those wide pallets, you can also create the look by putting two pallets of similar features together, making them look like a single, wide pallet.

Place the tandem next to a wide pallet, and it will not look like they were single pallets combined together. This plan can easily be crafted not just for your indoor flooring, but can also be done for your terrace area, and expect this project to enhance the beauty of your area in a very attractive way.

This improvised wooden pallet flooring will certainly be a perfect place for your family and friends to gather. You just need to place a couch, whether wooden or not, and decorate with cushions that will further complete the ambiance of your enhanced living room space!

2) Kaleidoscopic Pattern

Image URL:×72@2x.jpg

Thinking that you are only limited by the number of patterns and projects that you can do with your pallet flooring? Think again. After all, there are a lot of styles and designs that you can implement, given that you use your creative thinking.

For this specific example, you can create a kaleidoscopic pattern for your flooring by arranging the wooden pallets accordingly. Enhance the output by painting the colors in a way that will further emphasize the artistic pattern that you are trying to create.

You can start with this basic pattern, and further explore on kaleidoscopic patterns later on for a more creative floor!

If you think of it, this pattern may also be used, not just for your floors at home, but even for your walls at the same time. There are also wooden pallet projects for walls. This will certainly result in an interesting wall for your home.

3) Kitchen Floor

Image URL:

This design is not just elegant, but very attractive to look at. The use of wooden pallets can also reach as far as your kitchen area. This gorgeous project is crafted intelligently and smart, thus providing you with an exceptional output, at a very affordable price.

After all, all you need are the pallets that are lying around, some wood treatments and paints, and your artistic imagination. This project is not just an ideal option for kitchen areas, but it can also be done for hospital floor renovation at the same time. The arrangement of the pallets is just basic, which means that there is no need for you to form some patterns.

If you are not fond of wooden floors, this project will certainly change your mind! Enhance the way that your kitchen looks, and start inviting family and friends over, showing them your latest project! Include this project in your next renovation plan, and your floor will become the talk of the town!

4) Charming Café Floor

Image URL:

Are you fond of visiting cafes with interesting wood floor patterns and want to create your very own café with an interesting floor plan? Why not use pallets instead of regular lumber wood? For this project, come up with a charming pallet flooring using recycled wooden pallets.

This project may look like those expensive wooden floors from fancy cafes and restaurants out there but there is no need for you to spend a lot of money because you can construct this floor entirely out of those seemingly useless stacks of wooden pallets. You have the option to paint the pallets so as to create an even appealing floor plan.

If you do not own a café but would like to still have a similar pattern for your flooring project, why not? You can still use this pattern for your home, and totally change the ambiance and feel of your own abode.

5) Restaurant Pallet Flooring

Image URL:

Looks like a real fancy restaurant right? True, the fixtures and tables may have something to do with it, but what really stands out in this image is the wooden floor. The thing is, this is not just regular wood, because it is constructed completely using stacks of wooden pallets.

While not sacrificing or compromising the quality of the overall restaurant place, this pallet flooring certainly improves the ambiance of the place, giving it a more luxurious look because of the contrast that it gives to the rest of the things in the area. You may also want to have this project for your floors at home, especially in your kitchen area.

The thing about wood pallets is that they leave you with much freedom when it comes to choosing the color, pattern, and style of application. Therefore, get the basics of this project, and incorporate your very own creativity as you start creating your own project at home!

6) Light Colored Hallway Pallet Flooring

Image URL:

Your hallway leading to your stairs at home will certainly make the place a very elegant one by using pallet flooring. For this specific project, the pallets were left in a lighter colored state so that they provide a contrast to the darker color of the borders of the walls.

As a result, there is an interesting play of colors in the final output of the project. You have the option to choose the direction of the pallets, though it would be recommended to place them in the same direction as your stairs so that it will not create a conflicting, awkward look.

This project is perfect as a hallway flooring project. You may also copy the same style and pattern for your bedroom floors, or even in the living room, depending on your preferences and requirements. Create an impressive pattern in the most artistic way!

7) Deck Pallet Floor

Image URL:

Yes, you guessed it right! These pallet flooring projects are not just for your interior floors. In fact, they will also look great as your deck floors, just like this specific project in the image.

To make things more interesting, the DIYer decided to arrange the pallets in a diagonal way, not just to defy what is basic and common, but in order to create an even more attractive appeal.

You can choose to paint the pallets, but you can also decide in favor of leaving them with their natural colors. The best thing about having wooden pallet flooring in your deck is that it further adds to the natural look of your place.

With this pattern for a flooring project, you will certainly wow your visitors and friends with the way you have turned your deck from a normal, basic one, to a very interesting place which will make you just stay there all day.

8) Dining Room Pallet Flooring

Image URL:

Do you want to further liven the appearance of your dining area? Why not change your flooring to the usual ones that you use to a wooden one? Worried about the possible expenses? Worry no more! You can create a wooden flooring for your room without having to spend a lot of money.

All you need to do is to gather some wooden pallets that are just lying around and turn them into a masterpiece by arranging them in a way that will make them attractive in the floor. As in this project, you can choose to pain the pallets into different colors, and create a pattern that will complete the look of your project.

It is now time for you to start enhancing the way your dining room looks, and get that feeling that most restaurants with wooden flooring have. You will certainly love dining at home even better than eating out because of this.

17 Pallet Dog House DIY Plans

It has been a long-standing myth that building and crafting wooden furniture is not easy. So people usually rely on the premade wooden furniture and spend hundreds of dollars on them. But as surprising as it may be, you can DIY a wooden product with minimal woodworking skills, basic carpentry tools, and just the right plans.

If you are a dog owner, you would know how expensive dog houses can be. Some would even cost more than a hundred dollars. But you can settle and relax knowing that you can make one for yourself. In simple and easy ways and without spending more than seventy-five bucks.

A cheap and easy way to DIY your dog’s house is through wooden pallets and wood scraps that you may have lying around, or you can totally purchase some for the very little price.

Before building anything though, you would need inspiration, so make sure to check out these 17 DIY Pallet Dog House Plans:

1) Wide-Opening Pallet Dog House

Via 101 Pallet Furniture

I personally like how simple and easy this DIY is! This DIY can be compared to just building a box with an old wooden pallet, adding a top and making sure there is just a wide opening! This easy DIY dog house has a lot of room for a small and medium-sized dog to move around.

You can look at the picture above and look at the dimensions if you have a bigger dog since you would want your dog to be comfortable and not squeezed in its dog house.

This dog house has the most modern design that would also double as a home décor. If you’d like to move your dog’s house around your property or if you move a lot to different places, this DIY dog house would be a good match for most house designs.

2) Open-Air Pallet Dog House

Via Pallet Furnitures

This Open-air pallet dog house DIY is really easy and simple as it doesn’t need much dismantling.  If you have multiple dogs but want them to have their own space, this plan is great for you and your dogs, this fantastic DIY Pallet Dog House provides enough space for your dogs and you can add little air holes to keep the air flowing inside,

3) Iron-roofed Pallet Dog House

Via Easy Pallet Ideas

This DIY Pallet Dog House is roofed with a galvanized iron. If you have a larger dog, then this DIY Pallet dog house is suitable for them. This larger than the traditional dog kennel is easy to build even if you are new to the world of carpentry or woodworking.

If you look at the picture above, then you can see that with the right design effort and a bit of painting it can look charming and pretty.

4) Pallet Dog Bed And House

Via 99 Pallet Ideas

As a DIYer, you might want to make this especially classy Dog House for your pup. There is no way you wouldn’t be attracted to this wonderful DIY Pallet dog house plan.

A premade doghouse that looks like this can be a little expensive, so you’d rather do this DIY with the unused wood around your house that you can practically use for free.

This DIY plan has a plus benefit of having a sun deck for your dogs to sunbathe on. Even better, all of this can be made from wooden pallets.

5) Pallet Dog House With Food Bowls


This DIY Pallet Dog House is easy to love by you and your furry house. You’ll understand when you see the plan. The appearance of this building is perfect for any spot around your property whether indoor or outdoor. This dog house design is perfect for the safety and comfort of your loved dogs.

6) Minimal Pallet Dog House

Via 99 Pallet Ideas

This unique DIY Pallet dog house is meant to endure for a long time. If you decide to build this DIY you can finish the frame in no time and can be easily formed with just a few scraps of wood.

Looking at the DIY idea and instructions, this Pallet Dog House may start as awkward and pretty basic but can easily be done by those with minimal woodworking skills. 

7) Pallet Dog House With Mini Porch


If you love the idea of a porch attached to your dog house, then this model is perfect for you. This DIY Pallet Dog house is perfect shade and protection for your dogs.

8) Pallet Dog House With Doors

Via 99 Pallet Ideas

This DIY Pallet Dog House is perfect for any sized dog and has a big lounging space for all sizes of dogs. This safe and comfortable kennel can provide your dog with the coverage and safety that it needs.

17 Pallet Coffee Table DIY Plans

Pallet coffee tables have become staple furniture in today’s modern spaces. Besides functioning as support, design, and addition in your décor, coffee tables are necessary sections for stress relief, recreation and refocusing in your home/office.

How much of a stress relief is it really? Sitting and sipping hot coffee after a long day’s work should not feel any more relieving. Imagine doing that away from hustles of the routines. Super-relieving, that is how it is.

Coffee tables are instrumental to recreational moments. You can rethink things, conceptualize ideas or even just read a book or magazine while seated, drinking coffee at the table. If you feel like it, you can check out your social media buzzes at the pallet coffee table.

I think the refocusing thing does not require much explaining here. But anyway, as I’ve mentioned- coffee table spaces prove to be conducive for rethinking and refocusing things.

Coffee tables mainly rule out today’s aesthetics, especially that these materials are made in pallet wood.  Its rustic charm especially makes it an expensive commodity. As a result, more and more interior designers are ordering items from stores. To compensate, manufacturers in large numbers, compete for brands by continually innovating product designs.

All these factors I mentioned lead to the inevitable increase of the coffee table product prices. For the record, purchasing today’s average coffee tables can be economically-wounding. And, that’s a mean fact. Now, imagine buying the best ones!

Naturally, there are many options for saving your pocket over this one. One of these is the DIY project. With a surge of pallet coffee table DIY online publications, you are sure to fall head over heels in love with the idea of assembling your own furniture. Why not, when at the end of the day, it is the (your) knowledge that champs over the rest.

So, here they are- our collection of the best 17 pallet coffee table DIY plans:

1) White Double Decker Pallet Coffee Table

Image source:

If you are the type of user that involves a number of peripheries at coffee time, then you ought to try out the white double-decker pallet DIY idea. This type of table is very conducive to group sessions.

So, considering how much people this table would accommodate, you would better gather up pallet size options as well. The double-decker levels can end up with the exact same dimensions or otherwise. The latter configuration makes the design more rustic.

Pallet wood planning also greatly determines the success of the DIY plan. Pallet wood planning involves carefully selecting the best pallet wood levels for the kind of design you are envisioning. The planning should also plot your expenses. This is the phase wherein things get added or removed from the whole configuration.

The best double decker coffee table is the one that makes use of miniature-size pallets. This should create a cute fantasy table painted in white. This table design, with casters attached to its legs, makes it an easy use. But if you are eyeing a table output that caters to a number of users while still in small size, you can make a set of these. That should do it.

Color options for the double-decker table are varied. But the white-painted pallet never fails to exceed color aesthetics. White paints can indeed maintain a neat, clean, minimal, rustic but solid hue in the furniture.

But above all, both white and black colors are the only two colors that blend with the general décors without much complication. As they would say, nothing decides best than a black-and-white comparison.

2) 2-Tiered Pallet Coffee Table

Image source:

A geometric achievement, the 2-tiered pallet coffee table design can instantly turn your space into a highly utilitarian mode. It completes an entire modern/rustic décor look without the expense of sophistication.

Given that you are an expert in the 2-tier method, you can assure a great result in just a few hours. The latest that you can finish assembling the furniture is one day.

The glass finishing at the table top lays to be just another option at hand. For a DIY project, purchasing glass can be outward contradictory to the whole DIY aim. But the sheer beauty and sophistication the glass provides are unquestionable.

If glass proves to be too impractical, you can try the same wood pallets as an alternative. Other finishing that you can put in is recycled plastic platforms, used aluminum sheets, used glass, etc. There are endless possibilities if you are imaginative enough.

The high geometric yield of the 2-tiered pallet coffee table design fits well in working spaces. It creates a strong, solid energy that can truly help you concentrate. Nevertheless, its minimal tone but complex structure balance effects in the space, composing elements for a flashy, modern feel.

The 2-tier pattern can be complicated if you have not yet mastered its nitty-gritty. Its thick placements may require quite a number of wood pallets. But you do not have worry about this if again as recycled pallets are the definite priority. Ultimately, there are a lot of styles that you can adapt for your own tiered pallet coffee table.

3) Vintage Outdoor Pallet Coffee Table

Image source:

If you have your eyes set on vintage materials, then you are bound to be in love with this DIY project. With a guaranteed fast result, this table design reigns among the practical projects ever introduced. The vintage look on this table design has got to thank the repurposed bunk-shaped pallet boards. The pallet boards per se can recreate a mid-century, worn-out coffee table. While this was not a thing in the past, it surely is a thing now in the present.

You can apply your own preferred styles to the design. It can come off as clean tier-patterned table structure, plain decked table format or a rounded coffee table format. Everything is practically your call. More so, this table design carries in neutral response to diverse designs/patterns.

The table design can be best explored with wheeled legs. This should make table transport fast, slick and easy. Consequently, this table design can function well inside busy spaces like a restaurant, fast food chain or themed hotel. Suppose the themed (rustic) aura of the table design bothers your general décor, you can actually apply colored finishing on it.

The pallet wood platform format patterns for this kind of DIY projects also vary. The patterns are highly dependent on the innate structure of your available wood platform. Technically, you cannot be driven by the patterns. Patterns exit to supplement your design. Thus, the design gets the upper hand in this case.

4) Mini Pallet Coffee Table

Image source:

Of all the DIY table design outputs listed herein, nothing beats the multi-faceted nature of the mini-pallet coffee table. First off, this cute miniature table works as a satisfactory side table. Its mini, cute output hails it as the perfect side table.

It’s being a coffee table simply works as an understatement. Ultimately, its flat, clean and smooth top, supported by large fat legs can instantly mark it the best chess board. But, it can actually be any more than what is expected of it if you will it so.

Side tables serve to cozy up to the living room in your home. But, it can go as far as providing coziness in any spaces. As an immediate result, the potent side-table structure of this design comes in various styles. Its styles can actually go infinite. Now, matched by your creativity, the table design can potentially climax into being the most fitting side-table in your space.

The table design’s chessboard-style stands firm from its highly-modern thick-legged placement. Through such placement, the table can function as a highly-stable furniture.  All these conditions weigh the design as a grounded, plump but stable addition in your space. But mind you- it actually is a worthy addition.

The design’s miniature package makes it an artistic statement. Miniature designs transform any space into a livable, warm and cozy environment. Technically, miniature designs alone can carry all the burden in designing and composing elements in your space.  Without its miniature-inspired effect, this design would not have the same magic it holds now.

5) Small Pallet Coffee Table with Wheels

Image source:

Like the vintage table design, this one perfectly matches outdoor use. You can assign this table design to patios or gardens. Nevertheless, it should also not hurt to assign this table design indoor. As long as it works for you and your décor, the small pallet table design can be in any place at your will.

It is interesting to note that this particular design shares a major affinity with the mini pallet coffee table and the vintage outdoor table designs. In fact, these table designs are overtly related in some sense. This probably has to do with these tables made from wood pallets. All-in-all, the small pallet coffee table bears the efficiency of the mini coffee table and the ease of the vintage table design. Most of all, this design completely satisfies the hunger most rustic décor fans.

Making the table plan should, under the idea that you are using repurposed wood blocks, should not take many hours. Its placement and patterns have been deemed practical. But either way, there is no need for you to worry about its finesse for all tables are bound to be completed with such finesse. To help you better with the construction is a comprehensive sketch-planning.

You can attach casters to the table’s legs for easy mobile action. This particular feature of the table is believed to draw in wide patronage to its name. The caters maintain a stable balance in the table, stabilizing it for a sturdy performance. Many refer to this as a well-thought feature among DIY pallet wood coffee table plans.

6) Crate Coffee Table

Image source:

Nothing can look gorgeous than pallet crates being turned into a table. Very complicated to look yet easy to construct, this coffee table design is every novice builder’s friend. Appearing rustic in a long run, this table design blends in with fine to light colors in the background. Due to its gorgeous crate effect, it can jive in with the entire décor backdrop.

The most recommended paint color for its wood pallets is a stain. It is because stain hues add up to its being rustic. It is fine to look at and most of all, it makes the coffee table bulk look neat. Stain paint hue is synonymous with rustic décor. Suppose, you prefer to diverge away from the rustic, the stain effect will still work. In other words, it matches all decors therein.

You can add casters under the base of the coffee table. Casters have emerged as an ultimate trend in today’s coffee tables. The need for mobility perhaps draws this to become a norm. Coffee tables, for a reason, are built to be moved around.

Some designers even intend coffee tables to become collapsible. Thus, it would be safe to assume that coffee tables were originally built as a staple furniture. So, attaching casters to it must be a reasonable action.

Holding together the crate coffee table design are pieces of plywood. The plywood act as default platform for the crate pallets. Any plywood would do for this DIY idea as long as it is stable. Now, pallet crates prove to be the most interesting mix in this DIY project.

Why? Because, the crates could be any unused drawer sections, condemned wood materials, etc. More so, it should be fun and surprising, in the construction process, to discover how much these wood pallets can do!

7) Old Window Coffee Table

Image source:

Building coffee table projects can be impractical these days, especially when you have to work in the holidays to hit deadlines. But there is one big difference that can ultimately turn that statement to its flipside.

And, that is fun, easy, fast and versatile project method. This is further supported by the old window coffee table idea! After all, given the table ideas of this kind, building coffee table is otherwise practical.

Made entirely from used wood pallets, this table design proves to be cost-efficient to the tee. The whole process only requires a labor of love, fun, and creativity. Firstly, all you have to do is break apart the wood pallet and separate its wood decks into sections. You can then later organize these decks together for a solid, stable tabletop. You can add in more depending on spaces that need filling in.

Sanding the wood surface should be the second priority. Sanding the wood decks, besides smoothening them all out, elicits the wood’s natural color. This process definitely justifies the old window effect aimed by the idea. However, if you prefer your woods rough, it should be fine. But I am telling you- sanding gives your table a totally different effect.

This table design should look best with a fine wood coating. Leather finishing, varnish or polyurethane are the upbeat coatings for its kind of wood. The coating does all the work making your coffee table rustic.  Thus, the old window character of this table design accounts much to the general rustic feel.

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